Japan urged to scrap law forcing transgender people to be sterilised before they can transition

The Japanese Government is being urged to end a rule requiring transgender people to undergo sterilisation to legally change gender.

People who seek to alter their legal sex must appeal to a family court under legislation entitled Law 111.

Although the law affords some rights to transgender people and was hailed as a step towards equality for LGBT people when it was introduced in 2003, it imposes a series of restrictions on those seeking legal recognition.


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Please never change Japan.

they chemically castrate themselves regardless.
But don't ever change Japan.

Never change, Japan. Learn from the mistakes of the huhwhite man or perish just like him.

Japan is the only country that's going about this the right way tbh

They still need to be sent a message that their actions are disgusting and that they should not reproduce (even if science allows for it), which is a good thing.

Even if science allows for it at some point in the future, I meant.

The only thing that Japan is demanding is that they have a sex change operation before they can legally change gender.
Yet they write this misleading shit.

Seems like all this misrepresentation did was promote Japan as more of a badass.

Also, this:

I hope they don’t cave to this Jewish bullshit

Science allows for it now, and it doesn't require functioning gonads.

If Japanese society doesn't kill them then their suicidal tendencies will



The point still stands that freaks like that should not pass on their DNA.

Fuck off. They are clearly superior, just for having held off against kike influence as long as they have. But even with that effort and stubbornness, the kikes are still slowly but surely eating away at their society.

Literal chemical castration only works for as long as you continue the drugs.

Has Bailey Jaye fucked a female with a pussy yet?

just like hotwheels wrote about, they should forcefully sterilize people like this as part of a eugenics program so we dont have mentally ill trannies having kids and warping their minds before they have a mind of their own.

they should be barred from adopting as well.


No. After a few months, your testicles are as good as dead.

You will never reproduce

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How do i keep the school from indoctrinating my kids with this freakish fad? Kids are impressionable and emotional, and now this desire to fit in is being interpreted as a fucking movement

Japan is on the zio radar forever. Now the zios are sinking their teeth into the land of the rising sun. "You will not be different" says the whiny zios . Toe the line or get more atomic bombs dropped on you all.

The true form of transgender people is the Shamanic Priest caste.

They are greater than you, and you will never comprehend their mind. Yet they will comprehend yours. You are the weaker one.

Your strength lies in sheer numbers. But they are superior when 1:1.

This is the ultimate truth of nature, and tribes and nations that do not yield to this truth will be ENSLAVED BY OUTSIDERS.

Such a big Sham eh?

It is a sham as it is.

Transgender is the wrong word for it. It is the false word, and will weaken the men who must be part of the Shamanic class.

They should not wear woman's clothing.

They need proper priestly garb. In all cultures, priestly garb is even worse than wearing girl clothes, so there is no option to give them the proper respect that they require to do their duty for the tribe or nation.

Instead, they dress like fools and are brainwashed into being girls. We need to reform transgender people into the proper shamanic class so that our people will have wise leaders, rather than just strong or charismatic leaders

50 yr old virgins like you will never multiply

You are absolutely correct. But that does not invalidate what I said in the slightest.

I suppose there is a form of wisdom to be seen in recognizing your own desires as a perversion. Then not only denying them, and refusing to let them overtake your life, but dedicating your life to learning and wisdom, instead of depravity. I can respect that.

The reasoning behind it is obvious: surgery should only ever be corrective, and thus gender reassignment surgery should only be for those whose genitals do not function, mainly hermaphrodites, I imagine.

Kikes will argue that modern gender reassignment surgery is a corrective surgery, because the person's external biological sex does not match their gender identity. So they are correcting that mismatch. This is, of course, complete bullshit. The person has a mental illness that needs to be addressed, which is actually the source of this perceived mismatch.

theyre gonna be sterilized anyway when you cut their dick off or put them on hrt so wtf

tbh, home schooling or having to put your kids in a religiously based school.

gender identity is bullshit, its all just mental illness.

they need to be banned from even adopting kids too

Agreed. It's a totally made up concept, concocted by a kike named John Money. Read about him and what he did to two twin boys. When the twins were born one had a botched circumcision (which is kike-created genital mutilation). It resulted him the loss of his penis. So Money took the opportunity to perform a human experiment and surgically altered the boy to be a girl, and started him in hormones. They raised the boy as a girl and lied to him. He eventually found out the truth and committed suicide. His twin brother also ended up committing suicide as a result of the trauma. And this is the history of how gender identity was defined and established. Money considered the case a success. The other kike psychologists agreed. I wish I was making this up. But it's 100% true. Look it up.

I can't read (((WHO))) without seeing ((())) around it.
Why would tranny freaks need their WRONG gonads?

This sounds more like it.

The freaks should be deported to america where they belong.
If all the freaks in the world were sent to the US, then nuked, utopia will finally exist.

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