Putin defends jailing of 77-year-old activist

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday defended the jailing of an elderly rights activist over calls to protest, stressing he wants to prevent events like France's "yellow vest" revolt.

The Russian leader was responding to an appeal to free 77-year-old Sergei Ponomaryov, a prominent rights activist who is serving 16 days in police cells for urging people to take part in an unauthorised rally.

As a result, Ponomaryov was unable to attend the funeral Tuesday of a longtime comrade, veteran rights activist Lyudmila Alexeyeva, while Putin attended the memorial ceremony.

Putin told the presidential rights council, an advisory body, that he would ask Russia's Prosecutor-General Yury Chaika "to look more carefully" at Ponomaryov's case but added that it was "very difficult" for him to question the fairness of court decisions.


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just more proof that putin is a good goy

That makes sense. Erryday Pootan seems more and more like someone who wants long-term stability at all costs, i.e. intelligent.

He’s a cunt same as Macroni and the fact he is terrified of a revolution goes to show how weak his position really is.

Hey if it's okay for (((them))) to prosecute a 97-year-old Nazi for the 6 gorillian, then this is okay too.

During a revolution everyone’s on weak footing m8. It’s kill or be killed after all

I don't get the fuss, every society ever on the face of the Earth has taken such measures. The difference between Putin and Macron is Putin doesn't represent neoliberal financiers but does represent normality and sanity, especially in context of Russian politics in the last century.

fuck off totalitarianist

Can you tell me about several of Putin's policies that promote normality and sanity?

Make me, you impotent faggot.

Look at the state of Russia before and after Putin. That you even try to put doubt about it shows that you ask in bad faith.

Russia has oligarchs same as anywhere.

Are you fucking retarded

It was a poor shithole before and is a poor shithole now The only difference is Putin has henchmen to beat the shit out of protestors. I suppose the largest difference is he made Ramzen a Muslim warlord can’t wait until that one bites him in the ass.

Russia fares far better than presented in Western media, but that's not even the point. I am very clear about what I mean, so I don't see how you'd be able to miss it. Re-read what I said and think through it. You'll up your reading comprehension and become smarter because of it.

That's a boomer-tier stupid take.

Type of faggot who reads Sputnik news and zerohedge to get info on Russia huh?

Sputnik is trash. Zerohedge is hit or miss. You're trash and miss.

Oh I got it what you said it was pretty retarded. If the KGB agent represents stability to you then you are mentally deficient.

That’s a yes

No, you didn't. Or you did and are just too stupid to say anything relevant regardless. Either way, doesn't look very good for you.

Students get expelled for calling someone the wrong (((gender))). When gender isn't even a real thing.
Libshit students call for expulsion of other students stating facts that - which are true - make them feel bad. etc. etc. etc.
Libshit students make up false claims of thoughtcrimes against other students to get speech silenced, students expelled, and students assaulted.
Libshit students call for mob assaults of other students who don't virtue signal enough.
Welcome to the ride user: it's 1984 again.

Tossing an old guy in jail for speaking out against government abuse wont bring long term stability.

Putin is /ourguy/!

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Look up Lev Ponomaryov and who he is. He's someone who protested against the prosecution of oligarchs and is part of the Western NGO complex in Russia. I swear you people are dumb.

77 yr old russian is like a 110 yr old european