Republicans Claim This Is Not America First, This ‘Is Saudi Arabia First’

US President Donald Trump’s refusal to take action against Saudi Arabia in connection with the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi is being criticized by many of his Republican party members. They warn of dangerous consequences and fear that the US has lost their "moral voice."

According to President Trump, there is insufficient evidence that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the killing of Khashoggi. The journalist was considered one of his greatest critics.

In doing so, President Trump goes against the conclusions of the CIA, which, on the basis of intercepted telephone calls, determined that the crown prince had ordered the execution.

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The House of Saud - which leads Saudi Arabia - is purely jewish.
israel doesn't want Saudi Arabia punished. Therefore Trump doesn't want to punish Saudi Arabia.

lul that face when the left want to shut down a deal the benefits the US

when SA is been doing shit like this for thousands of years and its racist to discuss while a Dem is president.. and the crown prince paid 20% of Hilldawgs 1.2 billion dollar run according to him…

It all about getting that big lucrative arms deal canceled

not the jews not the jews not the jews not the jews not the jews

Shalom fellow white person

1 guy died.

Why all the fuss over 1 guy? Thousands die in the middle east every day.

Came here to post this. That arms deal failing would lose America thousands of jobs and billions of dollars, all of which would be spent on China or Russia instead. They just want Trump to fail on that avenue. Remember, they didn't give two fucks when they would kill gays and stone women, but now under Trump one guy dies so let's use that as a scapegoat to hurt Trump. Fucking disgusting what the Left does. If we pulled out of every country that did something bad, we'd have no trade.

You know those arms are going to our enemies, i.e., all the various terrorists whom the Saudis fund? Those guns should go to every white family for free.

Who pays for them, then? Also
Wew lad

The Saudis pay for them, and then pass them along to terrorists.

I'm not sure you understand. If we give them to white families who is paying for them? Also the arms deal is mostly planes and missiles and other heavy ordinance. While the prospect of recreational fighter jets is funny, that's not happening

Because he was a journalist and therefore all the other journalist parasites are baying for blood over the death of one of their own

I'm not sure you understand, we're giving these weapons for free. Ain't nobody paying.
Oh yes it is, buddy.

I guess it makes sense why they're so upset about this and not all the other killings

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I don't know if posting an ironic Mashallah would be appropiate here as the arabian muslims are pretty much kosher puppets.

how will bumfets recover now


Don't you see? They want him to fail in any way, shape, or form.

Explain to me how pissing off a bunch of sandniggers over a Turkroach "journalist" who was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood is "America First"

you fucking shill

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We aren't talking about that, we're talking about Khashoggi. You want to bitch fruitlessly about the Saudi involvement with 9/11, be my guest, but no one in their right mind would be interested in dying on the Khashoggi hill.

you killed one of our journalists. thank you saudi arabia, can you launch another attack on american soil? your penis tastes so good

Everyone look at this queer and laugh

SIDF out in full force today

says the idiot chickenhawk faggot
Why don't you go personally hijack a plane and fly it into the Kaaba if you want to stick it to the dunecoons. You know, instead of screaming "Forward march" at other people's sons.

And that's his point.

you could stop funding terrorism that gets used against your own country. for all this terrorist talk you sure seem to love funding it

Again, you want to fuck with the ragheads, do it on your own life and dime.

Just like they got Alex Jones deplatformed. I wonder if it is because dead guy is a journalist or it is just a convenient optical illusion like most of their stories.

its already happening you dumb shit. why not sell the billions in weapons to someone who will actually fight terrorism. like selling to russia is a better deal than the saudis who fucking did 9/11

But he wasn't. He wasn't a US citizen, he didn't die on US soil, what reason does the US have to get involved?

Why the fuck would Russia buy our shit, you moron?

because he had fled saudi arabia and was working for america

oh right, better keep selling to terrorists who did 9/11 good call user

GJ avoiding the question, you fairy.

it was a hypothetical you dumb shit. assuming russia would buy our shit its a better choice than saudis

It's a fucking retarded hypothetical because you're a retard.

Assuming someone who has zero fucking interest in buying our shit would do so is a better choice than selling it to sandniggers who kill other sandniggers. Hokay.

selling it to sand niggers who DID 9/11. doesn't sound like it got used on sandniggers

yes because the fuckheads who knocked down the twin towers did it with missiles and bombs. How fucking retarded are you, exactly?

you mean the saudis who knocked down the twin towers

Oh sweet summer child.

