New malware pulls its instructions from code hidden in memes posted to Twitter

Security researchers said they’ve found a new kind of malware that takes its instructions from code hidden in memes posted to Twitter.

The malware itself is relatively underwhelming: like most primitive remote access trojans (RATs), the malware quietly infects a vulnerable computer, takes screenshots and pulls other data from the affected system and sends it back to the malware’s command and control server.

What’s interesting is how the malware uses Twitter as an unwilling conduit in communicating with its malicious mothership.

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How do I protect myself from malware

by becoming the malware

stay off twitter
it's cancer even without malware

And now they "protect the public" and every dipshit claps while another avenue of being a bad goy is removed

>unironically cheerleading for pozzed, centralized (((social media)))

You got any other alternatives?

not using social media, you fucking sheep drone cunt

By not using a shitty proprietary system coded by pajeets who were only hired due to nepotism and certified by no one because they fired all the testers years ago (I'm not making this up).

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Expects us to trust his judgement and believe his "source"

no thanks

Does it apply to memes on reddit also?

ok have fun on your cucked (((social media))) account

It's like Zig Forums only better. Each "instance" is like the equivalent of an Zig Forums board, only all the "boards" don't reside on a single server because it's just a protocol. You are simply connecting to each site/instance which adheres to the protocol so you can consolidate content from multiple sites on a single feed, etc.
The code is all open source. I think it has promised. Definitely less pozzed than what most people current use.
There's even a site called "switter" that sex workers use for all you incels out there who need to lose your v-card.

Cobol? We learned about that in history class.

Only by understanding the harm that is done to you, you may truly shield yourself from it the cheap and unrewarding alternative is installing a good antivirus and let the pajeets into your machine

The algorithm could be applied to any media uploaded online.
It could be in this very thread.

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Kentbrockman is the IT guy

This has been a thing forever, just not with malware.

Both ego affirming and yet also "blackpilling" that this viewpoint is the ever shrinking minority one.

aka "one no longer just being used by those you'd go blind looking directly at".

You have to be infected first, the RAT basically reads everything through your browser while you're on twitter for meme pictures with the command codes in it, then operates those codes. if it's not given instructions then it just sits there and does nothing.

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You can't get the malware from Twitter,
It has to be on your computer first, and then the meme on Twitter with the hidden instruction can do bad stuff to your machine.

Sounds like Ivans experimenting