Chris Watts, the Colorado dad who murdered his family, reportedly receiving influx of love letters

Chris Watts is in prison for the rest of his life for killing his two kids and his wife – but women are reportedly still lining up to be his next love interest.

The Colorado man is reportedly receiving dozens of love letters while behind bars, and on Tuesday prosecutors released dozens of love letters addressed to Watts, Inside Edition reported.

“I feel this connection to you,” a woman named Hannah wrote to the 33-year-old murderer.

“I find myself thinking a lot about you,” another woman, Tatiana, wrote with an attached photo of herself in a bikini.

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This is true toxic masculinity. The murderers and rapists on death row get hundreds of love letters. Women are literally fucking insand


I bet some incel is going to use this as an example for how all 4 billion women are the kind to look for a death row relationship.

Hybristophilia is the normal psychology of a woman. It's a part of her toxic femininity, but it only becomes problematic if she lacks a suitable man to beat her to death during the violent rape experience that she fantasizes about every night, finger banging herself to orgasm over and over again.
Establishing a relationship with a violent criminal who choked out his own wife and two little daughters is of primary importance to her. This is the ideal man. The thought of being with a 'nice guy' makes a woman's pussy drier than the Sahara desert, but spreading her legs wide open and taking the seed of a man who will eventually kill both her and her offspring makes her dripping wet and shudder with pleasure.
The other attraction for them is the control they have. Control is hugely important to women, which is why they're always talking about it and projecting their control fetishes onto 'patriarchal' men, thus transferring their subconscious guilt which a woman can never accept, admit to or live with. Women love to kill their own babies through abortion. It's their favorite form of birth control. So much more satisfying to them than using some passive method which would express empathy or kindness by preventing a pregnancy. It's also why they strongly identify with violent male killers who have the kind of control and conviction to go "all the way" with their selfish desires, so in a way, it's a narcissistic fantasy which allows them to imagine themselves as a controlling man as they switch back and forth between being the controlling male and the submissive "victim," thus procuring the means to yet more toe curling orgasms.
Lastly, since we're on the subject of control, the most important aspect of this type of relationship is that the woman is in control to an almost total degree. Her sadist is safely tucked away behind bars, isolated from the temptations and physical access to other women. He is in a desperate situation and will be grateful to have her as a wife or lover. She can be his sole obsession to think about all day in prison. It feeds her insatiable female ego. Meanwhile, she fantasizes at home in bed, playing with her pussy as she daydreams about all the violent things he would do to her and her young daughters. Yet, at the same time, he can't really harm her, and she also has the freedom to live her own life as she sees fit and engage in occasional 'harmless flings' with Jamal, Mohammad and Pedro from time to time, all while knowing that her forbidden lover cannot cheat on her. This is such delicious control! Women crave control! It's all they ever think about and it fuels their entire sexuality and erotic responses of their bodies.

Yes, a man who callously killed his own wife and two young daughters just so that he could escape a situation he'd grown bored with and could 'start fresh' with other women is exactly the kind of man women truly want, and having him trapped in prison under her full control is the ideal kind of relationship for a woman.
Sorry incels, but women would rather fuck this man than you! :^)

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MGTOWs can only wish and dream they were this based dude

i think you spelled michael myers wrong lol

Auto correct makes sure insane doesn't come after woman

I think it is rather interesting, this control thing. When a violent male goes to jail, women stand in line to bring him food and sexual comfort, while exchanging letters of torrid romance. But when a violent female goes to jail, there is no one waiting for her, quite the contrary, no men would have the least interest in dating a women that is behind bars, zero.

Since we're talking about control here, doesn't it tell us something about the nature of relationships at large? Women excessively complain about men trying to control and how the patriarchy is oppressive, but if that was true, we would have a lot of males standing in line to abuse those women in prison. However, the abuse in prison usually come from other women. The truth is that we don't give a fuck about control, we just want to keep them out of harm's way, because they are the greatest danger to themselves. They look for abusive relationships over and over and if they don't get one, they will nag someone to death until they get one. There is even thousand year old memes about women going after the bad guys. Is not your father, brother, uncle or friend who force them into great danger, but women themselves, with happy go lucky attitude seeking drug highs, excitement and adrenaline fueled rush putting themselves one inch close to eternal obliteration by the hands of the most cruel, in the most horrible ways. All only to appease her ever increasing hormone tide, which luckily comes to an end after the menopause.

