Sting uses fake Amazon boxes, GPS to catch would-be thieves

The explosion in online shopping has led to porch pirates and stoop surfers swiping holiday packages from unsuspecting residents. The cops in one New Jersey city are trying to catch the thieves with some trickery of their own.

Police in Jersey City, across the Hudson River from New York, are teaming up with Amazon to install doorbell cameras and plant dummy boxes with GPS tracking devices at homes around the city.

They didn’t have to wait long Tuesday for someone to take the bait.

“We had a box out on the street for three minutes before it was taken,” said police Capt. James Crecco, who is overseeing the mission. “We thought it was a mistake at first.”

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This is not how you stop criminals, this is how you make them. But since law doesn't mean jack these days, they might as well put down a stick of dynamite in the middle of a market place, and let a sniper take care of anyone touching it…I mean that's how one stops terrorism, isn't it?

t. criminal

Dude, that's like putting a cake on the middle of the table so you can ground your kid later on. Creating opportunities for crimes doesn't help the situation, it only creates more perpetrators. Even worse it lures people into committing crimes that they otherwise wouldn't have done.

May I remind you that cops were hosting and sharing CP to catch predators? Did that help against child abuse in any way? Do you want cops payed by your taxes standing at the corner, selling drugs?

You tell me.

They cant actually arrest people who they catch with these type of schemes.
Its basically entrapment.

It's basically a racket to cash in on fines, is what this is.

It's good to see sting working with the police again.

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You're a dumb nigger.

You and I are on the same wavelength
I'll be watching you.

Time to execute those heathens and any of you that are calling it entrapment, we must cleanse society.


So you're saying the police is there to not stop crimes, but to create opportunities for criminals? Just send some naked boys into the churches then, I guess.

"Sting" surely doesn't waste his time on this idiocy.

ITT: Some really lefty brainwashed niggers. Stealing packages is already a big issue. The people taking the sting packages are the same people that would swipe your new motherboard. These aren't some tempting abandoned morsels in a public place; these are packages placed on porches, clearly intended to be someone else's property being removed from someone else's private property. Kudos to the boys in blue for doing a good job and putting away some more thieving pieces of shit.

Why would you do this? There is a reason the packages are labeled and tracked, and normally it is necessary to sign for your packages. I understand when they give them to the neighbors, but these are not the 60s anymore. We live in high crime times, so stop encouraging low lives to steal, rob and rape.

You can't stop a shoal of fish by throwing more bait at them, that would just attract more of them.

They don't. He walks after paying the fine and starts stealing in another neighborhood.

Again, you're a dumb nigger. Just don't steal packages like a nigger and you won't have to worry about picking up a sting package. Needing this to be explained to you makes you a fucking nigger, because only a nigger could be so stupid and butthurt over something like this.

How is this making a criminal?
The camera or gps aren't the thing causing the crime to be committed. The nigger is the one that is committing the crime.

100% false.
The cameras and GPS did not cause the crime.
The police and amazon did not cause, convince or persuade the nigger to commit the crime.
This is LITERALLY the exact same shit where police set up an unlocked bike outside of a high pedestrian traffic area with officers watching it. A nigger eventually steals it and gets charged with theft. That isn't entrapment.
Just like when police setup a bait truck full of sneakers in a nigger "neighborhood" is it a neighborhood if no one trusts anyone and crime is through the roof? and the dumb monkeys took the bait.

How would this create an opportunity for a crime that wouldn't be commit otherwise if it wasn't caught?

>church synagogue
ftfy Ari.

Entirely 100% false. It's a pretty big added fee to require a signature.
t. ebay seller

Hopefully they get charged with federal offense of tampering with mail, stealing mail or whatever it is.
Or the police wait until it's opened and they can get them for opening someone elses mail.


Ladies, did I offend you?

It creates opportunities that shouldn't be there in the first place. We all know that niggers gone nig, so why baiting them when they will come back anyway? Wouldn't prevention of opportunities be a way better angle to tackle this problem? It's 2018 and people still didn't seem to comprehend that the world is full of thieves…why is that so hard to grasp?

We already seen corrupt cops and politicians cashing in on situations like that. The whole "catching pedophiles by pretending to be a minor" thing is just nonsense, same with cops dressed up as prostitutes. Not only did those actions not make any kind of dent in the crime statistics, they trick innocents into doing bad deeds, and they put the officers at risk to succumb to greed and corruption…like they always do, when you give them an opportunity to get away with a crime.

