Queer Catholics Condemn Pope’s Claim That Being Gay Has Become ‘Fashionable’

Pope Francis has suggested that being gay has become “fashionable” in some modern-day societies ― a remark that has prompted concern among queer Catholics.

In an interview with a Spanish priest about religious vocations, Francis reportedly said that there is “no place for this kind of affection” in the lives of Roman Catholic priests, religious brothers and religious sisters.

“In our societies, it even seems homosexuality is fashionable. And this mentality, in some way, also influences the life of the church,” Francis was quoted as saying in the interview, according to the Associated Press.


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He's actually right about something for once


The Pope is an idiot but he's right here. It's become trendy to be "queer" and buy into gay pride, mostly for monetary or social gain

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I can't be alone in suspecting the majority of gay people I meet as being clout chasers or disgruntled ex heteros

A lot of them do it because it's seen as the progressive thing to do. Friends of mine said he's bi now because he thought some male actor is hot. It's pathetic

I'm a fag and I'm not ‘Fashionable’

Depends where you live. Here in NYC if you aren't pansexual you're automatically evil if you're white

I;ve used the gay card to get an edge over entitled white wimminz at work, it's nice having a snuggy wuggy butt that likes dick~

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Modernity = I felt something once, so that must be who I am on a deep fundamental level… time to change my entire life!


Height of fashion

Conchita Wurst reveals HIV diagnosis


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Do degenerate things, get degenerate rewards.

I’ve thought before that there would be far less homosexuality, in terms of actual gay sex, if they gay identity wasn’t being forcefed to everyone. That life would be safer if we swept it under a rug and denied its existence.

How's life in the closet?

Broken clock and all that. The LGBLTQMNOPSUV+ "community" use their pretend sexuality and gender as a fashion accessory more then anything else. If they didn't they wouldn't need to shove their non-conventional lifestyle in everyone's face so much.

Repent of your sodomy or you'll burn in hell.

Homosexuality naturally stems from a common barbarian practice of butt-fucking little boys. It's amazing how frequently this behavior emerges in ancient societies. It's also interesting to note that SOME societies seemed to be more open to it than others. Modernity is about shaming societies/cultures that were not fully on board with the whole turning-your-son-into-a-lady-boi-for-money-from-wealthy-perverts plan. Also, for some reason women seem to love it. In these open and vibrant societies women rank butt-fucking their sons right up there with breaking little girls feet and folding them over or carving up childrens genitals like a thanksgiving turkey. Humans are overwhelmingly degenerate and the Cuckolic Church has rejected the only EUROPEAN cultures that actually had standards about this shit. this is what happens when you dont BOG queers.

How’s that impotent rage helping your social life?


Right? Pick only one faggots. You can't do both. Reminds me of all the gay muslims the media likes to pretend exist.

I dun breiebe in jebus and the flying spagetti monsta. I'm more of a buddhist.

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A broken cuck is right twice a day.

I've done it too. I'm not even gay