Germany – Amazon Strike Could Ruin Xmas

Various German warehouses of Internet giant Amazon have seen work interruptions turn into full-blown strikes as from Sunday night, leaving the e-commerce giant without deliveries in a large part of its European HQ market. The strikes started after a call from trade union Verdi. It is feared that the action will mean a lot of European Christmas gifts will not arrive on time.

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They're finally waking up…
Never mind, just kikes accelerating the downfall of the economy.

life imitating south park?

Haven't watch my pirated episode yet

Nah, Amazon strikes have been going on for years all over the globe. Only difference this time is Amazon is in on it.

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They're not allowed to quit. Because of BASEketball, Parker and Stone have to keep making a cartoon about swearing 8 year olds until the heat-death of the universe.

I'm actually surprised something like this doesn't happen more often. Scheduling a strike during holiday seasons or generally when there is a lot of work sounds like the best time to do it, putting the most pressure on the company.

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unions maybe "mafias" or whatever but when America had them working class people actually made a decent paycheck. that is a fucking fact.

Christmas will be ruined because one of the worlds most profitable companies pays it's workers minimum wage and keeps them underemployed so they don't have to give benefits. Modern day fascists.

conservatives: "we need to go back to the days where construction workers routinely fell to their death because the red tape was cut from costly inefficient procedures like "safety"

More like Amazon kike.

Amazon is getting fucked pretty hard by the last of its non-automated worker drones.

I wonder how this will impact the pace of replacing angry demanding millennials with hyper-obedient workdroids.

Shit jobs paying a living wage was a brief golden age that happened because every strongly industrialized country besides USA was burned to a crisp in the war.

Unions don't control supply and demand. The supply of industry was cut short by other countries getting bombed all over their big cities, and the demand for industry was spiked upward due to reconstruction happening all throughout those other countries.

The world's wealth was funneling into USA thanks to mass destruction. Thus was born the mentality of the baby boomer.

Yeah, shortly before all the manufacturing went to the third world because US industry was uncompetitive.

power corrupts.
balance of power.
after the "opening" of third world shit holes balance of power went to shit and now capitalism is in "evil empire" mode.

The brief phenomenon I speak of was that BAD jobs paid a "living" wage, aka your own place your own vehicle your own insurance your own home appliances your own pet your own savings - those things boomers keep asking the younger generations why they don't have.

This is what people call "American exceptionalism." Americans could make a full-blown-familyman wage for doing work that was more repetition than skill. The kinds of jobs that would have dozens of them done by one man with five tools who gets paid $11/hr today.

What's changed since then?

1: UK+France+Germany+Japan+Russia+China+etc aren't bombed all to hell and back anymore, like they were shortly after WWII. This temporary ruined state left them with little industry of their own, and a constant need to buy lots goods they couldn't produce. This inflated demand for US factory work; supply and demand works both ways. More than enough, price goes down. Less than enough, price goes up.

2: The march of technology caused fewer hands to perform a broader variety of operations, in many cases the first set of hands to touch the product directly are the customer's hands. This deflates demand for labor, the same way manmade-scarcity of factories inflated demand. Automation is inevitable for the same reason gunpowder replacing archery in warfare was inevitable - the better performer replaces the loser. If you make a high-cost low-yield slow-delivery method of producing something then you're not building a factory you're building a museum.

3: Globalism created a global bidding war, which means when you're selling your work you have to sell it for as low as somebody who embraces the third world lifestyle. If you destroy automation technology then you cannot possibly bid a sale as low as the other side of the world, because they have that tech now and they'll produce more parts per hour than you could per month without mass automation.

4: Regulatory red tape created a hostile environment for small and medium businesses, thus creating lopsided power for giant corporations. Giant corporations are just an extension of the government. They write the rules, they employ the armies of lawyers who can navigate the rules flawlessly, they use the rules as both shield and sword. When every politician ever says "this problem is killing you but I'll SOLVE this problem!" what they are actually doing is shoveling more coal into the furnace that powers giant corporations. Look at any giant corporation's advertisements and you'll see virtue signalling about how they're the peerless saints of our times.


(paste cut off)
5: cascading market faceplants in the past several years destroyed massive numbers of small businesses, causing broad swaths of self-employed people to transition to "conventional" employment. There's the supply and demand again - new supply of labor is introduced to the market while the local demand for human hands goes downward thanks to a mixture of automation and easy imports. In the 2000s if the regulations taxes or lawsuits didn't make your paycheck bounce, then a random divorce did.

selfish unions ruin christmas.

too lazy to shop? businesses not taking advantage? wtf germany

something to what you say for sure. but America was not alone in it's "living wage" experience, and in fact countries like France and Sweden used hold the mantle for best working conditions for decades. (Along generally with all of western Europe).

It is the very unrelated nature of trade, the fact that you can go anywhere to get your shit, and sell that shit anywhere else that has cucked the western working class.

ALL WHILE Business profits go UP UP UP. Surely we should disband all the unions (and worker protections) so all that labor can moved to 3rd world shit holes goyim.

Nawwww poor consumercucks won't get their cheap imported slave-made shit this chrissy :CCC
60% of products bought aren't used past 6 months

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