House Democrats to Investigate ‘White Nationalism’

Incoming House Judiciary Committee chair Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) revealed plans Tuesday to launch an investigation into the rise of “white nationalism” in the United States when Democrats take over the House of Representatives next year.

In a letter to Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, FBI Director Christopher Wray, and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, Nadler demands answers to questions the Democratic minority had submitted to the administration over the past two years but which, he says, the agencies had ignored. The questions include accusations Trump “issued false statements” about terrorism and that he intended to single out Muslims.

In addition, Nadler complains about “President Trump’s rhetoric” as a possible cause (footnotes omitted):

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oy vey, stop being proud of being white, you damn nazis! remember the 12 million, wait, or was it 6? what are we at now?

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I'm a White Nationalist. Fight me.

The whole mainstream media has been overrun by alt left demographics. Lots of black nationalism and pro-India groups are telling the news in a way that benefits them. This Demonkkkrat is just promoting more discrimination against whites.

When Trump is out of office in 2 years we are going to be hounded the same way they do in England.

oh, what was it? Muslim in congress? why can she wear a hijab when religious headwear is banned?

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Pretty sure it's 4. Can't be 270,000, that's saved for when we have entirely frightened whites from speaking out in person against our domination.

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how many germans died? oh the number keeps changing? obviously ww2 never happened and is a soros false falg

All White Nationalist should register as Democrats just to see what would happen in this investigation.

Proof that they aren't.

Two police officers didn't die.

Oy vey we need more holohoax movies.Teach the goyim children not to naturally hate us!

he wants them to look at Israel?

A police helicopter had gotten better footage of the car and would have provided us with more context as to how the car wound up in the protest area. (((UNFORTUNATELY))) the helicopter crashed and the two officers onboard were killed (not by the crash). Now the media includes them in the death toll to make it sound worse than it really is.

meant for


What do you know? A Jew using misinformation to misconstrue events as they actually occured. The reality is there was a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville and not all of them were neonazis or nazi sympathizers. There was a protest by liberals who had no respect for the law and started a riot by attacking the rally. A random guy is passing through in his car when the mob begin harrassing his vehicle and he panics in an attempt to flee ramming the vehicle in front of him and causing some of the protesters injury. Many protesters attempt to remove him from his vehicle and he backs away in a panic and doesn't even flee the area, just the scene of the accident as he was in fear for his life. One person dies during the events of the accident in an unrelated cardiac arrest. It also just happens to be a morbidly obese woman who died and was never even struck by the vehicle. A police helicopter crashes later on which is entirely unrelated.

The reality is white nationalism is on the rise because:
1. H1B immigrants from India continue to take over middle class knowledge worker positions by only hiring more H1B from India, when there are in fact plenty of qualified white people in America.
2. H1B immigrants from India have been steadily moving tech companies’ software development to India, depressing wages in America. Think intellectual property theft is bad in China? India’s corruption is much worse, and they have better trading relations with Iran.
3. BLM constantly accused police of racism despite the blacks in question were extremely large and dangerous even without a firearm, and were resisting arrest while participating in dangerous criminal activities.

This is because they are Communists…. Who are the biggest fake threats engraved in Communist minds? Neo-Nazis…. Everyone is a Neo-Nazi in the paranoid mind of a modern Communist….

neither of which had anything to do with the neonazis.

sure! instead of white folks fucking their own daughters, mothers & sisters, hence giving birth to imbecile, retarded & autistic babies; why not for once fuck something different? that way, america may not be truly white, but at least america won't be filled with retards!

Let the house of democrats wasting money on stupid shit begin! We all seen that coming a mile away…fucking idiots