RTE Ireland Investigates Church Of Scientology

Ireland is taking a critical look at the Church of Scientology since the opening of the giant Scientology center opened in Firhouse in South Dublin. The Dublin location also acts as the European Headquarters of COS. As in many Scientology centers, cameras are not allowed inside, but despite the pall of mystery and controversy that surrounds the building and the organization it represents, Ireland's RTÉ Prime Time will be airing an investigation Tuesday night.


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So what's the redpill behind those guys? Is this another mason lounge or just a money laundering scheme?

It's just a fucking cult made of total fucking retards.

Nah, I don't buy it. There is never a "just" when huge amounts of money are involved.

We need to hack into their servers and leak many more documents about their cult. Way more than what Anonmyous did back in 2007. Scientology is a fucked up cult created by fucking idiots with extensive criminal backgrounds.

Doing another IRS-styled whistleblower op might do the trick.

That sounds very much like a jew-dick move. I would rather know what their outfit is all about.

Once again, the Pisswater shows itself to be staffed by barely literate retards. The fact that so many articles are posted here is more embarrassing than Zig Forums.

its about taking money from people, like every other large organization, you genius you

Tom cruise is smart, so it must be a way to find meaning

To put it simply, Scientology is another jewish money grabbing cult with science fiction novels.

I recommend watching the HBO documentary Going Clear or the South Park episode; "Trapped in the Closet".

They just keep posting new news articles
crap or not
Bump the good ones before they slide them off with constant shit posting of new ones

"Why is scientology fucked up?" is kind of a huge question. Here's a bullet point run down of the basics.
That's a basic introduction to the nasty shit they do, I'm not even going to touch the crazy shit they teach - I'd be here until well into the new year.

I knew about a lot of these, but what interests me is why are there no jews in leadership positions, because all those accusations fit to jewish zionism? Also having celebrities drop out and blaming them through Hollywood, and governments all over the globe rejecting them sounds very much like a conflict of interest to me.

Oh cool, those goobers headquartered down the road from me are in the news again.

Tips for identifying CoS:
-If someone looks like a traveling salesman but talks like a cult recruiter, he's a Scientologist.
-If a group of uninvited guests starts asserting "their rights" and threatening legal action if told to stop stinking a venue up, they're Scientologists.
-If a friend or relative has started funneling their entire income into an 'investment' that doesn't give one cent back, they are about to disappear forever into Scientology and you're probably better off without them.

Tips for surviving a CoS infestation:
-Tell everyone around you not to sign anything at all, "petitions" often turn out to be financial contracts giving Scientology everything you have then sending collectors after you for more. This makes Scientology stronger and causes them to develop a taste for your gullible town.
-After a Scientology fundraising scam has been identified, take swift action to cut off their flow of funds so they will shut down all their local branch buildings and go someplace else.
-To keep the Scientology from regaining a foothold, just let their infected cult recruits disappear like they want. Trying to save the doomed is how the disease regains its momentum.

They're kind of like your crazy single Libertarian uncle, in the form of a religion.

Hubbard is not a failed Sci fI writer: battlefield earth and his 10 vol. Mission earth series is some of the best Sci fI ever written. Having said that: scientology is shit tier tho.

Duly noted. He was a CULT sci-fi writer.

I could move a lotta book copies if I had zombie legions at my disposal too.

I'd normally say that you're welcome to your opinion, but considering the range of much better and more interesting sci-fi out there … your opinion is bad and you should feel bad.


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just look at Star Trek

Xenu is my homeboy. Battlefield earth is medicore at best. There is so much better scifi out there with science and thinking. Battlefield Earth is basically a really long young adult fiuction book written by and for morons. Waste of paper.


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