EU Horror Hair Dye Problem Astonishing Spread To Holland

Just yesterday, we presented you to the viral story of a woman from France who had found herself with a serious allergic reaction due to a hair dye product of a known European brand.

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someone found a solution to problem hair?

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it's just retards with allergies not spot testing before going all in.
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Meanwhile, American hair dyes, especially the "plum" color favoured by SJWs and feminists far and wide, contains LEAD.
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Looks like she faked an allergy for those sweet compo Euros.
Search the new age fad called "kambo" and compare its effects with the photos.

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Unnatural colors is what snakes and insects use to signal how poisonous they are
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has she tried washing her hair in goldwater

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Considering it """affects""" women I'm inclined to believe this is nothing but an attention whoring hoax.

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no, certain colours are rarely found in nature and when they are found they are most often poisonous, but you know that and are just being a semantic semite

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