Trump on climate change report: 'I don't believe it'

US President Donald Trump has cast doubt on a report by his own government warning of devastating effects from climate change.

Asked outside the White House about the findings that unchecked global warming would wreak havoc on the US economy, he said: "I don't believe it."

The report found that climate change will cost the US hundreds of billions of dollars annually and damage health.

The Trump administration has pursued a pro-fossil fuels agenda.

The world's leading scientists agree that climate change is human-induced and warn that natural fluctuations in temperature are being exacerbated by human activity.

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No they don't. The climate cultists do though.

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Climate change is real, but it's not caused by human activity, it's caused by God. He is punishing us for our apathy and hedonistic lifestyles. To fix the climate, we must repent to the Lord and ask for His forgiveness.

president T is fuckin right!

what were all the pioneers of industrial revolution thinking when they began burning coal??? they thought about internal combustion, but somehow had an oversight for pollution?!?!?!

somehow all the scientists in the world are coordinated and in cahoots with each other and just keep coming up with the same results. meanwhile the 13 hottest years have all been in the past 15 years or so. and you really think trump of all people is smart enough to have any say on this? just the other day he tweeted one of those "look how cold it is in x, what happened to global warming?" his idea of climate change is literally that of a 9 year old.
of course, trump is all about burning coal, as if getting 60 jobs back in pennsylvania means something, but what he probably doesn't realize is that the oil companies themselves did their own research in the 70s and came to the exact same conclusion, that burning of fossil fuels was causing climate change.

a cult implies some small group. 99% of all the scientists in the world who range across all disciplines says you're a fucking retard.

Because this is a loaded question. Of course there is climate change. But the extent of how much and its effect on the economy is being used to sway people. For decades we've been hearing how the earth is doomed. And yet we do nothing to stop China and India and Vietnam from polluting.

Somehow some way.
A boy got hurt and You girls are girls.
All I want to listen to is a Merilin engine.
I want to hear it purr

Why 99%? If climate change was real it would only take one scientist to prove it.

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its called peer review. one scientist proves it. others examine it and agree or challenge it until eventually it reaches consensus. of course you would know that if you ever left your snowflake hugbox

You mean sane people

I'll just leave this here, Timmie..

Sane people don't want to dish out billions (rather, trillions) to an elite few to solve problems… and whose own studies say our efforts will have little effect and we're doomed anyhow.

Save your poor retarded soul.

How do you know that it is 99%?
I have never seen any evidence to back up that claim and whenever I ask about it they don't answer.

Had a pretty mild summer where I live.

There are plenty. Some of the very scientists that were originally used for the IPCC reports that use that figure have disavowed it and/or said they were wrongfully listed. Some of them are in this documentary.

P.S. It's funny to see the Left embrace things like the IPCC btw.. when it was originally pushed by Margaret Thatcher, as an excuse to bust down the UK mining industry under the guise of cutting CO2.


>(((peer))) review

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Climate change lul. As fake as Santa.

and that's why you're right up there with trump in terms of understanding. of course there will be local differences. there MUST be. that's how weather works. as it gets hotter in some places, it will affect the winds and humidity of other places. that's how weather works. cold air rushes in against warm air, where they collide, weather happens. but the global average has gone up as other places have gotten a lot warmer. and so will everywhere else eventually. you had a mild summer, others had a very hot and dry one.

The only idiots I see are people who would give politicians this much power and money even without a fight.. It's theoretically more power than the world has ever seen been given to governments - and cleverly indefinite. The supposed problem and alarm bells could be sounded forever.

This surpasses even the people under the Pharaohs and Chinese emperors in slavish idiocy. Unlike them, no one even has to whip you into submission.

He is another climate cultist who knows it is 99% of all scientists because Any scientist that has ever investigated global warming is included in the believe column even if they said climate change is a hoax.

Stop parroting the 99% scientists agree.
What they agree on is the climate is changing what they don’t 99% don’t agree on is if it’s man made.
Volcanoes spew out more co2 then all of mankind in a decade.
A meteor has hit this planet.
There have been super continents in the past 100% covered in jungles even in the south pole which is why there is oil there.