In reality it's multiple slaps on the wrist including fines, before a cop goes through the motions to lock a petty thief up. You also have to realize that the monetary worth of the packet they steal is way less than it costs for police surveillance. So why doing it? Just let the citizens use their own cameras and send in the screenshots. If that's not a case of some serial gang of thieves terrorizing a specific neighborhood, then I don't see why this isn't a huge waste of time, money and manpower.


Entirely false.
Is it abnormal for packages to be on doorsteps in the Christmas season? No, not even remotely unlikely.
So instead of stealing from the fake sting package that is going to get stopped they steal from the real package that is unlikely to get stopped.
You catch last night Daily Show?
False. If it were to go back to white countries as they were intended the crime rate would be closer to 0% than 1%.

Found the illiterate nigger redundant?. Stopped reading.

It's dangerous, it's what it is. Our governments are filled to the brim with criminals, who act treasonous to our nations and straight up murderous towards the citizens. the time when you can cool your cake at the open window are in the past.

That's in the future, and you have to fight for it to become this way. the past will never come back by it's own. Meanwhile you have to deal with the present and that means not opening yourself up to be exploited. You can cry about that being wrong or unfair as much as you want, but it is what it is. Deal with it.

No, Doofus…I said prevention. That means sending the package to a packing station, getting it from the post office, sending it to a nice old lady in the neighborhood who would be happy to open her door for some conversation, get yourself a mailbox big enough for packages or get it delivered to your job. It's not like we live in a world with too few options in that case.

This could be the dumbest thing I've heard all day long.

As though they have a right to take a box from a porch that have no claim to, a box that doesn't have their name on it.

Entrapment? Your brain is defective.

If no one touches the box that isn't supposed to touch the box, then no crime is committed.

This is how stupid liberal Americans have become. This is why we can't have anything nice anymore, because whatever is wrong is always someone else's fault.

Are the crime statistics for theft, prostitution, drugs, pedophilia etc. falling? Did those cops ever make a dent in them? Have humans stopped speeding in their cars because of speed cameras? Did the police ever stop any crime waves by ignoring the origins, and instead chasing after endless amounts of offspring? Our prisons are filled to the brim with millions of people, yet tomorrow another murder will go down. Maybe something is entirely wrong here and shit just ain't working anymore?

Common sense…if the opportunity is present then someone will take it. How does one stop a crime by enabling another? According to math, that makes two crimes.

So I should have to spend more money to keep blacks from being criminals?
found the chosen one

Nope. They increase lock step with the number of blacks and mudshits in the country.

So you found the criminal racket behind it? Congratulations, but that doesn't make the thieving niggers go away. Paying taxes so that cops can sit in your bushes playing whack a mole with some thief who gets replaced the next day, doesn't sound like a healthy situation for your wealth either.

So live in a white only neighborhood then…oh wait, the kikes are running a genocide against white at the moment, so I guess Jamal will come back tomorrow to swipe your Amazon box. How does knowing why something happens, prevents it from happening again? Do you think somebody else will fix your problems? Ain't gonna happen.

I'm with you here brother, I did time a few years back after I was wrongly accused of rape. Some people don't understand how impossible it can be with my condition (niggeritis) to resist fucking women wearing skirts and dressed overly sexy. Seriously, if she didn't want the sex she could have prevented the rape by wearing a chastity belt or a burka, if only the cops understood people like us maybe we wouldn't be wrongfully imprisoned the way we are. I'm just glad someone else here understands because I was beginning to think this was a hate website.

Nice touch, made me smile. Anyway let's talk rape. Girl gets raped, next day a female cop plays Lolita to catch the perp…does that mean the raped girl can go out tomorrow, dressed like a slut and everything is okay? Nope.
Look it's like this…the jews seem to be getting away with destroying every race, culture and nation on the planet without getting attacked for it. So that means the crime rates will literally explode and we gonna see organized crime springing up everywhere, including all the regular domestic shenanigans in massive numbers. That means being smart to survive, which means not being dumb, not being unprotected and not being unprepared.

In short…shit is gonna keep happening, so deal with it.

