Russia Humiliates NATO In Ukraine Navy Conflict

"Russia needs to understand that its actions will have consequences." 

That was the tough message NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg sent out early last week, after the Russian navy attacked Ukrainian ships off the coast of Crimea. No follow-up action has since been taken. 

more here: 

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The Russian economy is in a depression due to sanctions.

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Is there a point to Naval warfare in 2018.9? China and Russia both seem pretty confident in their ability to wage Naval Warfare but we haven't had significant Naval conflict since WWII. The USA has air and space superiority, that can easily subvert Naval ships.

It's all a dick waving contest. US is the only true superpower and China and Russia prefer it that way, no matter how much they posture otherwise. The tacit agreement is: "you control the world, but we control the corruption in our own country, so fuck off."
Ever notice how, even though the U.S. government is well aware of the massive corruption within Russia and China they just look the other way unless it starts spilling over into the geopolitical arena and even then only when their own interests are threatened or challenged?
It's all a game. There's not going to be major wars between major world powers anymore. The pie has already been sliced up between all the elites and now it's just about maintaining the status quo and passing the wealth and power down across their own family lines for generations to come.

The thing is that everyone one Earth has connection in America do to Americas nature as the commercial/financial and multicultural capital of the world. You have Russian and Chinese diplomats and bureaucrats doing business in the USA. Everyone just wants to maintain that status quo. Nobody actually wants to attack America.