Liberal claim that science has a liberal bias but when you actually look at the facts it often contradicts their claim.


“The potential for losses in some sectors could reach hundreds of billions of dollars per year by the end of this century,” the report said. It added that if emissions of heat-trapping gases continue at current levels, labor costs in outdoor industries during heat waves could cost $155 billion in lost wages per year by 2090.

The president said he read some of the report “and it’s fine” but not the part about the devastating economic impact.

The only people who will believe it are people who would already have believed anything a politician offering them money told them
The carbon tax proponents have wasted so much fucking money on this fake science and for so long they must be getting impatient

no, only most scientists have the proof. and it's many different points of data across many disciplines. people who actually study weather, plants, trees, ocean life, coral reefs, soil/geology, zoology, and others have looked at data within their own disciplines and have seen evidence pointing towards it. it's all going to shit and at this rate, in a few hundred years earth will be like Venus, hot and dead.

No again scientists agree the climate is changing.
At most average temps are expected to 4 degrees hotter on average in a HUNDRED YEARS.
The planet back during the 4th super continent was on average 100 to 110 year long and was covered in jungle.

Your a hyperbole spewing faggot.

Who will reap this money? Is it tech contractors owned by israel? Because I'd bet that's the case.

Also how is the US going to be cost hundreds of billions of dollars?
The US dropped out of the Paris kike accord yet the US is the only country that would meet it's stated goals.
*the like 5 dozen different flavors of each

I was there, I saw what happened. Gov asked every year to scientists about global warming and every time they got 85 to 90 % no. Nobody talked about it, because noone cared anyway. After several years, they asked only to those who previously answered yes, they got 90% yes, then they claimed that all scientists in the world agreed, which was a fucking LIE !
Scientists prooved again and again that global warming was over since 2005 or so and it was totally natural, but brainless people just kept on saying "muh you stupid plot believer, if tv says that it's true then it is ! ".

It's like people believing in religion because religion says that religion is true… though there are tons of historical proofs that it was totally made up, and, well, just use you fucking common sense… but it can only be true, because it says it's true, right ?

you're completely wrong. even oil companies OWN scientists in the 70s knew that fossil fuels were contributing to global warming and climate change, but instead of just denying it, they began the tobacco companies strategy of trying to sow doubt. so you'll see the odd "study" that is conducted by "scientists" with ties to the fossil fuel industry who will take ONE data point and say "what about this?" which is meaningless, because almost all other data points show that the effect is most likely due to human consumption of fossil fuels. It's not "natural" at all, because when you take into account what the changes would be due to "natural" cycles, they veer far off from the data. Changes due to humans though, aligns almost perfectly with the data in terms of what is predicted by growing fossil fuel use.


Stop pulling shit out of your ass. The entirety of climate history which has been proven time and time again shows that a 4 degree increase over a 100 years is not significant.

We had a cooling way higher on average back in the 1500s.

4 degrees IS significant! In the distant past, when there was abrupt significant global warming due to volcanic activity, the resulting ocean acidification (which is happening now btw) caused a cascade of death and resulted in the extinction of over 90% of all life on earth! (permian extinction)
you're just another example of someone spewing nonsense out of his ass who knows nothing about the history of the topic.
The other thing is that even though temperatures and CO2 in the past have fluctuated in the past, resulting in hot periods and ice ages, those were changes that happened over THOUSANDS of years, even HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of years. life had time to adapt. we've caused changes of a couple degrees in just 100 years and have already seen massive die-offs in insects, fish and other ocean life. and another difference is that in the past, nature self-regulated, but we are a species that controls (and damages) our environment and resources in a way that no animal has ever been capable of. There is no self-regulating or changing the consumption of fossil fuels unless WE do something about it. It will only get worse over time as our population reaches 10 billion in the next 40 years. So in less than 200 years we will have an effect on climate that has NEVER been seen on earth, let alone in such a short time.

