US nixed FBI checks for teen migrant camp staff

A new government watchdog memo says the Trump administration waived rigorous background checks for all staff working at the nation’s largest detention camp for migrant children.

The memo, obtained exclusively by The Associated Press, says the former director of the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement personally signed off on sidestepping requirements for child abuse and neglect checks at the tent city in Tornillo, Texas.

None of the 2,100 staff has gone through FBI fingerprint checks either, but the Tornillo contractor says the staff is vetted in other ways.

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trump is a pedo himself, why would he care to do background checks on those who have to take care of kids?

Why does main media always show woman and children when other news agencies are showing 60% or more are single men.

As an immigrant, who's been in this country 40 years, I'm against illegal border crossing. Fill out the paperwork and wait your turn. I have relatives who's been waiting for 10 years for their paperwork to be process. Why should this caravan get to step in front of the line?

probably because your definition of "other news agencies" is stupid.

they're not immigrants like you. they're asylum seekers, which means that they were leaving a place where their lives were threatened. that's far different and more urgent than someone who just says "ah, italy's nice, but I think I'd like to try out the US" and enjoy spaghetti and espressos until the paperwork comes through.

asylum seekers are just a meme

"My country wont give me and my 10 kids welfare and financial aid so I'll go to america and force them to give me money and healthcare by bum rushing the border"

Negative vetting surely. Those checks would have basically been
"did you do the thing?"
And answers taken at face value.

By their own people. They are responsible for doing nothing and running away like cowards.

This camp is ONLY for teenagers.

I say put those teen migrants to work in the camps.
May as well make use of them. As long as they are not being let across the border.

If they were asylum seekers they would have gone to the closest safe country.

Know what's odd? I can check if someone's a convicted sex abuser just by going online - no FBI required.

Baby eating kikes btfo.

not when it's legalized through blind eyes

uh… yeah. i guess you haven't really followed the news that closely.

The kike shills are doing overtime ITT

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I'm just pointing out to someone who doesn't know the difference between an immigrant and asylum seeker. and someone who doesn't realize that they ARE travelling to the nearest safe country.

no they arent, mexico is nearest safe country, im pants on the head leftist and i believe this

if it's a safe country, then why does it lead the world in murders and drug cartels violence, and most importantly, why do you want to build a wall to keep all those "safe" mexicans out?


did they serve pizza at this camp?

That's why they skip past the other safe countries nearby and move half way across the world to the wealthiest. Also how do you tell the difference between a terrorist and an illegal immigrant? Retard.

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care to list the "safe" countries that they skipped?

Holy shit, I wish you were out there smack dab in the middle of the horde. Let's see how long your liberal values last when you're being raped, robbed, and beaten by them.

i'm sure i'd be fine, as milfs trying to get a better life for their kids aren't raping robbing and beating people. you probably think they are because some raging alt-right blog told you they were. that's okay, i know how convincing those blogs can be to low-IQ people who want to believe.

Oh look, it's fucking nothing

Two possibilities:
1.) You believe that the "milfs trying to get a better life for their kids" are more attractive than the one fat Frozen-shirt wearing slut in the popularized media dragging her diapered three-year olds with her.
@.) You believe that the aforementioned woman is a "milf".

Either way, it doesn't change the fact that cartels are using this opportunity to run drugs, it doesn't change the fact that this is a prime opportunity for elites to abduct vulnerable children, and it doesn't change the fact that these people have no right to be here.

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Under UN asylum laws they are obligated to stop at the first country to offer them asylum. That happened en route

I've got a better question for you. If we keep unregulated migration from places with unsafe levels of violence. Are you actually going to be surprised when our country becomes just as unsafe as theirs? Pro tip. Honduras is a violent shithole becase it's full of Hondurans.

If its so dangerous then why are they all so motivated to walk through it with just the clothes on their back? Oh yeah we all know the answers. There are gibs me dats at the end of the yellow brick road.

If they were asylum seekers they would have stopped at Mexico as Mexico already had given them the option for asylum.

I would like a source

you really think that these people, with no vehicles, are having drugs put in their possession for smuggling across the border while all of the US border authorities are going to be screening each of them extensively? guys, this is the level of critical thinking on this board-asinine.

sources for trump being a pedo are hard to find, because this is one of those global elite stories that gets covered up, but the articles are out there. look up the link between pedophile epstein and trump. they had a 13 year old girl at a sex party, trump raped her and she filed charges against him. the first time it was thrown out of court on a technicality, she refiled in new york, had corroborating witnesses of other women that were there. I think then her and her family's life was threatened by some mysterious men (a la stormy daniels) and she withdrew her charges in fear for their lives.

They are not true asylum seekers. They are economic immigrants who are hoping to force their way into the country then scatter to the winds.

So you've got nothing. Got it.


Funny how you haven't provided them.

google is your friend. I've already read the articles and they've pretty much made up my mind that trump is no different from any other of the rich elite (as if that wasn't made perfectly clear by all his filling of the swamp, pandering to rich and corporations and banks and israel)
he's just as much in it as everyone else who was involved with epstein. sex trafficking and raping underage girls is just what they do.

teens is horny
they play with kids