Isn't going back into danger the exact opposite of fleeing from it?

Hiyah, babe! Missed ya!
How was your Thanksgiving?
Did Jim give you any turkey, or was he only interested in givin' you da pork?!??
Also, could you pleeze post sources for this article other than the TurdWater?
No one clicks on those links because of the clickbait nature of TurdWater-oriented Zig Forums links. Kinda like eating shit.. Most people aren't into it.
We love you, Diana. Jim doesn't. We love you long time..

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Was the Kitty Cartel involved in this?

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Put some real effort in, Diana, and you won't get comments like this..

Bet you're a real dead fish in bed..

So which part of this is anyone suppose to care about?

The Kitty Cartel is ALWAYS involved.
Remember that.
Pleeze Don't H8!

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So, the CIA and Mossad are duking it out over who will rule SA in the years ahead. CIA wanted Prince Alaweed as their choice. Mossad wants MBS. Trump in true style takes MBS side in the Khashoggi murder. Again Trump is no more than an asspuppet of Israel.

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Are those aluminum hats capable of protecting me from shitposting?


You do know this shit is made on commission, not made pro bono then sold to the highest bidder?

Khahsoggi wasn't working for America. He was working for a company based in America. No, the two aren't mutually inclusive, especially when WaPo does everything it can to shame and guilt it's own citizens.

he also didn't go to saudi arabia and wasn't at the consulate for journalism you fucking retard

Hell yes! Those are not just aluminum hats. Those are aluminum sombreros!

I never said he went to Saudi Arabia nor did I state he was there for journalism, you absolute mongaloid.
Read what I wrote again and wrap your dumb ass brain around it.

Attached to your viewpoint much?

Good job!

The viewpoint that Khashoggi was not working for America but instead an American company?
That the two things are not the same?
That his killing has nothing to do with America?
Honestly, he was a moron for thinking he would be able to get out of there alive.

I only call mongaloids, mongaloids.

i know, anyone would be crazy to think walking into a consulate in a seperate country would be safe :^)
i mean obviously we shouldn't care about anyone who's resided in the states 20+ years. that's like 10 year more years than you've been alive!

The consulate for the country that you have been writing scathing articles for.
The consulate that told him to come back a week after his initial visit to pick up the forms he needed for divorce.
That would have alarm bells going off in my head. Obviously he was too trusting.
Also user, I could have been living 50+ years, you don't know.
Not to mention I am not a burger. Makes it easier to look at this situation objectively.


You're welcome.

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Checking my own dubs.

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I hope that fucking cheney movie has a dubs scene

Cheney did nothing wrong.


I'm saying I wanna see bateman point to the upper right. that's all.

to all the cia niggers out here, how much does ivanka trump charge for a good fuck for a night??

Consulates are legally the jurisdiction of the countries they represent. The minute he entered the consulate he was on Saudi Arabian soil. So yes, you dense motherfucker, he did go to Saudi Arabia.

Would be glourious.

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can't believe what a blatant traitor trump is. every time CIA gives him info, he just ignores it and goes with whatever (insert dictator) tells him. TRUMP is the official cocksucker of despots around the world.

Trusting a muslim, there's a stupid thing to do.

Maybe that is why you cannot spell

Reported for Jewish shilling.

You mean because I can spell, and you can't?

It sure is a good thing he misspelled a few words, otherwise you would have had to address his actual points. You mongoloid. (I spelt it rite.)

B-but Saudi First is actually Israel first, so what is this feigned outrage about a consistent foreign policy? Circus time.

motherfucker fatima-fucker mohammed muslims… drop a nuke on mecca mr trump.

Did someone say

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He was not /our/.
He wasn't one of ours at all, in any sense.
He wrote in English sometimes, woo.
So do Indians.
Media kike detected.

bumped for relevance

Yes! We totally should. It will make the next mass-shooting a lot more interesting. I'm tired of these piddly little victim counts of a dozen or two. I want to see a headline "Mass Shooter Levels School with Cruise Missile: 3145 Children and Staff Killed" right after "Home-Grown Terrorist Strafes Concert with Jet Fighter, Over Ten-Thousand Feared Dead".

Just shake things up a little bit.

Well, duh, with USA's dollar backed by Arabia's oil rather than US gold, what do you expect will would've happened?

I need oil

saudis and ameica have same interests