You're nigger tier logic doesn't even make sense, clearly you've never dealt with a rodent infestation if you think the only way to deal with them is to let them roam free with no natural consequence.

You don't stop rodents by putting out bait for another. You put down bait everywhere to drive them of or find and destroy their nests. Meanwhile, as a house owner, you still have to protect your shit against them. And even if they caught your rodents, you'll have to be prepared to not give them an opening again…just like you should not have valuable stuff lying on your front porch, because it attracts rodents.

Do any of these packages have a "Take Me" sticker on them? No. Are undercover cops verbally encouraging niggers to steal them? No. They are simply placing them in areas where niggers are already stealing packages off of porches in order to catch them.

If you have mice in your house and you bait traps it's not bringing a new type of mouse into the house you fucking retard.
Apparently you shouln't have fucking property either because that's just an excuse for niggers to steal it. People should be able to have packages delivered to their homes, without faggots like you making excuses for nigs that nog.

Just what the hell is the point of prison then? Serious question.

And will this stop them from doing it? Will the cops build a tent in your yard to keep them from coming? Does any of that make your neighborhood safer?

Nope the same type, endless amounts of them, until you kill the source or prevent them from entering.

If a nigger could steal a house, he would do it. Guaranteed. Remember the anti-piracy dogma "would you download a car?" Same principal.

Simple but inconvenient…not to protect us, not to teach them, not to prevent further crime…only to give us the satisfaction of justice being served. There is a reason humans flogged to public executions. It's what they demand. An eye for an eye.

this is the same as putting money on the ground and then arresting people whom pick it up.

It is entrapment but they get away with it all the time

So the solution is none other than to kill the fucking niggers. NIGGERS!

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That's not the origin either. It's the jews who enslaved them, brought them into the US, used them to start a civil war between north and south, forced them into white communities all over the US, kept them in poverty while radicalizing them into violence through the media, kept the entire nation of Africa in endless poverty to make endless profit of them, exporting blacks all over the globe as seeds for poverty and violence, and are now in the process to change the meaning of black and white in the public eyes, while elevating the blacks and racially persecuting the whites.

That's why a black guy is stealing your shit in 2018, because he's still enslaved and whipped under the same slaver, who exploits him to target you.

So you are just a retarded commiefag (yes it's redundant). You should kill yourself because if you don't a nigger might take it from you first.

now apply that same logic to the bible and you'll see the biblical god is a stupid character who cannot into basic engineering, quality control, and qualitative feedback.


you want to know how I can tell you aren't white?

I don't know why you would bring up the bible here, but I'm game.
Here's my take on religion (spoiler: highly offensive)…Wealthy jews wrote the Bible and the Koran.
To enslave large amounts of mankind under written laws, instead of just using violence to oppress them.
The same old trick of using humanities traits against them. In this case…faith, superstitions and morality. All three together in one big story that keeps the followers busy, while being chained to a set of strict rules, that are highly beneficial to the one who actively ignores them.
Endless amounts of empty promises as motivation. You want heaven or paradise, peace or salvation? No problemo, you can achieve all of those when you die, as long as you are a good follower and obey the rules I break all the time to exploit you.
They created the term to create a rift between their good goy follower and everyone who doesn't fell for their lies. Many entertaining wars that gave us.
Jews only create to corrupt, and when something better comes along, they destroy their own creation. Modern media is a way better concept of idol worshiping than religions, which is how they enslaved atheists to the same (if not better) rules than religious follower. Fast forward and they use atheists to attack religions, just as they used religions to attack atheists before. Always playing everyone against each other, while laughing in the shadows.

Debate me on it.

Not even remotely close to true. What you're describing isn't a thing that happens. People don't just have unpackaged money delivered and placed on the ground.
While people DO HAVE packages delivered and set on their door step. The entrapment part fails right there. It's absolutely normal and pretty damn common for a package to be on a door step.

Fuck off.
Negros are animals, the aren't human. They are predisposed to violence. They don't have the intelligence to keep themselves out of poverty. No push from jews is needed. This can be seen by the incredible amount of money that is poured into each and every negro in this country and every western country.

How is that working out for you, sport?

What? Where do you pull that from? The US's decline can be seen to happen lock step with it's growing lack of faith.
If the bible was written by jews protip it was written before judaism existed then why is destroying Christian faith one tenant of communism and feminism?

