Disney Channel Actor Arrested For Planning Sex With 13-Year-Old


Working for Disney is one of the most coveted jobs in the industry, especially now that Disney has expanded to include so many successful…

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> But working at a family company means you must be an upstanding individual who can be trusted with children not get caught or the other pedofucks will disavow and threaten to kill you if you blab.

FTFY. You had one job, Goldwater.

How cowardly are these people that are more afraid of pedo-wood kikes than being incarcerated with niggers for 30 years? I mean, if they made a deal to expose hundreds of others, they could get of with probation. They're scared of being killed but not of being stuck in a cage with feral niggers? I just don't understand that thinking. "Oh no! Schlomo will hire goons to KILL me! Better keep quiet and serve my fifty year sentence."

Oh, such a horror. I'd be able to judge better if I could see the responses he got to his "enticing", but god knows we don't want anybody seeing THAT. To "protect the privacy of the 'victim'", of course.

Aww! I was hoping it was gonna be Dan!

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aren't we all planning for the same
how is this a crime

You got to be really brave to be a pedo today
Best to take martial arts training

who do you expect them to make a deal with?
you think the court that sentenced him wasn't owned by pedowood?, if he tries to speack the media will just cover it up
it's not just the world of entretainament that is full of pedos, the world of politics is as well
pizzagate had a metric fuck ton of incriminating evidence against a metric fuckton of peopleand law enforcemtn did nothing to jail any of them, likelly becos the higher up are part of the pedo circles

I knew a pedo who did just that. He's in prison now. He gave me a fake name when we met

Frivolous sex, especially among minors, is degenerate, even if you say this jokingly you should be ashamed of yourself.
Also that's disney. He's not the only one who's doing this attrocity there. Probably only a single casualty among tons of others. Maybe was even blackmailed by some insider who does same as him.
They all deserve death for it and you know it.

First off they don't mix races In prison. You get a room mate who is the same race as you to avoid violence. Second, these people are rich and their crime is pedophilia. It's a bad crime but still a crime that will land you at most in a medium security institution. You'll be able to have a tv, outside food, visits etc.

These people are afraid of losing their extras. The super nice house, cars etc. The fast lifestyle. That's what they are afraid of losing. Status and stuff. Prison isn't scary unless you are some gangless crack head in general population

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Shut up you fat old ugly bitch

Leave my dad alone.

perhaps you should have spent your youth going to the gym because now it is too late.
the fresh, unspoiled nymphs are what real men want.

This is not shocking. 666 disney thrives on exploiting children. Keep your children as far away from disney as possible.

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Traditionally, a 13-year-old girl would be married.

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There are times when I honestly hate my ancestors. Sure they had to do a lot more work, but they didn't have to put up with a lot of the shit that we do today.

Dan Shneider the tween legs divider.

the ONLY reason Disney fired him is because he got caught

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wow, flat earther also thinks thinks there was "all kinds of evidence" of pizzagate. Sorry, but someone writing a blog full of made up "facts" is not evidence.
The only pedo that really should be investigated is trump himself, who raped a 13 year old girl at a party with his pedo buddy Epstein, but even the msm don't report that, though the court records are there for all to see.

Me? I envy them.

We should have listened to them and stuck with the old ways instead of being suckered into the idea of "progress".

got evidence of that? was he close with epstein?

makes sense to me

sounds like bliss.
girl that will adore and admire you, always stick by you, give you children and be loving until you die.

>someone that works for (((disney))) is a pedophile





Where'd (((you))) pull that from?


yeah, he was close with epstein. one of trump's quotes about epstein he talks about how epstein really loves beautiful women, some on the "younger" side and calls him a "terrific" guy. Is it really that hard to believe that someone like trump would speak highly of pedos like roy moore and epstein? now you know why.


Article doesn't say whether it was a boy or a girl, odds are he's a faggot.

Sometimes I'm proud of you faggots. Soon we're going to redpill the entire world about this.

Did nothing wrong.

Or just buy a gun.

Are you literally retarded? The male form would have been 'Eustace'.