The models are not accurate. The sun could randomly put out less energy in 50 years for all we know.

I'm not talking about models, but historical records. aside from that, the models are very certain in their outcomes and ranges to a fairly high degree of confidence, showing that even with conservative estimates, we're in trouble.
as for the sun, you're wrong. we do understand the cycles of the sun, and astrophysicists know very well what sort of energy output the sun (and any kind of star) is capable of and for how long. That's based on the kind of mathematics and well-established quantum physics that's not even a question anymore.

Even if scientists believe their computer models and inductive predictions, this does not give them more of a say in the nation’s politics than a black crackhead chromie thief. This is democracy—take it or leave it.

"small" implies you are making a comparison, and scientists are a small part of the human population.

Also i have always wondered why do liberals care so much about "climate change" when assuming it's real it will impact their non-existing childrens, which don't even exist. How can they support abortion and fight for climate change at the same time?

Climate change deniers are right up there in Retard levels with flat earthers, anti Vaxxers and feminists

I assume ‘Retard level’ is one of your proven scientistic metrics?

We can't accurately predict shit and you know it.

That would imply such a thing exists too bad for you it doesn't. Nobody denies that climate changes. What is challenged is the rate of change, the cause and what if anything will happen as a result.
Government is not the solution.

If God emperor Trump believed it, I wouldn’t be surprised if the rest of the fags followed him. He says de it, then it must be true, right?

If God Emperor Trump said it, then it totally must be true, right?

It’s not a cult of personality around the president. Rather, it’s the ongoing abuse of scientific, technocratic authority to advance a messianic, theological agenda.

They said the earth would be doomed 7 years ago and it never happened, no one got washed away and there's still plenty of ice in the poles.

They don't say "global warming" anymore because it never happened (remember an inconvenient truth?) so they talk about "climate change" (which is ambiguous) and never expressly say that it is caused by global warming.

The truth is the truth and if its changed multiple times then it was a lie all along

yes we can. the fact that warming was predicted in teh 70s and we've already warmed significantly in that time is proof. short-term weather is over 90% right within 3 days. I can predict that you'll deny these facts because you live in a fantasy land where you think your feelings matter more than the truth, and I can also predict that you think that way because trump also thinks that way and I would be 100% correct.
see, we can make predictions.

ice has been steadily lost over the years. most of the ice in the poles has disappeared over the last 30 years.

global warming is still happening as the global average temperature has gone up significantly and will continue to go up, but climate change is the more correct term, because it describes more than just heat. have you noticed the hurricanes? deniers keep touting this "climate change" term as proof that there's no global warming, but that's just a false assumption. the popular term being used is because it's more accurate, not because global warming is no longer happening (it is.)

the ice age faded into history. it was a natural warming process. they don't know to fix the problem yet they want to tax you for it. it's a scam in the way that they are going to act like they are these heros fighting this battle but they have no idea how to win. they literally were trying to rob everyone who pays into the tax system. these clowns are political figures not scientists. the paris climate agreement was a fucking joke. it would of fixed nothing.

it's not quantum physics but nuclear cosmology.

as a scientist i know exactly why this is so high. if if i were to say i am skeptical of the extent of climate change, and the fact that the current green energy push is not enough to make a difference, i would be cast off.
jesus, the fucks here are angry i would like to work in America simply because they don't like the current president.

diff fag here
mainly it seems to come down to a couple things.
is CO2 cause or effect?
also. if it's true that temperature changes of similar time and temperature rates have really caused massive dieoffs of vitualy every time they've happened, thats big

1) that isn't 99%

yes, the climate accord would help fix things and they DO know how to fix it! burn less carbon.

it's all quantum mechanics. the energies involved are all based on knowing the numbers involved in the energies of photons being released as elemental particles are fused. saying nuclear cosmology is just being more general, when in fact everything in the universe is quantum mechanics and the numbers are derived from it.

