Australia - State Government Wants Unvaccinated Kids Banned From Kindergartens

The State Government wants to crack down on unvaccinated children in a bid to end the State's low child immunization rates. New legislation could see a ban on children who have not been vaccinated from both childcare centers and kindergartens. Western Australia's Chief Health Officer will be granted authorities to shut down childcare centers and kindergartens and ban unvaccinated children in the case of a disease outbreak.

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Urged reminder to get your children out of the entire school system, it's toxic to their lives on all instances.

Not even antivax but one thing I always wonder: if the vaccine makes you immune, why would you mind being around unimmunized people? You're immune, right? What's going to happen?

Disease outbreak are a threat to the unvaccinated, not to Immunes and vaccinated people so how can they prevent the diseases from occurring if they only ban the unvaccinated children from kindy?

The idea that the state doesn't own you is problematic. The government is sovereign, they have the special moral right to inject you with whatever they please. It says so right there in your state-purchased state-approved textbook you were issued in your state-mandated schools.

Ignorant fool
Did you ever heard of "herd immunity"?
Do you know that some children cannot vaccinate due to pre existing condition or pathologies?

Don't open your beak without at least understanding the basics, fuck democracy was a mistake

No, you cannot immunize an individual against a disease, you can immunize someone only against a specific variant of that specific disease, mutation are possible and in those circumstances the vaccine may not work, also if i told you that i am gonna put you in a room with a disease capable of destroying your brain, but i vaccinated you first, would you still go in even if paid, or would you prefer to avoid the risk entirely?
Remember i said vaccinated, not made you immune to it, there is no such absolute guarantee

The virus is going to mutate and your immune system won't recognize it.

They have no intention of preventing anything. The vaccines (who are toxic at best, deadly at worst) don't make you immune, because they would need a specific target first to create immunity against. Thanks to ongoing genocide of race itself, through enforced mass migration, many different disease groups are combating each other on the backs of their carriers. Many of the African diseases are deadly to Europeans and vice versa, adding to this are entirely unknown anti-bodies who are combining with each other. Doctors all around the globe have trouble treating sicknesses because the patients aren't responding to local drugs.

What the jews did here (and what their science slaves told them would happen) is the creation of massive viral outbreaks, that could wipe out many. And instead of broadcasting warnings they are selling toxic vaccines that aren't helping anyone.
To acquire the authority to mandate vaccines legally. The parents will raise a ruckus, the politicians will play their games, a rift is created between pro and anti-vaccers, and a jew will hand down a law that will make the shots mandatory….to help the poor children from their fanatic parents, which as a bonus creates another rift between those as well.

I am talking about the controlling the diseases and banning them from kindy for being unvaccinated. That will not stop it from happening.

That make senses now but the parents will find other ways around. Homeschool is still legal in Australia so they might try to make the homeschooling illegal in the future.

It's a game that you cannot win, because they drive you away, while scorching the ground behind you. And the places you could flee to are shrinking as well. One way or another humanity and the jews will have to clash head on…there is no other way around it.

If the game is unwinnable then we need to destroy the game.

Keep your dirty germy kids at home

How fucking dumb do you have to be to buy into this scam?

The white mans only chance is to stop showing mercy.

Abbos' telepathic powers allowed them to recognize the threat and stay away from vaccines. Looks like they are better off than everyone else.

given how stupid abbos are I'd say you're a fucking retarded poster.
t. Aussie who wageslaves in a maccas

"immune" is a misnomer. Its more like "retardant". Like fire retardant materials don't actually mean it's completely immune from fire damage.

From those who have nothing (or gave up everything in this case), everything will be taken

I fully support having zero children vaccinated. In fact, they should receive zero healthcare at all! Maybe if we're lucky we can kick the child mortality rate back up to 20% or higher. Rid the world of as many disgusting, useless, piss-and-puke-covered babies as possible. Also reduce population growth in the long term.

maybe you missed anons point because you are too much of a faggot

your government isn't pushing to give abbo's vaccines are they?

abbos are mystical beings beyond your understanding

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Where the green ants dream
Civilized humans have lost touch with our collective unconscious

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The film is set in the Australian desert and is about a land feud between a mining company called Ayers (based on Nabalco) and the native Aborigines. The Aborigines claim that an area the mining company wishes to work on is the place where green ants dream, and that disturbing them will destroy humanity.

