Tennessee - Illegal Alien Sneaks in Home and Raped a Six-Year-Old Girl Multiple Times

Police and the district attorney in Lebanon, Tennessee have brought charges against a lowlife illegal alien burglar, who authorities say broke into a home and raped a six-year-old girl.


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If you knew what was coming, you'd pray for this to happen everyday. Very effective propaganda.


I don't know if I could make myself pray for 6-year-old girls to be raped, honesty.
That seems a bit over the line.

but boys are ok

Yeah that's all of them for you. Gas the kikes.

– already illegal in America, plus commits the atrocity of raping a child. This doesn't sound like a good idea. We should execute this illegal alien pathogen.

Again, this sounds like the words of a person that values the wrong things.

I can't give a flippant reply

So sad

well liberals wanted him here so I guess it's ok.

It would be nice to deport all the white americans to mexico too, since they commit the majority of rapes in the US.

i cant wait to rape all those mexicans then cross the border illegally and continue to rape all the americans

I'll try:

So he came back for 2nds?

I feel so bad,

Lebanon Police said the suspect, an undocumented immigrant, befriended a local family and used fraud to obtain a key to the victim’s home. The family didn't know Velasquez-Curuchiche had made a key. On two occasions, Velasquez-Curuchiche snuck into the home after the family was sleeping and raped a 6-year-old girl who lived in the home.

The suspect was discovered on his second entry and the family notified police.

So it was child molestation

Multiple times is confusing

Never get close to a spic, especially with children. A lot of crimes they get involved in involves pedophilia.

tennessean.com/story/news/local/wilson/2018/12/11/guatemalan-man-pleads-guilty-child-rape-lebanon-tennessee/2277330002/ link to local news source

Near where I live

he is a victim of west degeneracy sexualizing young girls, stop the oppression.

Another illegal taking the job away from a rapist whiteman..when is this shit going to end..

As much as you think they hate Trump, Mexicans are obviously big fans of the President that sexually assaults women, grabbing their pussies whenever he pleases and rapes 13 year old girls at parties he throws with his buddy Epstein.

are you accusing him of being muslim?

I'm so glad to see people outside Europe being so tolerant and welcoming their cultural enrichment.

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How does that work? Were the parents home? Why did they live their six-year-old alone if they weren't? If so, why don't they keep better watch? Do they have weapons? If not, why didn't they try to attack him anyway? Did they even lock the doors? Did they know who their neighbors were? Observing potential threats maybe considered "paranoid" by normalfags, but it's better to be safe than sorry.
Anyway, RIP virginity.

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Wait, but he was actually charged, and he's illegally here.

*Wait, how did he do it multiple times? What?

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why do you use copypasta without greentexting, user? why?