Belgium reckons with its 'brutal' colonial past — by upending the institution that glorified it

Pierre Kompany's grandfather worked for a diamond company in the Kasai region of the former Belgian Congo in the early 1900s, collecting money from local villages in a job that would give the family its name.

"He would collect payments from all the shops in the village that sold European products," Kompany said.

"At the end of the month, people were saying, 'Company is coming.' And … the name stuck. He was Mr. Company."

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Try taking a break from nu/pol/ and study some actual history. If anything, it's ideological fanatics and the corrupt that happen to have overlapping goals at times. Jews tend to push shitty ideologies and corruption because of their fucktarded belief systems that screws with their family units (which is why cityfolk tend to be as bad) as they grow up, but it's hardly this eternal battle or "the Jewish nature", as if this shit was hard-coded into their DNA and Europeans have been fighting them for eternity, as I said, "eternal battle". That is not being realistic.
Also, remember, follow the money.

They don't have a common plan. Some kikes want to rule a miserable world incapable of fighting back, some want to summon their messiah before it's too late (they have like 200 years as their superstitions go), some want immortality, some just want to practice their moral dualism as always, some want to be like immoral gods and rule alongside Satan and his sins.

Many of these things are common to non-Jewish powerful people, of course. And, as always, all of them want more and more power, which doesn't necessarily mean "money". After all, money is just means for power. And, that, commies will never understand. The Marxist brains are locked, stuck, in materialism and money ("b-but muh capitalism", they will quickly reply).

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The Belgians would chop the hands off theworkers children if they slacked off

Father stares at the hand and foot of his five-year-old, severed as a punishment for failing to make the daily rubber quota, Belgian Congo, 1904

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Siberia is gorgeous in the summer.


Their idea is that a mixed race slave caste will be easier to control that a pure nation or even a nation with multiple races coexisting. No ties to blood and soil, as you're of every race so you won't fight when they ruin your nation more.

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People booed the Belgian King when he died, he tried to cover it up

There is no endgame. It's literally just Jews combining their religious culture with high trait openness and high IQ with clannishness and the networking effect plus the fact that they tend to look down on goys. They largely buy their own ideology, which is the same progressive shite elite whites love just with extra Jewyness. They believe that if all the races are mixed hate will go away and then Jews will no longer be in danger and all cultures can live in harmony. They need to believe this because the holocaust and historical oppression is foundational for Jewish identity. This is why they don't understand when they invite muslims into europe and the muslims turn around and start attacking them and they end up having to leave. They need to believe that all races and cultures can combine in harmony otherwise the Nazis were right.

So in other words, they don't believe the result will be Brazil. They believe it will be a paradise.

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But user, if you genocide mosquitos, what will keep down the population of Africa?

Look up and read the articles produced by the Club of Rome to understand their endgame.

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No more fleeing its time to take it back. All of it.

Leopold was one stone cold motherfucker.

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