No, dum-dum, means we don't know whether the arrested actor was going to bang a girl or a boy.

jontron looks terrible

roy moore was a pedo perv. so was epstein. kavanaugh was a sexual deviant as well. the reason trump so staunchly supports pedos and rapists like this is because he's done the same things, and HATES the fact that he's been smeared for them. when he sees others accused of the same sexual assaut crimes he honestly thinks he and them shouldn't have ever been charged with this stuff, either because "everybody does it" (like how his son colluded with russians, "everybody does it! totally legal!") or because he thinks the laws are unfair (come on who wouldn't want to rape a 13 year old?) so he gets behind them 100% because by defending them, he's also defending himself.

a child is not a fuck doll

Humber was an intelligent, educated person, but in the final analysis, he was a man child


You need to have a pretty extensive set of "wrong circumstances" to happen for niggers in prison to be able to stash your dumb ass somewhere you're unlikely to ever be found while they drag your death out over the course of several months. While they also do it to at least one of the people you give a shit about the most where you can watch. And completely taint or destroy every aspect of the historical record of you in every way they have an urge to, can, and they think would "hurt" you to know about.
Depends on your own personal level of tinfoil hatcraft (((who))) all is involved or how much "reach" they have, but unquestionably they'd have quite a fucking lot of money, power, and influence to even be running a fucking pedo ring for "the elite".

You and the law can keep calling it "rape" all you want, but word on the street that catches my ear when I bother to go out and drink suggests to me that people aren't buying it anymore.

One time, just ONE FUCKING TIME, I'd like a hebephile to come up with some "evidence" other than this ONE SINGULAR EXAMPLE from history.

The number of times I've seen this image, and in exclusivity, leads me to only one logical conclusion: in the entire history of the world no little girls ever got married off at a young age, except this ONE GIRL.

Jealous feminist detected. You're just mad Roy Moore had the good sense to want fresh pussy instead of your past-the-sell-by-date roast hole.

You had the opportunity to prove that in front of the whole country. Instead your empowered wahmen blubbered like a bitch and everyone laughed at her. That must have made you awfully salty.

hahahahahahaha you actually think people believe this shit, kek

A teenager is not a child.

I really want to believe that guys are finally throwing off the feminist indoctrination (many years after they should have). With all the feminist assaults on sexy video game characters and sexbots, I can't imagine that no guys have ever thought that those feminist impulses to ban their competition from the sexual market would also extend to young girls. But I have a hard time believing that any burgerlards would talk about it in public just yet. They'd have to be drunk as hell on a level I'm not even sure is possible without alcohol poisoning. But they say that people are more honest when drunk. In vino, veritas.

Here's a much better example: Antoine Lavoisier, one of the most important chemists who ever lived, married a 13-year-old girl at the age of 28. They stayed together for the next 22 years until his death.

Jerry Lee Lewis Married His 13-Year-Old Cousin

Jerry Lee Lewis had already gone through two marriages by 1957; he'd married Jane Mitcham, his second wife, 23 days before his divorce from his first wife, Dorothy Barton, was final.

On December 12, 1957, Jerry married his third cousin, Myra Gale Brown. A lot of ink has been spilled about his close blood relationship with Myra, and the fact that she was only 13 and still believed in Santa Claus when the pair were married.

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Do you understand what is the age of consent for a significant number of years in history? In many places, the age of consent was at pubescent ages like 13 and 14. Some societies actively discouraged extramarital sexual activity. What this means is that pubescents were getting married and were producing children as well.

there isn't much difference at that age, and the penis would be almost entirely feminine.
that is why taking a wife early on makes so much sense

Based. She believed in santa claus line is pure propaganda. AOC is feminist hoax and put specifically to oppress men. Why allow teenagers to fuck but imprison men?

Charlie is the man. I wish I had beautiful wife like his.

It's not. Just the fascist feminist government and their white knights. They fulfill their desires in secret clubs but deny other males.

This is probably the most obviously contradictory part of the whole thing. The idea that a girl can give consent to someone her age but can't consent to the same fucking thing with someone older is retarded. The reason for it is that allowing teenage girls to fuck other teens like rabbits lowers their sexual market value to the level of 18+ career womyn thots so the thots don't have to compete. The thots want to make it seem like an unreasonable expectation for a girl to be a virgin at marriage. But it's only an unreasonable expectation if you make them wait too long to get married. Most guys want a virgin wife. Allowing teenage girls to only fuck guys their age kills two birds with one stone by both banning guys from accessing quality pussy and directly destroying the supply of quality pussy.

goyim, you need to let your white women ride the cock carasol until 35+ and breed just to deliver some autistic retard into the world.

only brown cultures can breed when pussy is fertile and useful.

So, what grown-up betrayed her trust: Jerry, who taught her the facts of life, or her parents, who lied to her?

no that's one of the clintons without the human disguise, the real question is which one is it.

hahah you! not following the investigation are you? also, not reading trump's tweets, like the one where he admitted his son colluded.