Southwest Airlines Gate Agent Mocks 5-Year-Old Girl's Name

A mother and her 5-year-old daughter are facing embarrassment caused by a Southwest Airlines gate agent at John Wayne Airport who mocked the girl's name in front of her. Then, the agent posted the girl's boarding pass on social media essentially doxing the poor little girl.

Her mother is upset at the agent who made fun of her daughter and posted her boarding pass on social media for others to mock. The five-year-old's name is spelled "Abcde Redford" but it is pronounced "ab-city".

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The only one deserving mockery is the mother for naming her child a fucking retarded name.

I would of said this was some stupid nigger, color me suprised some white did this to her child. Guess shes a dumb wigger

I think she may have named her own daughter on the purpose for the attention whoring.

To be fair, the name is fucking retarded. Is her next child going to be named, FGHIJ? LMNOP? QRSTU?

That is why we need to apply the social darwinism to the society.

pronounced ab-city… as in… obesity?

the guy wasnt mocking the girl. like all names, theyre indirectly mocking the stupid parents that would name their kid such a shitty name.

The kid should just get a name change the moment she is old enough to do so

That’s literally a Lewis Black joke. Satire and reality are indistinguishable

That mother needs to be punched in the face.

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I tend to be sexually attracted to most five-year-old girls I meet, therefore this gate agent should be fired.

As soon as you learn to poo in the loo, fucking foreigner.

this. cunts are useless.

Dont name your kid ABCDE and expect people not to rofl at you.

That's the kind of name a nigger would give their child.

You deserve it.

know of a thot just like this who married her half cousin and named one of her kids this.

I don't think there is a single person here who doesn't feel the same.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with naming your child a classical masculine or feminine name, depending upon whether your child is a boy or a girl (boys getting the masculine name and girls getting the feminine name, naturally).
why the fuck do people append or replace letters"y" and other letters that don't belong in names unless they're last names?
I dated a 8/10 in high school but her name would make you think she were black when she's white and her parents are too.

this mom played the long game to 15 minutes. i bet she dreamed of the day some authority would laugh at her child, just so she could get in the news. news interviews and talk shows coming soon. she'll make a bit of cash for those appearances to help raise her daughter, unfortunately it won't be enough to cover the mental illnesses she will face in her lifetime and her possible suicide.

wow. the mom is a stupid bitch for naming her kid that. I just mocked her too :(



Those aren't even names

Modern "names" belong in the oven

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Its like last step of character creation…
"that name is not available"
"that name is not available"
"that name is not available"

" GFDrhk35Hg66 has entered the game"

You deserve whatever name you get saddled with.

Because the e don't be silent?

Because crackers can't be helpin' but stealin' our shit.


white women are traitors to their race, their men, their families, their god, their country, and their civilization.

Earl isn't a name, it's a title. You might as well name your son 'Mister' or something like that.


At first I thought, "Oh, well, that sounds really mean" but then I saw what the name was and I felt compelled to push her face into the mud. A famous playwright by the name of William Cartwright once asked "What's in a name?" but, with a name like that: you're destined to be chain-smoking 20 packs a day in your 50's but not before you're chain-smoking 50 nigger cocks a week in your 20's.

And prudence is a virtue. What's your point?

Cunts can't do anything right without a man guiding them.

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Trust me, her cuck of a husband agreed to it and if not, he came up with it because he's lacking in testosterone.

Duke Nukem would like to have a word with with you.

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Is that hex for "nigger?"

That's a MtF tranny with a Moonbump™.
So funny that most of the "women" you MGTOWs use as examples to rage against, are black propaganda actors being played by men.

Shit user, you may have invented the next stage in human evolution.
And it's so simple too.
Just assign a distinctive, as short as possible, quickly pronounced, sound to each HEX numeral. Speaking in hex could then become a reality.
The same applied to normal speech before some clever fucker figured it out and others caught on.


Lord, King and Prince are surnames though

The mother should be marked for naming your kid an asinine name

Perhaps with a day-glo yellow R for "retarded?"

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It's ironic that society has degraded so far you can't tell the difference between an MTF faggot and a "real wymyn" anymore. I posted on here years ago around the time of the first exodus that with the masculinization of women, not only would men be shamed for not liking these new, non-feminine creatures (as we're seeing now on Zig Forums with the infighting there), but the goal was not, and never was to create the perfectly passable trap. It was just to muddy the waters to the point of androgyny with both sexes.

Change the child's name for fucks sake. Dumb ass mother.

call me Ze

They'll take away your kid if you name him Adolf but by all means name them the first 5 letters of the fucking alphabet.

What about 2e tooie sound like a hot little loli name

people name their daughters leidy

would HAVE, you stupid nigger

And whitey makes fun of my chiles names
LaTanisha, DeShawn, JaMarcus, DeAndre, and Shaniqua

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So true, angry black moms

that's a nigger tier name
she deserves the mockery

I just named my daughter 01010000 01100001 01101101 01100101 01101100 01100001

HI Pam!