France - New Hair Coloring Products Warning As Girl’s Reaction Goes Viral (Video)

19-year-old student Estelle went viral this week after she showed what had happened when she tried coloring her hair. The girl from Vitry, France placed the pictures of her frightening metamorphosis on the internet, and millions of French girls saw what happened.

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That is not a picture of Stevo Dellar.
I can see how you got confused though.
That is his twin brother, Timmie.
This is a picture of Stevo..

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Now we know what happened to Goblina..

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Stevo seems like a much happier person than Timmie..

Looks happier too.

Anyone know what product that is?

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Could it be… SATAN???

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Looks are not enough.

I thought dis was a bread about smiles!!!

No. It's about chemicals girls put on their hair..

No, it's about pulling girls' hair out..

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Dubs may have a good point here..
Doubtful, but.. maybe..

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What is going on in here?


When did /n+/ became /b-/ ?


Post pics..
Be sure to spoiler..

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