it's turning out exactly like in "inconvenient truth" where he described the frog sitting in a pot of slowly boiling water. They've warned of the effects, but because they happen so slowly over time, there will always be idiots who argue, "well we don't know exactly where it's going to go!" and just keep putting it off, until it's too late. of course, each generation only grows up with whatever climate has warmed to at that point, along with the severity of storms and droughts, so to them that's "normal." and by the time enough time in their lives has gone by to notice changes over a few decades, they start to yell and scream "holy shit, things were never like this when I was a kid, climate is changing, do something about it!" but the problem is the middle-aged fucks running everything and trying to climb up the corporate ladder to make their sweet promotions don't believe because THEY have never known anything but this climate… until they get old enough and realize "shit, we fucked up, okay, younger generation YOU have to do something" etc. etc. Humans don't live long enough to care about the next generation or see the drastic effects.
the thing is I've lived long and we've been on the cusp of the critical 0.5 to 1 degree changes where I HAVE noticed the differences at least locally where I live. most notably winters are not as steady as they used to be. there are far more extremes between very mild or very cold, or very snowy, or no precipitation. I've noticed a lot fewer insects around. butterflies and grasshoppers are not nearly as numerous as they used to be. of course this is all anecdotal and you shouldn't even believe me for that, which is why you have to go to the hard facts and studies and see what the actual numbers say. and this is where the numbers, across many scientific disciplines have been showing alarming changes.

99% is a bullshit number too FYI

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I don’t believe it either if he doesn’t

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Premium for sale

Capitalism works
just not for you

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Not even albert einstein proved his own theories. "Proof" requires a mountain of evidence that can't be taken by a single person. But good news, there already is a mountain of evidence that global warming is manmade and real. There's as much evidence for it as for evolution. Both require you to be willfully retarded to not believe.

What is the more ridiculous idea? That 99% of scientists are pushing a global conspiracy for so they can get payed that fat $80k a year check or that a handful of multibillion dollar oil companies who became the biggest companies by competing most effectively identified global warming awareness as a threat to their profits and pay a few million each year to pr groups to undermine public confidence in the topic and prevent legislation.

For context keep in mind that big tobacco denied the link to cancer for years and had pundits argue the science was all in even as they banned smoking in their own offices. Also that scientist have an average IQ of 140 which is the same as self made billionaires, but still choose a profession that maxes out at around $250k, because they find it more interesting/important. (Yes there are ways to increase this number by starting companies on the side, taking on administrative duties, and quitting your job)

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…you have a good grasp of the concept.

Al Gore said the Ice Caps would melt by 2011.

They didn't melt.

He made a prediction and it was wrong. That means he was wrong. Objective reality is the final arbiter. There is no appellate court.

The "global warming" cultists are just like the Bible-thumper wackos with "intelligent design" and "scientific creationism." Those people are mocked as idiot hicks, but the "global warming" cultists are praised as visionaries, for some reason–probably politics.

They start with their conclusion already chosen, then cherry-pick data, fudge numbers, and outright make shit up as they go along, all to push a political agenda that has nothing whatsoever to do with science or objective truth.

You mean a couple hundred "climate scientists," almost all of whom are Communist Jews, who get billion-dollar grants from the government to proclaim THE END IS NIGH, amirite guise?

no, it's caused by the bugmen chinks, that thickness of smog wont kill them because they dont breathe oxygen like humans do. and we have to suffer because of it

thanks for the low effort YOU though

no, that's the deniers. you can't "cherry pick" data when over 90% of the data points in one direction. the only ones cherry picking are the deniers.

the only ones getting paid "billions" are the denier scientists affiliated with fossil fuel companies. I guess you didn't hear how most of the scientists didn't get a penny more than what they would have already gotten from their existing salaries. no "billions" was funneled into the most recent study.

i am confused

More finger pointing as the nation burns. No solutions or leaders in sight. Christians should pray for their End Times because it's the only way out now.

He's right

Why are you online crying about "omg we have to do something" when YOU could go protest out the front of the chinese or indian embassy demanding they stop making the co2s and pollution?


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US is still the biggest polluter and per capita people burn more carbon. (canada, small country, but per capita burn a disproportionate amount)
You probably don't realize that china has realized they can't sustain their huge, middle-class growing population on fossil fuels both for resource reasons and health reasons and it's the reason why they are the number one country in the world as far as investing in renewable energy goes. that's right, it used to be the US, but china has surpassed US in buying into solar, wind, water, etc. energy.
as a side note, with their manufacturing power and lower wages, it also means they will corner the renewable energy industry, so as trump poo-poos climate change and the need for renewable energy, instead subsidizing money losing COAL plants of all things, china will end up stealing all of renewable energy business and there's one more industry the US will not be able to compete in in the near future and start shedding jobs.

Climate change is a complete hoax you literal retard.

99% of liberal (((university))) professors who are in danger of losing their grants. However would they spread Marxism otherwise?

That's a goddamned lie and you know. These so called "climate scientists" are being paid untold sums by government to chirp in a fashion that effectively boosts government power. It's the same old commie shitshow.

no it's not a lie you idiot. the government already employs scientists to do research and that's what they did. their regular government jobs, getting paid an average wage. the oil companies on the other hand, actually seek out and give contracts to anyone who will sign on and write a paper with the spin and tobacco-style doubt-sowing that they want to publish. they are literally spending millions on greedy people and shell companies with environmental sounding names to try to dupe you into fighting against climate change, because the rich oil men just want as much money as possible so they can live the high life until they die, and after that who cares? once they're dead, they won't give a shit what happens to the world.

they're not being paid "untold" sums. you can find out how much money the government is spending on payrolls, moron.

i'm cold

hurry up global warming

You're an idiot. All they need to do is to only hire people who are willing to lie for a paycheck.
There are plenty of people who willing to lie for money.

Studying of planetary genesis by the world's leading scientists already confirmed that humans wouldn't be able to influence the carbon cycle, even if we made active attempts to do so with our current technology.

Mind you, if those planetary geologists are wrong, there is only one other possibility: Flat earth.

Pollution is a problem, yes, global warming/cooling is however demonstrably false and the only people who believe it are the Flat earth camp of flamboyant retards.

By this logic, all scientists have no credibility because they're paid by the government to boost government power. This includes NASA rocket surgeons.

Only fake scientists with eco grants believe in Manmade global warming. Otherwise they will lose their grants and have to get a productive job. It is much easier to bullshit your way thru life. Especially, when it is politically incorrect to question the narrative. Fuch Climate Change - BS!

Who cares?
Let's say it's 100% the truth and by reducing our life style by 2/3, the planet can be saved

Fuck the planet.

You know this to be the truth

Just admit your selfishness

I do

Hey guys! No more need to speculate or argue semantics. You can literally prove or disprove climate change with two plastic bottles, water, a heat lamp and a thermometer. Make sure to control for all possible variables including pressure, ppm gas concentrations and figuring out how to best scale down the size of a ~7,900 mile wide planet and a sun that is about 1 million times bigger than it.

This guy gets it.
I don't have any children , but if I did, in 100 yrs I won't be around to see them suffer.


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even exxon's own scientists confirmed that burning of fossil fuels would cause global warming. they weren't getting "paid" to come to the conclusion that we were screwing up the planet. they came to that conclusion because it's what's happening.

there's another myth. some airy fairty "eco grant." that's now how things work. government scientists already have jobs. they get a weekly paycheck. nothing is going to change that. then they do their research and release their reports. there's no ridiculous sums of money being secretly sent to random government employees like they're paying off the mob or something.

With a much larger, more powerful government (about 6x as large) with more people on welfare, free housing, free college, and free everything, we can finally turn back the tide on hate speech, and allow Islam to take its natural course over the earth. The earth will then heal itself when we become "The People's Borderless Democratic Republic of the United States", and have successfully taken everything from the rich and redistributed among people of color.

I hope he fucking kills us all