London – New Shock Tactic Approved: Police Car Ramming Moped Thieves (Video)

The Metropolitan police of London has introduced a shocking new tactic to tackle moped and motorcycle crime, which, given the British capital’s congested traffic, is a real plague.

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Moped gangs are rife in my city too

give it another year and the police their will be as violent as the police here in the US

I thought Bongs couldn't afford to dent their cars?

Shooting criminals: verboten. Running them over: just fine.

And that's a bad thing how?

Shooting them should be ok too.

US police don't ram bikers or run people over. This is more force than US police are allowed to use.


But it's okay if some schmuck on a stolen moped gets brutally crushed as long as there's not a scary evil bang stick involved. After all, the cops do have a loicense for them cars.


In Los Angeles (possibly statewide) motorcylcle cops are not allowed to pursue once support vehicles are involved because it is deemed too dangerous and often the motorcyclist is not pursued because it would be a major saftey/liability risk for all involved.

You do realise that if police were authorised to carry firearms here there would be a policy or three requiring them to shoot at least one white offender for every BAME criminal 'involved in an officer related firearms incident'. For the sake of 'equality' of course. You'd also be forbidden to notice or comment upon this.

The fuck is this mad max?

Baltimore boys got fucked by the 5-0. London could take a page from our book

yes they do, as long as lethal force is justified.

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You could say the bobbies moped the streets of crime

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Have you forgotten, or are you just unaware of the sort of person who makes up the British police force these days?
Sure, arm the British police to deal with a tiny handful of criminals, putting everyone else at risk of being shot by jumped-up feminists, lesbian, short manlet with a chip on his shoulder, muslims, blacks or other ethnic minority preferentially hired.
Don't you see that this is the PURPOSE of hoax operations like Westminster Bridge "attack" where a cop was "stabbed" and then heroically given CPR by a passing MP (Tobias Ellwood), while paramedics and cops stood around watching? people actually believe this was a real event, lol
At the same time, the press steadily release fake surveys of British cops, attempting to show that "British Bobbies are against being armed".
This is bullshit, they are gagging for guns, lustful of any increase in their vicarious power over non-cops.
tl;dr if British police are armed, it will not be dangerous criminals who the guns are primarily used against.
But it's this easy to get the dumb goyim begging for their own subjugation.

If they are allowed to ram them then why are they forbidden from using the guns? This seems hypocritical to me.

This is not even a joke. They already stop completely innocent and suspicion-less White men in order to keep the stats balanced.
Such "equality" and "balancing" was brought in after the McPherson report (Stephen Lawrence inquiry) showed "systemic racism and bias" in the Met police.
Interestingly, that same case - Stephen Lawrence - was used as justification for the abolition of the double jeopardy protection.
Yes, you are reading this right


although in retrospect the Lawrence murder was probably a psyop/hoax

Well done Goyim. You're following the thought process that this news is meant to generate.
Next step:
>wouldn't it make more sense just to arm all police?
This is PROBLEM > REACTION > SOLUTION and was probably staged to push the cop arming agenda.

They should fully legalise the guns so anyone can use the guns for self and other defences. Police are not super humans that can teleport anywhere at anytime.

What in the actual goddamned fuck. How has there not been a violent revolution yet?

There's a reason why 1984 takes place in Britain