CA - Taxes on Test Messaging Proposed to Help Poor People Get Phones

It may become more expensive to send text messages on mobile phones in California due to the proposed increase in fees so that in turn poor people may get phones easier. That is, should the proposal of California regulators get the nod of the state Public Utilities Commission which will vote on the matter next month.

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The nefarious agenda behind this is to destroy the middle, working class by taxing them into poverty. Watch out for more of these attacks in the coming months all over the globe.


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Absolutely Monarchy

neck yourself for misspelling text

California has voter fraud.
My bet is that the "winning" govenor (Newsom) will step down after the rife voter fraud has been revealed by the government.


Don't these fucking people already get Obama phones?

The absolute state of Commiefornia. Another way for the fat cats here to make even more money.

Please. Someone nuke us already.

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Now i can shit post on 8ch like that nigger, andy

i want a laptop instead

Hey lets try some more socialist taxes!

Yeah, socialism sure is great! Make everyone equal buy taxing anyone who gets ahead, then we are all equally poor! Protip: This is what leftists actually believe

Fuck the poor. Send them to Antarctica.

WOW, the authoritarian end of civilization came fucking quick!

whenever I think canada has reached a new low they surprise me and show me they can even sink lower
Canuckistan was a mistake
good thing the mohameddans are taking it over
better than commies taking over

Imagine being this retarded in 2018

Californians have always been retarded


Why isn't text messaging free to begin with? it's around 250 bytes of information, not even remotely the data volume of half a second of voice communication? Shit's been a scam since day one

Text messaging doesn't cost the telcoms anything because its a protocol that is piggybacks through their existing phone networks since the 70's
(((they))) figured out they could charge 10-15 bucks for something free

I want a touchpad, so i can phone and watch movies when i'm homeless

I like to think there were a few sane people there before the kikes took over.

Agreed, I thought they were going to charging people a fee for every emergency broadcast system test