"A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" Under Fire for Racism


ABC aired the animated holiday classic "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" and what viewers would have normally enjoyed as a nostalgic holiday cartoon turned out to offend many of them. The warm and …

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Because there's a black kid in it? They're right, we shouldn't have black people in media of any kind.

Hello sargon

I heard about this. It's bullshit long live the Generalissimo Supreme Charlie Brown!

Do you ever wonder what it feels like to not be clinically retarded or are you just too stupid to even think about anything beyond crying about black people on the internet?

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If you lived somewhere the liberals have taken over, you'd know how horribly wrong this pictogram is.

Good! Blacks deserve this

I cant see anything wrong with making the nigger sit by himself he should be grateful to be in the presence of so many white people.

Only someone who has never been to a university or liberal city could post something like this.

Must be nice. Most major cities are full of NPCs, and you can't speak freely outside of your inner circle. Literally every coworker, old colleague, and ex girlfriend is a fucking SJW getting outraged over the latest shit they're told to be mad about.

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Did they play this version?

Go fuck yourself

Too true

Mysoggyknees too Marcy is all alone on that corner.


One possible psyop opportunity in cases like this would be:
As soon as a grievance studies complaint is made, immediately find every other way to complain about it (lgbtqipedo++, black, antisemitism, Asian, cultural appropriation)
Title your article
How “x” is everything wrong with western society
In this case,
How “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” is everything wrong with America right now.

You could almost ‘bot’ these types of articles. Try to find an article that does exactly that, namely, finds “everything wrong with America” in a single media piece or public figure. Maybe Ta na hey si coats has done such articles.
The aim is to water down these ridiculous claims through the application of Poe’s Law.

I live in san francisco and didnt hear shit about this until op showed me. The reason sjw teir shit is so popular is because people who hate it all religiously pay attention to it so they can broadcast their discontentment with anyone within earshot. Fuck off OP, you do nothing for the cause.

At some point we just need to throw all the marxists out of the country.

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I hope it gets banned, serves them right for including niggers in a children's show.

We should have done that years ago. McCarthy was trying to help us but we didn't listen.

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