Japan to effectively block China telecom giants

Japan's government has decided to revise its procedures for purchasing telecommunications equipment, a move that would effectively exclude Chinese telecom giants.

Officials in charge of cybersecurity in each ministry and agency made the decision at a meeting on Monday to prevent data leaks in cyberattacks.

The government has until now bought telecom equipment based solely on price. But from the fiscal year starting next April, officials are to take into account national security risks, such as whether products are programmed with malicious functions in the development and production process.

Officials plan to see whether equipment already purchased until this fiscal year has such functions.


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good for japan.

Sounds pretty obvious to be honest.
When 3g was rolled out in the UK the Chinese government offered to pay for and install the entire installation for free.
Which is very generous of them. All they stood to gain was complete control of the UKs communication network?

We turned them down.

At this point though, does it really matter anymore?

Between China slipping in the invasion switch in everything they make from phones to even dumb USB keyboard, to an increasingly maliciously leftist Google censoring information to suit their agenda, to Apple as a trillion dollar company somehow allowing their system to be compromised like in the Fappening?

We're fucked. No matter what we do or don't do, we're fucked.

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Good, Japan is not going out quietly into the night.

Communism is coming….

Everyone has taken the blackpill. It's so fucking blindingly obviois (((they))) won and there's no point in fighting against it anymore. The only thing we can do is watch or kill ourselves. China won. Communism won. Jews won. They always win.

We surrender. Suicide is the only escape.

Theres literally no reason to celevrste this. No matter what we do, we're fucked. We have no choice but to let commies and kikes have a forever victory over us. There is no other option. Many on this site are already agreeing. We are spineless, hopeless, impotent slime with no futures. We're done for.

Jack Ma BTFO

Actually, with the fall of america we may be able to see the modern crypto-communist system fall too.

What's the point if everything else dies anyway. We're losers. Forever.

Quality will reemerge as the most desired quality rather than its competitors low prices. It's an opportunity to reinvigorate American manufacturing

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Ignore this defeatist shill. When presented with trouble this person will lie down and die like the dog they are. Regardless of the problem you face you must tackle it head on and go out fighting. This is what it means to be alive.

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Oy vey, how antioriental!

The Irony is that the War is going to be worse than Communism, but the entire reason we're going to have to choose Purgatory and Hell is because of the thieving communist degenerates who's only life goal is to take what other's have created…. because they cannot be wealthy, they want to tear the entire system down…. Greedy bastards….

China has a better government than the USA. The USA is almost entirely owned and controlled by globalist banker kikes.

Chinese out jew the joos and there is a lot more

or should I learn Cantonese?

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Cantonese is not a dialect of Chinese. Rather, it is a separate language from , Mandarin and other kinds of Chinese. Although the languages are obviously related, a Mandarin speaker cannot understand Cantonese without having learned it as a foreign language (and vice versa, though most Chinese do learn Mandarin today).

I wouldn't worry about Japan. Let them worry about anime and video games. In the end they lose out. China will still be the number one country to buy cheap stuff from :D

Does anyone in this thread even realize how fucking insane and retarded they look right now? Go outside for once Jesus Christ

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May your chains rest lightly upon you. The answer is to purchase Japanese-made goods and strengthen our economic ties to Japan.

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Hope the commies are ready to bleed for thier revolution.

Cause thats whats gonna happen.

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I aint no commie, whitey

you owes me

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They wont have to… 2020 another Obama is just going to get into office to lie to your society and further Socialize your system without your consent. Anyone who does anything other that "legally" protest next to the George Soros Antifa mod that will hit you in the head with a bike lock…

Communism is going to come slowly.
There will be misinformation and chaos.
Then, one day, when the confusion goes away,
it will be too late. The Citizens will already be brainwashed.

never blame evil and malice for something that can be easily explained by stupidity and incompetence…
though in china's case…
i belive you'll porbably get both

Stop being a whiny baby and start supporting libre software.

This. It's all over… Our side are the biggest losers of this planet. We have no longer a choice than to bow to our Soros Antifa Gods. We are gonna be forever slaves and everyone knows that. Sometimes I think we shouldn't have faught this to start, cos we're always gonna be in the same ending….It's over…

Hes right…

If you really think the future's THAT bleak then jump off a bridge already