Australia - Woman With Epilepsy Works Two Jobs To Pay For Cannabis Treatment

Life isn't fair, the reality is some people are born with medical conditions and others are less likely to deal with debilitating illness. In the case of a Perth woman who works at a pharmacy named Amanda Merendino, she has to work two jobs to afford the only medication that could keep her seizures at bay, sometimes up to 9 a day.

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Good! No free rides just because she has a gash wtf? If she wanted an easy life, she should've rejected feminism and become a trad waifu.

Poor girl. At least she's pulling her own weight. Respectable.

If you want to bitch, bitch about subsidized medicine in general, because that's what the article is about: how the AusFed won't subsidize cannabis but will subsidize (((opioids))).

No kidding. To many fucking welfare leeches here in California get $$$ for bullshit reasons and medical on top and don't have to fucking even 1h a month for it. Sucks for this girl.

California has fucking raised everything to pay for these losers. Just renewed a small business licence that cost $40, 5 years ago for $500 today

She fucked up. Pharmacy workers are paid fuck all and you need to get deep into debt to work as a Pharmacist.

Is she allowed to grow her own?

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Hello there, Big Pharma.

Just grow the damn plant.

And live a happy housewife life.

Goddammit, people theses days are more retarded by the passing years…

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Medical cannabis is part of the plot to legalize all marijuana usage. Who do you think will benefit from this? Since tobacco has been demonized so, what do you think the tobacco industry will replace it with?

Good, It should be legal.

Man, you can't make this shit up.

or she could get a husband but no…

No it shouldn't, stoner nigger.

If she wasnt an idiot she would do controlled fasting, this literally treats epilepsy and has been a knowm treatment for a fucking millennia.

to extracting the cbd , 3k equipment is needed

Nah dude, there's sub $100 ways of extracting CBD without the medical grade equipment.

Respectable? I call it contemptible. People who work two jobs are stupid, like oxen, who will only succeed in working themselves into their graves. What they should do, instead, is to read up to improve their financial knowledge and start their own businesses.

[citation needed]

L'chaim, Moishe.

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What an odd name for a pharmacy.

Maybe she only wants to figuratively treat it.

If she's having nine seizure the day chances are there's probably a surgical option that could probably help her. You can operate with half a brain.

Literally everybody except the juden. I'd be willing to bet you think the U.S. invaded Afghanistan because of "terrorism" rather than to get our hands on their poppy fields.

she don't smoke it, but sounds like you do

The CBD oil needs lab equipment to xtract
It dont get you high

>(((colleges))) always encourage students to be pro-legalization

Whatever, Anslinger.

Yeah like a lot of people, self included. Why is this a big deal?

No, it induces apoptosis in cancer cells. But thanks for playing.

I have severe Austism and bug both my moms for game money

Most acute observation

There's a medication that is reliable, easily produced, and has no harmful side effects or addictive properties, why should she need to resort to surgery?

or she could grow her own…

this is what you get you spineless cucks
instead of embracing anarchy and liberty you let government tell you what you are allowed to seed and what not
If there was no gubermint, we could all plant our own plankton weed and cannabis would be 1$ per gram and top quality.

With regulation and taxation ruining everything you pay more money for medical canabis the castrated shit that does not even make you high than you pay for illegally grown mexican weed.

Fuck government
fuck taxes
fuck regulations
and if you support those things, then fuck you too