Obamacare Unconstitutional - Texas Federal Judge Rules

U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor in Fort Worth, Texas declared Obamacare unconstitutional, in a ruling on Friday.

In 2017, Congress invalidated the tax penalty for not purchasing insurance, which then opened the door to challenge the constitutionality of Obamacare.


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If they can determine that the government compelling commerce is a tax it's clear that there are no laws that restrain government. I really do hope the Supreme Court over turns the law that fucked me over so bad.

The concept of sovereignty already implied that.

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This is good, since stupid yanks will die quicker and not breed…like you

Obongocare saved my life though.

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I never got how people thought Obamacare was some great progressive thing, or was "sticking it to da pharma corporations!"

99% of the ACA was "insurance companies have to cover pre-existing conditions" and "everyone has to buy healthcare, or else!" Insurance corporations love the latter part because it forces people to buy their shit, and because of the latter part they don't care about the former. Normally insurance companies don't cover pre-existing conditions because it's a losing proposition. You'll get a customer who will immediately cost you money before he's made a single payment, so you'll have to charge everyone else extra to cover the loss, potentially driving away customers either to competitors or out of the market entirely. But if the law says that all your competitors have to provide the same thing, people can't go to a competitor. And because the law prohibits not having health insurance, people can't just not buy insurance.

The ACA was all about forcing people to buy artificially inflated health insurance. It was written by and for insurance giants. The entire premise doesn't make any fucking sense – you're too poor to afford your own insurance and your job is too shit to provide it, so now you have to pay an extra fee. What exactly was "progressive" about it?

Insurance works better the more people use it. That's basic fact. It's trading a guarantee of a small loss (monthly premium) for a chance of a huge loss (medical bills that will bankrupt you for life). The more people paying into the pool, the smaller the overall costs for each individual. The problem is that this is America, where individual rights trump the good of the country, and where everyone always deserves whatever they get. If you come down with some horrible cancer, it's because you're stupid and lazy and probably a liberal.

What I can never understand is why there isn't some similar huge revolt over being forced to pay for car insurance. What's the difference?

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The tax for not having insurance aside (taxation for being the only one NOT benefiting from a service is taxation without representation), I never understood what was supposed to be unconstitutional (as in counterindicated by the Constitution) about Obamacare. To date I don't think anyone on Earth has actually articulated it.

…unless there's a law forcing people to buy the service, in which case the megacorporations selling it will jack up the price as much as they can. What are you gonna do – not buy it? Oh wait, you can't, because we got our buddies in DC to pass a law forcing you to buy from us! What progressives, huh?

Are you implying that's a bad thing, corporatist? We have rights here, authoritarian. We're not serfs like you are in yurop.

Show me the clause in the Constitution where the government has a right to force you to buy a good or service. What's next? A bill requiring all Americans to buy ten copies of Windows 10, or a crate of frito chips every month? Given how the "progressives" are going, I don't doubt they'll try, and claim it's some great humanitarian effort.

The Constitution would counterindicate such a power, not enable it on it's own. If we started looking at the Constitution in terms of what it enables, no new laws would actually get made (to wit, it does not, by name, enable the government to legislate against theft or murder, yet we have laws regarding those). If you examine the amendments, most of them distinctly limit the powers, not grant them.
As I said in the first sentence of my previous post, the tax aside, what is unconstitutional about it? When Trump revoked the tax portion it ceased to be a requisite that you MUST have health care and the plan became a much needed health care option for the poor and lower-middle classes

Commies BTFO.

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and one step closer to whites being extinct, thank god

…we'd be following the Constitution exactly as intended. Tenth Amendment, motherfucker. It's quite clear. Any powers not explicitly granted to the federal government are to be considered the purview of individuals and states.

Show me the specific clause explicitly granting the federal government the power to force me to buy a good or service, or go the fuck home.

Because those are laws created by the states.

As they should. The more strangulated the government, the better.

You just mentioned it.

But the fact that it was revoked via executive order and not a specific judicial declaration declaring it to be unconstitutional means that its constitutionality was still unchallenged. Any future president could simply reinstate it.

If it's declared unconstitutional, even a million Kang Niggers couldn't put the ACA back together again.

How much do the health insurance corporations pay you every time you repeat that canned line?

so the entire problem people have with it lies solely with the tax clauses, not some bizarre stance against the government providing for the health of its citizens? To hear some of its opponents you'd think they favored people with broken bones just lie on the street

Why would they pay me for advertising their free competition? Or did you forget what everyone who's against obamacare seems to forget: it's free. As in free beer. Versus pay-for private insurance.
Under the terms of the act you don't get taxed if you're using it. In fact, under the act you don't get taxed for it if you have any form of health insurance. Granted, this is bullshit; you shouldn't get taxed so unevenly at all.

That's not what the ACA does or has ever done.