I need a hobby and videogames are boring now.

The jews never gave a shit about any of those rules or even the rules of nature. They happily broke every law in existence to further their agenda, while the rest was busy fighting each other over why their religion is better than the others.
Having those rules attached to their religions created a moral dilemma in the follower whenever he broke them, which happens all the time, because humans are naturally not bound by laws written on paper. The jew of course has no moral and keeps on his path in ruthless determination.

They are not even jews, they are from asia, they stole their name and their religion, which isn't a religion, but a mockery of other religions and a tool to radicalize themselves. They have no roots, no idols, no morals. From the very beginning they spread over the world and race-mixed and inbreed themselves into a clusterfuck of mental and physical degeneracy. That's where the "shapeshifter" term comes from. That's why a jew can lie himself into any race, religion or nationality.

Mere tools to address and combat weaknesses of their alleged enemies. both also very much alike, since they both have no other goal than being against whatever isn't them. It gives weak minded people a group to rally behind. people who would rather follow an easy fantasy then stand up against the hardships of reality.

I once beat up a bunch of turkroaches, who stole my bike, which had a GPS tracker. They really didn't expect me to show up on their doorstep and kick their asses while their father was standing by, waiting to get his hands on them themselves. We're still friends.

I heard he makes big busts

It helps the normies and NPCs feel protected.

You're a nigger, aren't you?

Why don't people just get PO boxes instead of having the mailman drop it off on their stoop?

Amazing. Because I had these people buy products from my company using stolen credit cards over a period of time. When I identified an order being this specific group I called the police and told them I would send an empty box and they can arrest the person who tries to pick it up.

They said Nah.

So I called the federal investigation unit that handles fraud and I said I will set these guys up and you can pick them up when they pick up the package. Nah, it's not worth the time.

Keep in mind the items are $300-$1000 and the cards are from numerous people.

Then I tried calling the credit card companies to alert them of a stolen credit card. There's no way to get into contact with them about a stolen credit card. For one order, I reversed looked up their name and called the real credit card holder personally to let them know someone in Canada is using their spouse's credit card.

Then when the chargebacks happen, my fate is in the credit cards unregulated investigations unit hands.

Think about that, and it's so easy to solve with the help of the merchants. "On Friday the 14th of December a crime is going to take place at this address, a person is going to swipe a package off of somebody else's porch purchased with a stolen credit card." Here they are looking for criminals of opportunity with GPS in New Jersey.
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you'd think the merchant account guys (visa, mc …) would have a task force you could just contact to work shit like this out. i mean, they take a beating on those losses. but no. when businesses are making money, you can't tell "the guys in charge" anything, they're gods and have no use for mortals. then when the business is on the way down, it's too fucking late and they wonder what happened. or they retire and let the next guy work it out (fuck it: I got paid already)

Caught their first nigger, who was an Amazon delivery driver.

Jesus' 1st followers were wealthy?

That was arabs who hate jews

I keep my old amazon boxes and shit in them and reseal.

Leave them out and they always get taken.

What would happen if I put talcum powder in the box, along with a note saying ,you have just been antraxed?

He said he had delivered a package to the home where he found the decoy earlier Sunday, and he told police he took the package because he gets a small stipend for returning “undeliverable” packages to Amazon.

a small stipend for returning “undeliverable” packages to Amazon.

Advertising this will just make thieves take the contents and leave the box

GPS in the item is better(bet they already do this)

You'd go to jail for terrorism. The monkey who stole it would be hailed as a hero/victim.

If it were packages he was personally tracking and delivering, perhaps. But not just random packages he finds, like this one. He's a thieving lying nigger.

Yea, if it were left out there from the day before, maybe(and he had delivered it)

Most likely it's just a lie he made up to try and cover his ass. Probably a variation of some actual similar policy for packages that he personally delivers.

This idea is just as idiotic as using bait cars. No creativity involved and it doesn't work.

Now, if you really want to stop an nigger from stealing your packages there are other solutions.

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Probably nothing as any regualr nigger has no fucking clue of what anthrax is. To him, the white powder could be sweet smelling cocaine.

