Auschwitz Memorial says freedom of speech no ‘excuse’ for apparent Nazi salute photo

A group of Wisconsin teens won’t be disciplined for a photo in which the boys appear to hold their arms up in a Nazi salute, and the reason why isn’t holding much water with the Auschwitz Memorial.

On Saturday, the Twitter account representing the memorial and museum for the former Nazi concentration camp posted a rebuke to school officials’ argument that the boys are protected by freedom of speech.

“Let’s only hope that the protection of freedom of speech will not become a too easy excuse for parents, teachers, community, and educators to do nothing about this painful public expression of hate speech in the form of the Nazi salute,” the tweet said.

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But look at their faces. This is how young men look who are not oppressed under jewish tyranny… even if it's just for a mere seconds. This is what they want to destroy, this is what they fear most…happiness.



lots of people use the vegan corporal's salute

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Sieg Heil

Kikes need the gas. They'll never stop Freedom of Speech.

Why are Jews so vindictive? They’re so cutthroat in everything they do. Hey Jews, how about you learn to pick your battles. People hate you for a reason and always will. There’s a village several hours north of where I live called Swastika, and this group of kikes tried to get their 100th centennial celebration cancelled ffs.

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There is nothing wrong with the AVE CEASAR salute in this case as it did not meant to imply reverence for former germany leader, jews more than anyone know that context is important, and taking the AVE CEASAR salute and baselessly claiming that it was the hitler salute holds no ground whatsoever.

I hope it was meant to honour Hitler tbh

Gas the kikes, race war now. I'm heiling as hard as I can.

your post is fake. it was a nazi salute. are you stupid? (the answer is yes)


Stay calm and fight them with truth.

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would it be o/ or would it be \o ?


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USA hate speech laws dictate that each student must imply hate into the hand signal in ordered for it to be considered "hate speech". No other person or group of people can infer whether or not hate was implied into the hand signal.

Jews are so goddamn stupid. I'm glad that will be finally removing most of these usurpers in the next few years. Send them all back to Israel.

forgot this

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fucking lol, you think that's what this is about?
They're making fun of you, retard.

Remember, name and shame these faggots to their colleges, jobs and families. :^)

said Yahweh since 5000bc