OK - Middle School Student Handcuffed For Missing Too Many Classes

Missing classes is never good, but one school may have erred on the side of overkill in punishing one of its students the offense. In what could be a hugely controversial move that is sure to be talked about, a middle school student in Oklahoma was taken away in handcuffs and the school district justified the move by saying he missed too many classes.


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Seems legit. They just want to teach and help you, goys.

(((How DARE you commit truancy for this long and think you can get away with it?! You BETTER stay in school so that we can brainwash you with our flawless wisdom!!)))
t. every teacher in a public school


Happened to me in high school. I ended up the fucking valedictorian, but if you walk out of state prison school the mafia armed prison guards truancy officers will kidnap lawfully arrest you.

Doesn't help that society fucking hates adolescent males with no money.

So how are they supposed to learn if they're in juvie? Are these people fucking stupid?
I wish parents would just homeschool their kids. Public school is such a joke. Private schools are a scam.
Either way, they don't learn shit but to obey the person standing in front of them like they're dogs.

They aren't and that's not the goal of state education
No, public school is not a joke. There are probably dozens of zogbots in your town right now that are fully willing to resort to violence to extract the monies demanded for running public schools.

That's not even the point of what I'm saying.
There's better ways to encourage a student to go to school and educate themselves, arresting them is not the answer. They can't pass middle school if they're in handcuff, it's going to create more useless people in society.
And public school is a joke if this is what they resort to to keeping children in the classroom.

Public schools exist for corporations to skirt taxes at this point.

It's illegal to escape the brainwashing, bad goyim.

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That's fucking horrible and someone needs to be punished for such humiliation.
I refuse to jokingly treat such treatment of students.

Oklahoma is ranked #1 in the world for most incarcerated individuals per capita. Most are incarcerated for non-violent crimes. Oklahoma thrives on putting people in cages.

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I don't know if I'd consider the state of Oklahoma as "thriving'.

Almost none of us lowly goyim are thriving, nor is nature, or most jews for that matter. Even fewer can even grasp what has been taken from us

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Why do lefties always say this and never give an example?

It depends on the child. etting problem children see a guidance counselor so they can encourage them to go to class would be a good starting point.
Give them reasons to work hard in class, be a good example for them and they will follow suit.
It might work with younger students rather than teenagers in high school, but even simple things like rewards could improve their attendance rather than jumping the gun and arresting them.

I bet her last name was Johnson or Jones lol

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If his mom is too lazy to take him to school why would you think he would go to counseling?

Ok this is some evidence to something that we had known as common sense for ages, schools are indoctrination camps. It got everything more evident with the advance of technology.

But ffs, why is that he talks as if he had a bag of dicks in his mouth. I can't stand listening to him. I was literally, grinding my teeth. No is able to listen to his guy for more than 10 min.

He likely has neuropathy and breathing issues which give him such a labored type of speech pattern. However this is the literal "old school" type of teaching. Now everything been subverted by Marxism.

Patience is a virtue. This is why. Because I was able to listen to him twice to take in what he is saying. And one of the things he mentions is how difficult they make all this shit to come by. They hide it behind fine print and red tape no one will go through.

hehe Rucka rucka ali funni

i cut 90 days of school in 8th grade to play halo 2 and morrowind. eventually a cop came inside my apartment looking for me. i hid in the closet and he didnt find me. then i went to school the next day and i was suspended, and my mom was fined $500
inb4 muh blogpost
suck my dick 8ch

Missed classes….black teen

cuffs will be his bracelets of the future

If you weren't this successfully disruptive from a young age, you might be a good goy.

the point-→ ~~~~o
–→ you —|—
/ \
point is faggot, that school isn't for learning, school in modern day america is for indoctrination, for brainwashing. if you refuse the supreme leaders gift then you are obviously broken and an enemy of the people of our glorious nation. putting you in cuffs is the right thing to do to secure the hegemony of their power.
all you learn in school is (jews = good) and to do whatever the fuck they say or get your shit pushed in

Someone in another thread said he had a stroke. Don't know if it's true or not. Personally it doesn't bother me that he speaks slowly.

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Shit, didn't know that was Gatto. Ironically I learned about him in school.

Wow that's almost like what I say with students in schools learning only to obey like they're dogs.
It's almost like….we're agreeing

How far down the rebbit hole do you want to go? Fun fact: originally americans resisted the state-mandated schooling^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hbrainwashing, which had to be enforced at gunpoint.

I'm listening.

Naw mate.. You're wrong, public school is a joke.. Teaches kids to simply obey. Kills their creativity and prepares them for their coming years of slavery and exploitation(work)

then later when i got there to pick-up my things, they ran after me wanting me to sign papers. i never signed them and it was written on them that i "voluntarily left" school. they literally made stuff up in order to make me fail, then hastily wanted me to sign stuff.