Sheeeiiiit nigga i can sell gps foe 20 bucks

Put money on your dashboard of your car
Park car in neighborhood with undesirables
take up sniper position nearby
shoot anyone who tries to take your cash

There's better ways they could be using their time and money. I think customers getting more creative with the protection might be better than wasting manpower on doing things this way, but I don't feel too bad for any of the retards they catch. What's the state's take on using funs to dissuade thieves?

Nobody locks their shit up where I live, because it's not full of thieving niggers like you.

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Check out who steals..a lot of whites

I don't think it's black and white. Your example clearly isn't entrapment because for one reason it's a natural condition of a property owner.

Now, I am some pig and I leave a TV set out on a dark road at night near the nignogs or whitetrash and one of them stops their pimp mobile / van to pick it up.. the issue is more grey.

I am PURPOSELY creating an opportunity that could result in a crime (of opportunity).

It isn't much different than walking up to a crackhead and offering crack, selling it and arresting them for buying/possession.

People are already stealing everything not bolted down, as seen in the OP.

The people that wrote the story about Jesus followers surely were. In times of illiterate masses and no mass printing you had to be wealthy and powerful to spread your messages.
And they still allegedly hate them in 2018 and look what that got them in terms of evolutionary progress? Meanwhile the jews own them, terrorize them, and feel so save around them that they hide their base of operations inside a Arabic war zone. And of course it only takes a mild dislike towards the Koran to instigate a holy war against anyone. Now tell me how they are not enslaved under the laws of the Koran, just like the whites are under the Bible…while the jew has total control over them?

But there seem to be more than enough out there for this story to materialize, and there will be more in the future. Complaining about this doesn't stop them from coming, and creating opportunities for them to act upon doesn't help anyone.

A klepto will always steal, because it's a mental disease. And even if it's not a serial case, there are endless amounts of small time criminals out there looking for opportunities to commit crimes. You may think you're on the righteous majority, but that isn't the case anymore. This means you have to protect yourself from harm and exploitation, and don't make stupid mistakes like leaving expensive stuff out in the open, so that criminals have it easier or are even tempted to act out. The secure, peaceful times are over…it's a jungle out there.

user, why are you coming into this specific thread if it doesn't concern you? Also don't be surprised if it happens in your vicinity too…times are changing fast.

If you try to fuck someone you think is a minor you aren't innocent.

It's not entrapment. No one put the idea in their heads to steal shit off someone's porch. They thought of and chose to steal, and would've done the same with a real package. Stop whiteknighting criminals.

Judge, I just feel this pressure like Something bad will happen if I don't steal it

We live in a time where cops are unable to protect minors from international child trafficking or local grooming gangs, and you think it's a good idea to have a bunch of investigators monitoring a website where a fake girl calls herself Lolita and wants some "fun", so that they can nail one of the 20k guys watching it? The girl is not real, a sexual crime hasn't been committed, the guy properly sits in another state with no access to the alleged girl, 19999 other guys are now thinking "maybe going after a real girl is the safer option" and during all this another six year old child gets raped and murdered in the same city those cops wasting your tax dollars, while sitting on their asses catching make believe criminals. FUCK THAT NOISE!

You were saying?

And thousand others will do the same when you let your shit out on the porch, where it's easy to steal. But that's illegal you say? Well go find someone to complain about it then. Meanwhile they will break in your house too, because you let the door unlocked.

You're fucking retarded.

Seems easy enough

And you don't even have an argument, instead you waste a post to throw childish insults at user. Why don't you enlighten us with your superior knowledge, as to why you think somebody is retarded?

I got one dem gps transponders outta package nigga how much its worth on craigslist cuzz

I was wondering what happened to the singer, glad he's fighting crime.

This guy is correct…

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every breath you take…

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Posting Crow rip-off emo Sting and not WCW Stinger…you suck.

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I'll just get some empty boxes, stick dog shit inside, and leave them on the porch for niggers and degenerates to steal.

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Unfortunately thats assault.
Not sure that youd be reported though… just don't do it.

If their was no evidence that you had anything to do with the box you'd be safe, unless you did it multiple times they really would have much to link you in the first place. I say go big or go home, use powdered Boric acid instead. Make a simple spring loaded trap and watch the news.

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The justification of the criminal doesn't mean jack shit either, what counts is the fact that your stuff is secured, and leaving it on your porch like some kind of bait isn't helping anyone, but attracts more problems.