Why Did Russia Attack Ukrainian Ships?

According to European media, Ukraine and Russia are once again on the brink of war. However, some political analysts claim that it is all just a calculated show of force by Putin, meant to help him back home where his popularity is waning.

more here: thegoldwater.com/news/43346-Why-Did-Russia-Attack-Ukrainian-Ships

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Putin have reel talent! Putin seeng for you now!

Putin ween battle for respekt every tiem!

Putin family man! He lahv cheeldrin!

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Russians know how to deal with illegal immigrants.

you're joking, right?

The Jews took Russia's borderland away. Russia only seeks to correct that historical injustice. The Ukranians ought to be Russian serfs by all rights.

Does Putin love children?

Russia is a Jewish empire of subhumans.

That's why.

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Based Russia

Are you joking? Do you really not understand the word illegal?
Do you have the reading comprehension of a child?

Why Did Ukrainian Ships Attack Russia?

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Good, those subhuman Turk spawn deserve it all. Based Putin, the only world leader with balls, not even the Jew golem known as NATO can scare him.

Its doing what china does in that sea

haha is that why he let israeli jets btfo his pilots in syria with no response or punitive action of any kind (not even political)?

because putin knows trump will let him. actually, when putin asked trump if it was okay if he attacks ukraine again, trump was going to say something, but he had his throat stuffed so full of putin cock, he wasn't able to.


they weren't warships, just regular cargo ships. russia attacked them with warships.
but that's okay sergei, I know you need us westerners to see your side of the "story"

to get to the otheher side

ukrainians ought to be polish serfs or not exist at all, by all rights.

ukrainians derive their nationalism from this idiot en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bohdan_Khmelnytsky

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They even lured them to Russian territorial waters before arresting!
Fucking violent commies!

they were 2 military ships and 1 tow, piggy

Perhaps they came too close to their borders?

Russia doesn't let people flood into their country illegally. However - as an example of the persecuted South Africans - Russia granted them asylum as long as they behave.