Gun No 6: The trail of death, destruction and misery left by 'Britain's deadliest firearm'

It announced its presence on the streets of the UK with three shots fired outside a Birmingham nightclub at 2.55am on February 23 2003.

Although they didn’t know it at the time, the police who recovered two bullet cases had found the first evidence of what would eventually be categorised as Gun No 6, “Britain’s deadliest gun”.

The 9mm pistol has claimed three lives and been linked to 11 shootings in six years. And since it has never been recovered, its reign of terror may not yet be over.

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I thought you were just memeing, but that's a direct quote from the Cuckdependent.
They're unironically acting like it's the GUN doing this, and not people.

Proof the 9mm memes are true.


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Ban conscious assault pistols

rain of terror

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but I thought guns were illegal. how can there be any gun violence if it's against the law?

Fake news, guns are illegal in Shitain so there can't be any gun crime.

see? when you outlaw guns, only guns will be outlaws

I'm going to post an archive link for you, Timmie, you dufus!

I know you're still new, but you better learn to archive, or people will get pissed off when your link fails because the article is either removed or edited.

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Gun on the run!

Here's a real loose cannon for ya'!

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LOL @ thinking the term 'mason' means jack fucking shit

Have at it

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Have the Bong police released any statement on whether or not they believe that this fully-semi-automatic engine of death is equipped with a bullet button or a shoulder thing that goes up?

What about the firing mechanism?
Is this a new fully automatic type of weapon that no longer requires another force to be applied to the firing mechanism in order to operate it? A force like a human operator maybe?

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I sure hope they catch this bloke

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Thanks. I will..

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11 shootings so far?

I wonder if the gun is able to change its own magazines

This shit was written by The Onion, right?


I'm watching the BBC live, and they just showed this security camera photograph of the guns accomplice… Be on the lookout…

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Fail at ballistic forensics 101.



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I suppose you're one of those special special special snowflakes who think that guns can suffer from autism too!

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Yeah, I'm sure journalists write their pieces to be accurate and would never try to manipulate people with their words to elicit an emotional response.

bad gun

More proof the CZ-75 is the iconic bad guy gun

I heard the shoulder thingy is black plastic, which makes it 50% more school shooting than a wooden shoulder thingy!

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meanwhile America is being invaded by a bunch of third world cannibals and the proud gun owners are nowhere to be seen.

people arn't bad
guns are bad, like this one

They’re in Mexico still stop deflecting your real issues onto us, euro Protestant cuck.

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That's why I painted all my black plastic stocks to look like wood.

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this is a very bad gun
It made good people do bad things

just ask mohamed

guns just want to hurt us

they are 2 b banned

Sticks hurt us, but have a hard tim killing us

Sticks are bad but not as bad as guns
so all sticks from now on

Dan is not bad
The gun gave him a false sense of power
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