Are you fucking 14? None of the ACA health plans are free.

… no it isn't.

Ah, that's nice. So I don't get taxed if I just act like a good little slave and give my money to the corporations.

This is what was sold to the public but when Obamacare hit there were some major problems. Premiums and deductibles skyrocketed. We're talking $300/mo premiums for $5000 deductibles. That's not an exaggeration, that's a plan I bought off the Obamacare market when I needed health insurance for a year as a young healthy non-smoking male with no conditions. You could spend $8600 on insurance premiums and medical expenses before insurance paid a penny. Having health insurance does not equal being able to afford healthcare. It was a huge win for health insurance companies and their stock price since Obamacare hit proves it. People were expected to buy a product many could not afford and still pay large sums out of pocket for medical bills before insurance did anything.

You only need car insurance if you are driving a car, and that's only to cover the other person's expenses when you fuck up and crash into them depending on the state. You can avoid car insurance by not driving a car. Obamacare expected people to pay thousands a year for existing no matter you financial situation.

Another thing is the subsidies if you were poor sucked ass. Your best bet being poor with Obamacare was living in a medicaid expansion state and being poor enough to qualify for medicaid.

Hospitals, mostly. They got sick of every mom and pop dumping their ass on "emergency care." You don't get uninsured charity gibs unless you're ACTUALLY poor, now. Or, 'till 2017, anyways.

Naturally the right is up in arms, because… no more welfare gibs. And they're all about being a leech off the welfare. You can even look up the stats.

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No, instead you got charged for the crime of not having enough money to pay for healthcare, or if you did have healthcare, your premiums went up 200%.

An unusual way to spell "white trash," but I guess it will do.
Which doesn't cost the hospital a dime, though.

It's a basic fat that you're a retard. Insurance AGGREGATES cost. There is no magical law that somehow makes the aggregate cost of healthcare cheaper the more people are in it. Learn some basic maths. The only thing that would possible make it cheaper is an economy of scale lowering administration costs. But as to what the optimum economy of scale is is unknown. It's up to the market to work out.

Wanna know how I know you're an upper middle class urbanite?

You people are the reason the guillotine was invented.

There you go again, defending your corporate masters.


It's called the Constitution.
You know the document that's supposed to be studied by the legislative?

Casinos work better the more people use them, too.


You misspelled "insurance giants." Just like you misspelled "spics and niggers" earlier. You seem to have difficulty spelling properly.

…while making you a slave to insurance corporations.

Pointing out that you serve corporate masters is not a derailment. It's the main point.

…who make a LOT less money out of this, possibly zero, than the hospitals you were dumping your uninsured, trailer-park ass on.
It serves… corporate masters… to point out which corporate masters benefit, and somehow "disrupts" corporate masters to try to derail and bury anything which points that out.
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By having hundreds of thousands of new involuntary customers?

I'm just imagining you lithping that at me as Jamal pounds your platonic life partner in the background and you realize you won't be getting that insurance corporation paycheck you need to pay for your half-nigger "son" if you don't seriously step up your shilling skills.

Yes, by obfuscating the real beneficiaries and shilling niggercare as something other than a blatantly pro-corporation bill, in the hopes of conning working class individuals into supporting it or something similar. Because that's what your corporate masters want you to do.

To the contrary, I'm keeping this thread right on track by pointing out the corporate shill.

The death of Obamacare is nothing just wait until you communists can't murder your children anymore once Trump kills your death camp known as planned parenthood.

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Yeah, and you only need health insurance if you're alive. Saying that you can survive without a car in America, the country with the WORST mass-transit system this side of fucking Somalia, is a joke. It only works if you don't want to have a job.

That said, it doesn't fucking matter because there are plenty of other things you have to pay no matter what, like taxes. Nit picking changes nothing.

oh well that chart suddenly makes sense

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Wow, real news!

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And in fact youre only required to cover other people with your insurance if you own your car. I own my car, why does the government need to mandate I cover damage that may be inflicted on others? Well gee Bill, if you get sick and dont have insurance it inflicts that cost on banks and hospitals so ultimately an uncovered person costs us all.

If Republicans pass a bill saying hospitals are mandated to let someone die if they dont have money or coverage we might be on to something.

It sure took these faggots long enough to figure that out.

The chart is heavily flawed because it doesn't factor the HUGE taxes Denmark has to pay for all of that, does it?

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Denmark is a Capitalist Nation that doesn't have to put 60% of their early budget into Military Expenditures, and they have cultural unity; they don't have to deal with a neighbor like Mexico.

We spend that money building golf courses and 3500 sq ft McMansions in Japan, Korea and Germany. We also use it to protect Israel for no tru strategic reason. VA costs cover treatment of soldiers who are technically vets but were in no real battles and suffered nothing. Our money is used to pay CEOs who build our vehicles while troops are on food stamps.

Mexico is not a military problem.

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