Germany – ‘Hottest Police Officer’ Urged To Stop Posting Modelling Pics

If there is one province in Germany that absolutely needs more police officers, then it is Saxony where rioting and right-wing protests got out of hand several times already this year. And let it just be there that the ‘hottest police office’ in Germany is facing a difficult choice.

Policewoman Adrienne Koleszár received the glamorous title offered by tabloid newspaper Bild two years ago and since then has grown to an Instagram model with more than 500,000 followers. Some 90% of her followers are German men.

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Can do the job equal to men they said.

Commits crime in front of her to be frisked

Fire her, she is not an asset

Oh look, letting females do jobs that require actual professionalism turned out to be a retarded idea.


Your early 2000’s m8 the West has moved beyond women’s rights and cultural decay. we are entering into sharia law and conquest.


I'd resist arrest until she sat on my face…

lol, the hottest "german" police woman is polish or hungarian

women were a mistake and god is fucking retarded
how can someone not be jailed after releasing such a flawed product onto the market

inshallah brother

Is that what "hot" is supposed to look like, mid thirties with a manface dyed hair and a washboard stomach? Wow, the Germans really are cucked. I doubt this thot is going to save you against the jihadi molestation gangs roaming the streets, she would probably just blow on a rape whistle.

The same person who thinks that people should be fired because of what they post on social media posted this.

Translation : If she was a mod on stormfront's website, you'd be wondering why she hadn't been fired yet.

But does she do a good job has a police officer?

What does that even mean? Besides, it's 2018, anyone doing a "good job" as a police officer would probably be fired immediately.


The MILF meme is being (((pushed))) to condition men to marry post-wall "career oriented" roasties who either have Tyrone's spawn or have baby rabies with their old, DNA damaged spoiled eggs.

Doing a good job as a police office in Europe these days largely means beating the shit out of people protesting stuff

Really quite sad to see this board full of incels and faggots who need their dopamine boost from posting stupid comments they're barely capable of typing.

At this point I can’t even tell if posts like these are satire or real

I agree, she is by no means great looking. Just look at that face.

she's ok shes a f
six compared to superior 2d

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Translation from idiot to normal:

A man commits a crime in front of her in the hope of being arrested and frisked.

She is a liability

Although this could be a useful feature to deport rapeugees

but why, shes awesome

definite closet case here

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This is why the west needs Islam

How is this newsworthy?

Ohhh someone sounds rapey

Nope, he's right.

"Illegal immigrants from arabia and subsaharan africa."
If she picks up a flaming chainsword and cuts down a thousand shitskins a day, then i support her.
Otherwise, she can work in an office away from public eyes.

It's good until I see her face.


I hope the muslims don't get her :^|