WA - Seattle Homeless Man Finds $17k In Paper Bag, Returns It

A homeless man from the town of Sumner (near Seattle), has proven his honesty beyond any reasonable doubt.

When 32-year-old Kevin Booth hungrily went to the local food bank one morning, he noticed a paper bag in front of the door, with a large amount of cash in

more here: thegoldwater.com/news/43500-WA-Seattle-Homeless-Man-Finds-17k-In-Paper-Bag-Returns-It

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No wonder he's homeless then, if he voluntarily passes every opportunity to better his situation to bearable standard.

He just proved his honesty. That should be enough to get a job at least.

This smells like a set-up. Who leaves that much money in a paper bag outside a fucking food bank?

A large portion of the homeless population already have honesty, and the capacity to be employed as well, many of them willingly are in the scenarios they're in and, as said, often pass up oppertunities to better their own standard
There are homeless shelters, donation programs, food shelves, shelters, heated rest areas, church work services, farm communes, a laundry list of options to start getting out of homelessness, and many people I've met who have been in that predicament have gone down that path and turned out well. That being said, the vast majority of homeless that I've seen in person are the type that just want another $15 so they can swing by the liquor store before retreating back to the underpass to zone out for the next 6 hours

a huge percentage of the homeless are drug addicts or mentally damaged in some way. sometimes because of their habits and sometimes not.

Or they're just niggers, and who gives a fuck about niggers?

Based time traveler who saw the future and dumped the useless dollar bills, shortly before they become worthless for anyone else.

No, I'm not going to donate to his soon-to-be GoFundMe page that's set up by (((anonymous))) "supporters" and fuck /JoozPlus/ for publicizing this!

This tbh is there anyone retarded enough to actually believe someone 'lost' a fucking brown paper bag with 17,000 USD cash in it?

He can make $5 an hr doing security at my condo auto entrance

I vouch

Probably a drop point, he would have been dead if he took it for himself.

can i apply?

If you are not homeless then you are ENSLAVED.


Some ex green beret took out a local drug family for getting his daughter strung out on heroin and decided to give the money to Bernice, the woman he loves but knows he's not good enough for, who works at the food bank. He paid the bum 5k to make sure it got delivered and wandered off into the sunset.

What else should they do, work 12 hours every day, die of stress at 40, fund the juden.

Actually, it was a pensioner's savings who was taking it to the bank to deposit and forget it on way when make give food for homeless good deed and then forget him and then home-less men find bag give back he save.

keep the money dumb ass

Stranger puts 17k on doorstep of shelter
Homeless man gets 5 yrs of shelter by keeping

It'a a wonderful life happens

You saying Charles Bronson did this kind of shit?

Already happened with that hobo that went viral for paying 20$ for gas, they only got caught because hobo wanted more money

Is a little more complicated than that,
People will help you more if you are more visible (city streets where home ownership costs more), then there are the technicaly homeless which are normal people but are hooping between friends homes.,
Most hobos are drug addicts because of having nothing better to do between work hours
also some of them aleady have semi stable incomes and and are sending that money and savings to cheaper areas and eventually moving there, that is until their drug addiction eats their savings,
Sorry for phoneposting but am technicaly homeless for now too

Good reasons to stay homeless. After 2-3 years of homeless- they're unreachable, because of all the "goodhearted" people that give.

They create and feed more homeless people. I'm so damn glad we bus them to the nearest big city when they show up in my small town.

Good goy right there.

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Los Angeles church says nuns embezzled money from school to cover trips to Vegas

end of times


niggers can't be homeless, they aren't home. that's why they always chimp out, we took them out of their mudhuts and everything is too much for their little brains.