Does mommy's allowance suffice for you?

It's illegal to not go to school, but a technicality is that it's not illegal to not go to class. As long as you're on school grounds, it's all fine (after all, you can legit be other places other than a class, like in the library or detention or on a field during PE.

A solution I found out in high school was just to not go to a particular class if I didn't care for it. There were plenty of places to hide where the security guards wouldn't find me. Took me a week to figure out their patrol patterns and timing. It was like playing a game of Thief, could just wander around the football field, the parking lots, around and between the various buildings. Did huge cycles around the entire school to pass the time. The school wasn't very smart about things: they only remarked an absence in the very first class of the day, so no teacher after first period really bothered taking attendance. They probably figured that if any student didn't show up some day, that there had to be some good reason for it. They had better things to do than police individual students or give a shit when one wasn't there or whatever. As long as you were there for the day of the tests, the rest hardly mattered.

Never got in trouble for this. Never saw any cops, never talked to any administrator, never got served any paperwork — nothing! Probably skipped half my pre-calculus classes the second semester because the teacher was a douchbag and I hated him. Still passed the class after figuring out how to program a non-programmable calculator to cheat which likely pissed him off more. Skipped almost as many Spanish IV classes because the teacher was a retard and I was literally the only student there who wasn't ESL. Passed it, too, and strictly by merit; hablo espanol bien, peenchy cabron. This is pretty good proof that kids have to sit in class for probably twice as many hours as they need to in order to learn the material. Too much time waiting for the retard kids to catch up. I just read the textbooks and slept through the classes I was actually in; the teachers got it wrong half the time anyway. Idiots all.

School was, and now is even more so, a joke.

Home schooled?

Don't do it lad!!!

Homeschooling isn't any better; it's the same content in a different setting. Kids will learn everything that's necessary to survive from their parents and/or guardians (which isn't much), and anything else they can learn if and when they care to.

Think about all the shit you learned in 12 years of school. How much of that could you actually remember well enough to teach someone else? Maybe a month's worth of classes, if that? So if that other 11 years and 8 months is so irrelevant that it doesn't affect your ability to live a reasonably productive and fulfilling life, why would you force someone else to waste a decade of their life on it?

I would complain but I sat through the whole video and the information quality started going down and down past the 7 minutes mark. I still remember that the first reason schools were invented was to make people obey authority, and that the 6th reason was to degrade poor people so girls wouldn't mate with them– I believe the others were important too but the quality is rather low.

I definitely would appreciate having this information read over aloud instead of having to search a arcane book for it, but I seems like stuff I'm mostly aware of or outdated. Shame.

Maybe school shooters were doing the right thing after all.

People don't understand that what you learn from school that is valuable has very little to do with the actual material. You don't learn history so you can remember dates and other trivia; you learn it so you don't repeat the mistakes of the past. You don't learn government so you can spout off memorized Supreme Court cases; you learn it so you can know how the government works and be an informed voter. Being stuck in classes for hours at a time teaches patience and discipline. Taking science classes teaches critical thinking and the scientific method, which can be applied to all sorts of things in the world around you. Knowing how to learn a new subject is very similar to knowing how to learn a new skill, which will happen to you every time you start a new job or new position at that job. It's the difference between the people who can adapt when the company changes all its computer systems, and those that throw up their hands and fail to remain productive.

But the most valuable skill school teaches is information sorting and verification. Yes, some of what the teachers tell you will be wrong and bullshit, and it's YOUR JOB to be able to tell that this is the case. I remember when teachers used to reward students who spotted factual mistakes in their curriculum (like spelling or mathematical errors). I had an anatomy/physiology teacher who often gave erroneous facts in the lectures that contradicted the truths in the textbooks; other students complained and failed test questions, while I spotted them and changed my test answers accordingly; it's pretty likely that he was doing this on purpose. Many teachers are fully aware that they represent a type of false authority, and part of their instruction to turn trusting students into cynical adults who can smell a rat.

All through your life, you're going to be bombarded with information — now more than ever. You must be capable of sorting that information and deciding, FOR YOURSELF, which is fact and which is bullshit or lies. The reason why we have Trump right now is because ~30% of the country failed to learn that one most valuable lesson in school.

They will get obligatory classes?. I thing we have that here.

You mean they didn't take him to class in cuffs? Sounds like they're not actually helping the problem by taking him AWAY.

If what you're advertising were the same thing that gets delivered, there would be no corruption in the developed world.

Ellwood Patterson Cubberley, right? Guy claims to have a book written in 1917. The six purposes of schooling. Google doesn't turn up anything, but he has one official work called "public education in the united states" from 1919. Are we sure this is legit? All sources pointing to a six purposes of schooling cite this dudes video. The Inglis Lecture is real, though: