Celebs weigh in on border clash: 'President Trump should be sent to prison'

Celebrities are slamming President Trump after U.S. Border Patrol authorities used tear gas on Sunday to repel a crowd of caravan migrants who rushed toward the border.

"These asylum seekers should be welcomed to our country and President Trump should be sent to prison," Kathy Griffin tweeted.


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Nobody gives a shit.
There's a good reason why in Europe, entertainers, dancers, actors and all who earn their keep with their bodies, were considered the lowest of the low since Ancient Rome, below even slaves.

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No one really cares about American politics anymore and no one here unironically cares about (((Hollywood)))

Anybody who lives in a gated community doesn’t get a say in how everyday people live. Fuck them let California fall into the fucking ocean.

I wonder how many she's housing in her mansion.

Lets make it any number above whatever it is right now… then double it every day.

What an embarrassment😂🤣

really? the same celebrities that told me to vote Clinton during the midterms, the same ones that told me that fake news is bad and I should only listen to them because they're popular? well I guess I was wrong before, I sure will now, thanks insert actor here!

border security was just suppost to be a diversion so people would pay attention to it rather then the desert storm surge strategy. now it's snow balled into this nightmare of a cluster fuck. any political move that has no impact on the military will be ignored and none of these celebs or political figures have any solution to the problem. they just bitch and point fingers. gee i don't know maby you should go to the russians to rig the mexican election to fix the problems? lol

Jul 19, 2016 · Comedian Kathy Griffin paid $10.5 million for a decidedly grand mansion in a swanky gated community … Just inside the front door there are adjoining formal living and dining rooms, both with …


They should live among the migrants in a show of solidarity. It is what they are asking of others and the best leaders lead from the front.

dumb and stupid. should just build a proper wall and charge america for it :^)

You know why they are so outspoken in these times? Because the jews don't need them anymore. Since around 2010 Hollywood slowly took away the importance from actors by throwing groups of them together. With this their names became a more important franchise than their acting skills, furthermore it created a publicity tool that can instantly create new stars by putting them in leading roles above a group of established ones. Now only rudimentary acting is required to get the public to believe that this new face must be a star otherwise it wouldn't be around so many other stars. Tada…Celebrities are now instantly disposable and easy to manufacture, and since their job is nothing but a blue screen get together, the jews push them into political marketing to fool the masses.

So enjoy your money while you can, my dear celebs, because you're getting outsourced.

I see no one worth celebrating.

These celebrities should pay for the wall. Judging by the money they earn they could easily fund the wall or at least 20% of it. Johnny Depp bought a fucking island and we can't get a wall?

I have a bad idea. Let's create a "charity" for the asylum seekers and celebs donate. Then we create a "wall fund" and send all the money there.

How about we throw celebs into prison instead? They are the worst limousine liberals imaginable.

Actually illegal immigrants are trespassing on US territory, trespass is a crime. I don't see any problem with using tear gas to deal with uncooperative criminals.

They should all be forced to host at least 20 migrant families within all of their properties. For the greater good!

Didn't all these celebs promise to fuck off outta the US if He won? *looks around* yup still here. Comedy.