Judge Calls Clinton Emails One Of 'Gravest Modern Offenses To Government Transparency’

Hillary Clinton’s private email controversy just got a new jump start. A federal judge ordered additional fact-finding into whether Hillary Clinton’s use of her private email was a deliberate effort to thwart the Freedom of Information Act.


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Take your meds, drumpbot

You starting to feel that noose tighten, yet?

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I found the ==NIGGER==

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That's one of her old phones in the pic that she smashed up with a hammer on the back porch of the White House after throwing a beating to SS agents. Somebody made good money stringing plastic beads for her too. She's checking her reservation on Epsteins jet to pedo island where her and Billy are going to rape and chop up children. Etc.

I was in court recently and facts were not admissible so to think there is such a thing as "fact finding" in a court hearing is totally ludicrous.

That would've been an appellate court.

Cost her an election and now she will see jail. oh Hubris

She will have to drain a lake to get a good Attorney because the good ones are there at the bottom.

Wrong smart guy it was County Municipal Court.

And the Judge brought in a crime that the defendant knew nothing of nor was even convicted of as further evidence against the defendant without a single document to back up his claim. This other unknown crime was not held against the defendant but it was taken into consideration. A situation sorta like a bank robber for example getting tried on a robbery charge and the judge blaming the defendant for all other unsolved bank robberies. I mean this is totally ridiculous. But then the defendant was a white Christian and now we know why this bs happened. There is no rule of law other than what they say it is at that moment based upon who the defendant is. This is why it is called the Jewdicial system.

She will never be on the inside looking out so quit wetting yourself.

Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer. Hillary and her band of fuckwits thought their plan was perfect, it could never fail, their was no flaws in their plan!…

Then this happened!: youtube.com/watch?v=WxqHfHGFEvM

My sides could not be in a higher orbit!! xD

You can pull that shit with killcen, but everyone else will just think you're retarded.

Cant be looking out from a coffin.


I expect Ivanka Trump to be treated the same as Hillary has for abusing her position of power and trust of the American people.

your death will be celebrated, jew

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no one outside of moscow cares anymore

Did you mean Ben Gazi?

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Call me once she's had a double-handful of people murdered to cover her tracks.



Many of us would want her and her husband in prison, the clintons can join them there.


Ben Gazzara

Ben Garwawa?

I memba

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wew shills


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Got any context for pic related?

literally the last piece of real news left on all of Zig Forums

One of "the gravest modern offenses" to humanity is Nancy Pelosi's face.

Absolutely based.

those that think this to be a lie should feel terrible amounts of shame

maybe because emails always got lumped in with outrage from misinformation like benghazi and uranium one. and how hillary lost an election 2 years and conservatives STILL wont let it go


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What does this video have to do with Hillary's crimes?

The monster on the throne now beats the monster who might have been on the throne