Iceland - Scandal Audio Hears Politicians Discuss ‘Whether Minister Was F***able’

Iceland is in the midst of a bizarre political scandal after a person working in a Reykjavik bar overheard several opposition politicians discuss various female members of parliament and their ‘looks.’ The barman recorded the conversation on his phone and leaked the recording.

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Masculinity = Criminal Scandal…. The world has gone mad.

"The barman recorded the conversation on his phone and leaked the recording. " Socialist Spy?

I'd definitely fuck, but….shhh

Remember the times when a barman had the honor of a priest to keep his mouth shut about the secrets of his clientele?

This is some seriously contradictory doublethink.

you have to go back, semite.

It's like anudda shoah! Toxic masculinity! Literal word rape! I just can't even!
It's just their culture, don't be so racist, goy!

“My body has been on everyone’s lips in the past days, and I find it very uncomfortable. I wonder what impact this will have on me and other disabled people, like disabled children.”

This is some cunning strategic thinking, and speaking. It is like literature, where the writer instigates you to materialize his words with imagination. The cherry on top is bringing out the most vulnerable. Oh! The children. Someone please save them from those chauvinists!

Inappropriate comments, made in private will always be inappropriate. Those people are normal people, politicians are not saints or bastions of PC. They are normal ffs! Some of them will say someone else is fat, is hot, is ugly. Is a cunt, that is… they will make inappropriate remarks. Women are not different, they talk about dicks, men and fat/ugly shame people too. We should not dwell into their private lives expecting them to be some kind of example. They have to do their work in the office. What they do outside the office is not of our concern. Nobody has any fucking common sense anymore.

not for long goyim >:^)

You mean never? Bars are where you go when you want information.


He didn't say white women were whores, retard. He said most Icelandic women are.

Also why would someone think a whore would fuck them if they start bitching them out?

So what was the result, IS SHE FUCKABLE OR NOT?


barkeep is a prick for doing that
hope he gets boycotted over it

Men can't talk about how much they desire various women these days.
Such absolute none-issues, because we have supposedly nothing better to do.

We need WW3

The chick in OP's photo is Iceland's 'Minister for Culture' who has been hitting the media for a while now squealing about how 'absolutely unacceptable!' this behaviour is. The female colleague they were discussing is pic related. She was an MP for the 'Bright Future' party.

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The one in op is alright, like a 6, but jewdar is going off so minus 7 points.

What is that, a surface pro?

Leave it to the nordcuck to desacrate even that.