Television is still the most dominant media, but more young adults are connecting via Internet

Middle-age Americans spend the most time consuming video, online content and other media, but younger adults are more likely to be digitally-focused using internet-connected TV devices, apps and the web, a new Nielsen survey finds.

Consumers, on average, spent about 10 hours and 24 minutes interacting with media each day during the April-June 2018 period, according to Nielsen's Q2 2018 Total Audience Report, published Wednesday.

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Haven't watched real television since 99'

I stopped watching tv in 2000, but my spouse owns one that she watches netflix on. I am thinking of trafficking her organs and get that thing out of my house, but I don’t want to be sexist or have a spine. We are equals, though she is more equal than I.

yep nothing like the old boob tube *siiiiip*

I stopped watching tv when my provider decided to force everyone to get a fucking box just to watch cable tv. It told them I might as well get satellite at that point and shove their box up their ass. Cable died for me then and there.

Why would you pay 60$ a month for shitty tv for the chance to spend another 40$ on an ebin sports pack when you can watch the broadcast on your laptop or desktop for no extra charge from your isp?

Great question, especially since a good chunk of that bill goes to fucking commercials, why would anybody PAY to watch about 14 minutes per HOUR per CHANNEL of commercials?

Because they are stupid, ignorant, or both.

Watching tv as opposed to watching tv programming

I have a 65'' and I watch movies allthe time on it.

I watch most of my tv programs on my laptop

But who makes the movies, my man? What is the ethnic identity of every beautiful Hollywood starlet, every top-tier pop singer, every hot to trot videojournalist, etc?

That's right, "white" people. How I hate them all so much.

I think I haven't watched TV since I moved out form my parents like almost a decade ago.

Idiots love their idiot box. Sadly I'm moving away from the internet soon. Too boring.

u will be missed

You need a box and a dish

tv got smarter, now the internet will

So basically people spend over 10 hours online everyday on average. Holy fuck. Even a no life fuck like me does other shit.

Not really

Wubb lubba dub dub

Movies are also programming, sometimes subtle, often outright blatant.

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Jews very frequently. Otherwise, mostly attractive or charismatic whites.

No wonder article 13 and shit related exist.

!899 pops?

Into your GFs parents basement?

Now you waste your life posting on shitholes

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only thing I use the tv for is consoles. in fact I am streaming my pc signal to my tv right now so I can relax.

only idiots and old people still watch regular tv networks.

what a funny way of saying Shabbos goyim