We have 60 yrs left

No they are just lazy and do not care for their children, only the family allowance bonus the children bring. I met a fine example this week, 7 year old child never been to school, covered in scabies with an amputated leg, because the kid got cut with some of the busted bottles around the house and dear old mum couldn't be stuffed taking the child to doctor when it got infected. Mean old racist neighbour reported her and big bad white devil government came and saved what was left of the child.
It makes me angry at the thought of all that tax payer money being wasted on abbo scum.

Back of your neck must be really red, sitting in the trees al day me fine Galah

Not red at all, we invented clothes and housing so we didn't have to sit in trees like retarded monkey that needs government assistance to survive.

Explain what the fuck a "State government" is?

There are different levels of government, wtf how do you not know this?

i don't subscribe to statism, i'm not a fag.
Localism or death

federal = national
state = state
council/municipal = local

How don't you understand this?

it keeps the fucking idiots away at least. the point of immunizing everyone is so your precious little disease bag doesn't become the mutation ground to make an incurable superbug

You tinfoil hatters are gonna revive the black plague.

Kids are better off when they're homeschooled anyway
Enjoy watching your kids being brainwashed to do the (((government's))) dirty work, whiny cunt

No they are just too lazy to take their kids to the doctors.

Seriously you never heard of the state government before? I refuse to believe that you don’t understand.

Being unvaccinated do not make the people idiots.

Giving vaccines to everyone do not mean that they will become 100% immune to every viruses and natural immune system within human bodies get altered so they react to the viruses differently.

Then what's the fucking point of getting vaccinated?

Yes it does you filthy bug catcher

Because all the sheeboons and abos are vaccinated, am i rite ?

It's not entirely about the ones who are vaccinated , but the ones who can't be, like if someone is allergic to the vaccine or has leukemia or something. Then they're going to be hit with a stronger bug than they would have if people were properly vaccinated.ike how some kids die from the chicken pox and shit

Keep buying your Alex Jones water filters


lets inject mercury for higher cancer chance to avoid diseases you might never get

Do you also avoid all types of seafood, by chance?

In a healthy environment it would follow the idea to vaccinated a large enough crowd to act as a shield between the healthy and the virus. In our nightmare of greed and zionism it acts as another drug to be sold and another poison to be spread.

Hardly tyranny. You can educate your kids at home. If you want to use state and corporate resources obey state and corporate rules or stay in your house.

Hail power!

"And those who did not bear the mark of the beast were forbidden from trade and stuff"

-Revelations something

Say, what's the difference between Aussie bigot scum and bigot scum from the rest of the world?

Aussie bigot scum criminal dna was civilized by all Chink dna

Mercury is not used in vaccine since forever by now, also it was not the same mercury used in thermometers at the time

The reusable vials NGOs use to treat congoniggers still have mercury. The tiny multi-pack single use ones you see in any reputable hospital don't.
I heard flu vaccines in some places still use reusable vials too. But the flu vaccine is completely useless anyway, so who cares.

New strains of diseases can be created from existing ones. Small mutations in binding sites may make the new strain resistant to immune system, drugs, and future vaccinations. For the first time in about 50 years we're starting to see shit like polio and measels again, shit that was essentially wiped out.

When you stop taking antibiotics halfway through, even though you feel better, it creates venues for the virus or whatnot to adapt to the drug. Every unvaccinated individual is just another potential victim for these diseases and provides a sort of breeding ground for new mutations to arise.

And every vaccinated individual is just another potential victim for getting poisoned by the pharma cartel, which is responsible for millions of deaths yearly.