Snipes Has Snapped - Rescinds Resignation, Vows to Fight Suspension By Governor Scott

Brenda Snipes has rescinded her resignation and vowed to fight her suspension.

On Friday, Governor and Senator-elect Rick Scott suspended Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes and replaced her with Peter Antonacci.

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It's funny how when the nigger had resigned for 2 more months of free salary and a lifetime pension, it was all good. And then based Rick comes in and fires her, taking away the free money, then she's all upset.

Typical politician

How the fuck did she avoid jail for election tampering?

By being a black woman Democrat.

They keep getting away with it too. Those tankies over at Zig Forums need to do some house cleaning with their party. How these 3 aren't in prison and half the CNN staff blows my mind. Well, it doesn't really blow my mind. All it has shown me is that the whole fucking system is rigged.

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What they did to Bernie was the same thing they did to Ron Paul.


How are you people this retarded? Leftypol might be full of nuts, but it's like none of you have ever so much as read a single thread on that board. Most of them even hate Ocosia-Cortez for being an imperialist. I realize you live in a bubble but they are inside the bubble. It takes next to nothing to verify your superstitions.

By doing it in a system run by (((them))).

Of course, by virtue of /trannypol/ hating everything, most of all themselves and their penises. They still vote for democrats, they just claim that they're all still "secretly rightwingers who don't go far left enough", no matter who the candidate in question is.
You can't really claim anyone else "lives in a bubble" while defending /trannypol/. Even the almost retarded Zig Forums allows dissenting views.

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Here's my counterargument
>>>Zig Forums
Anyone who is literate can instantly verify you are retarded by simply clicking the link.

inb4 muh communist boogie man conspiracy
oh wait…

This is probably true because I suspect they are really just larpers who fall in line every election just like Zig Forums

Zig Forums lives by BAMN. They would never actively demand the Left changes as long as they get away with whatever corruption they can. They don't live by their own standards they demand everyone else live by.

>>>Zig Forums

Leftists are all the lowest of the low, utter dregs. They have absolutely no principles, and don't give a shit about morality. If you don't want to be disappointed, don't ever expect anything from them.

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/leftyfaggots/ will never dare call out the IDPOL protection around Leftist parties. They revel in Democrat victories even though they supposedly hate them according to you.

Find a bridge and jump off it, dude. You're so full of shit.

Your bamboozle tactics aren't going to work here. Maybe you can pretend to actually have principles and convince someone else, but it won't work here.

I don't know how anyone can be a Leftist and stay a Leftist at this point. At least become a centrist or something because it's crazy how they keep getting away with this same shit over and over again. All because they happen to be a woman or a minority.

Pick one.

Much revolutionary.

>>>Zig Forums

Typical nigger*

wheres blade