Triple child killer David McGreavy cleared for release by Parole Board

The man who murdered three small children and impaled them on ­railings has been cleared for release by the Parole Board.

David McGreavy, 67, beat to death Samantha Urry, nine months, strangled her brother Paul, four, and cut the throat of sister Dawn, two in 1973.

He was later sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum of 20 years after admitting all three murders.

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45 fucking years, man…justice been served a long time ago. Whatever kind of broken human being will stumble out of that prison will be no harm to anyone anymore. He probably offs himself the second he finds out what happened to this planet.

hes just pro choice now.

Eye see you, Timmie..

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he not wanna leave

You're saying that being broken in prison implies having an attitude to live an upstanding civilian life. This is not true. You have to choose to have the attitude to live an upstanding civilian life because otherwise it won't happen.

one round of 22lr spent back then would have saved a lot of money and made the world better at the same time.

What did he do wrong?

He's not going to like it.
Prison is comfy as fuck. You get substantially more privileges than jail and after his first decade+ he probably was in a medium security setting most times giving him freedom of movement to a lot of things.

If you don't believe murder is wrong…

It is much cheaper to painlessly end their existence than to sequester known dangerous people for long periods of time.

It's not about punishment, because clearly something is wrong with his mind; it's about protecting the public at large. It has zero to do with justice. Keeping him alive in a cell is just torture for no good reason.

it's not about justice. It's about sequestering a dangerous sociopath from public. Get that through your head.

Should have added that.

I'm pretty sure the public can handle a feeble, puny 67 year old sociopath. He's almost 70 and will prolly end up in a nursing home before you have children to worry about.

Oh, no wonder. Holy shit, had me worried for a second.

Confessed to killing three children and not only is he still alive but he's going to be released? No, just no.

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Then again we're faced with the (((MSM))) who chose to report an horrible crime that happened decades ago while in the meantime innumerable white women are being raped and butchered by shitskin immigrants yesterday, today and tomorrow. So yeah. Enjoy.

Hopefully someone with the resources to do so will take out this trash once it's released and provide some real justice.

No it isn't. If it was, he would have been executed.

He should have gotten a bullet and an unmarked grave.

such a bullshit case. he never should have been arrested, nevermind tried/convicted.
it was a textbook case of self defense.

i hope he goes after the people who falsely imprisoned him.
but looking from the pictures, it might not even be the same person. wouldn't be surprised if they had him killed and released some random mental patient in his stead.

The benefits of being a (((fellow traveler)))

Always thought it strange how inmates in county jails look forward to or would rather go to prison until I realize why.

By experience i can say that once you are out of the cage, you would want to catch up on all the fun you missed, the fucker aint gonna go down like a passive little bitch like most of you pussies.

It was worth it, Timmie..

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We should croudfund a hitman for a two for one deal. Neptune and this punk ass lame.

Too bad i cant hack nigturds computer id just pay sombody with all the child porn i found.

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if I got Courtney on her big fat knees, I couldn't hit that snatch without vomiting.

I'd 'go mud'

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I'm curious how much Courtney would sell that big fat hole for…

Since she's a devout Christian, shed probably go top dollar, like $50

Because letting the jews go unchecked made this planet into such a peaceful safe heaven for the public… Prisons are not there to protect anyone, they were initially designed to fool the public into accepting it as the revenge they demanded. Nowadays they are part of the jewish economic slave racket and to make unimportant people disappear.

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more than worth it

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Why is it that you can just LOOK at someone, and instantly see that they are British?

David McGreavy is just like ALL British men: genetically homosexual

It's some kind of genetic DNA defect, we're even if they are married with children, they're still faggots…

I'm going to hack Johnny Neptune's computer, and hire someone to slip Barium Acetate into one of his veggie burritos.

He is a freeman.

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"Justice" would have been a bullet between the eyes. Or better impalement on a spitroast.

Or a dentist's office visit

(He's British)

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i hope the guy that let this monster out goes to jail

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You can't get radios in most jails.
You can't get TVs in most jails.
Most jails have more time required in cells and less time in common areas due to the flow of inmates in and out for shit like 24 hour drunk holds, 3 day holds, 1 week convictions etc.

You can get TVs in every prison if you earn the privilege.
You can get radios.
You can get CELL PHONES in some prisons.
Yard time and common room time is the majority of the day.

Clearly golnud

It wasn't able to handle GHWB. And he conspired to murder their president, later became vice president, conspiring to kill another president, and then became president, and on and on. These people should be tortured to DEATH.

Lol obviously you've never spent any time in jail


and use cellphones…

You Conspiracy Theory Clowns
Are SO Fucking Stupid