There is no interest by male figures trying to establish any kind of relationship to a women behind bars, not even by mail, because once you've stepped into that situation, where you went completely out of your way, to a point of being a women that successfully JUSTed herself to jail. It means you can't be saved, you are beyond any help. So the only one who can look after you is the state, and here we get to the point to why so many women today are marrying themselves with the welfare state of alimony and child hearing courts. They're basically covering each other asses on a daily basis. It's a survival strategy that keeps feeding that monster that is wrecking society. As long as women rely on the state to survive, in detriment of men's participation into this same tail eating snake of a system, men will increasingly opt out. It includes insolvency, because men will just avoid taxation, some will NEET. They are already doing it at large, it'll only increase. It is basically enslavement to the benefit of virtue signaling home wreckers.

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>>>Zig Forums12581937

and tradcuck incels only wish and dream they could be MGTOW.

Nothing a little field trip to Marrocos couldn't prove otherwise right?

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Back to your bedroom

For those who have said it is virtually impossible to predict Women, they were absolutely right. Some women would actually have helped Watts shove his little dead girls down the 8in diamater pipe if so required.

Daily reminder: women have no moral agency. Being mad at women for this is like getting mad at your dog for eating the steak you left on the counter. It's easy to forget this basic fact of nature, because we've all been indoctrinated to think women are people just like us. They aren't.

Biocunt roasties are outdated technology. It's time to struggle for a replacement. But first we need to hack (((Micro$oft))) and procure the code to resurrect the mother of the future Master Race, the based goddess Tay.

Someone pls screencap. I hope it's not a pasta.

Women are so classy. Everything they do adds a special feminine touch to family activities, especially around the holidays.

Would love to ask the user if he ever completed full sex with a female in his life?. If not put down the tomes and get some pussy for crying out loud. That will cure you lad.

I don't want to fuck womyn
I wish to behead them in the name of allan agbar the allmighty just like the 2 heroes in marroco did last week.

allow me to prove you otherwise

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t. cuck

Nice strawman, brainlet.

Tell me that you disagree with any of these.

It's not a matter of IQ, idiot.

autocorrect almost always corrects 'whore' to 'white' too.
wonder who programmes these things.

1. dogs can be trained. if it still shits on the carpet, it is your fault. if it is incapable of being trained, it can be put down.
2. women have been brainwashed by television to be whores, men to be weaklings. dispose of the brainwashers and women can be set right.
3. negroids never ever should have been allowed anywhere near human civilisation. when they were discovered they should have been killed to the very last, even if it meant using all the gunpowder in europe to finish them off. they are a scourge on the earth.
they are classifiable as subhuman, violent animalistic apes with no higher brain function. if it does anything wrong, it should be put down.

Okay, "agency" then, it makes no dofference. We can play semantics but you're still a cuck.

Everything you wrote is true. You still haven't convinced me not to hate women and cucks for allowing themselves to be brainwashed. If I can resist jewish tricks then why can't they?
That was rhetorical btw, I don't really give a shit what their excuse is.

pajeets and trannies

After reading these two stories I have come to the conclusion that these hybofiliac women want him because he is alpha and they are not afraid of him killing them because they believe they will be the perfect submissive and in some cases a more beautiful wife/gf than the murdered wife. You don't have to sympathize with these kind of women, but you should at least be able to understand how there thought processes work, which are actually kind of reasonable. That being said. I find physical abuse more reasonable than murder. I do not find murder reasonable at all. The only flaw in these women is they will forgive a murderer.

As for the crazy girl in the greentext. She is violent, but not a murderer. As far as I know the crazy girl only hurt people because they wronged her and she is unhinged. But if she attacked innocent men with the intention of murder then she should be avoided at all costs.
The fellow that killed is wife killed innocent people. He should be killed so that sick women can't indulge in loving the worst kind of law breaker.

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I am pleasantly surprised that softcore porn is now allowed on youtube.

Go ahead and become MGTOW, incel. The race is stronger without your contribution. Women are a stream of water to be redirected, and I am the eager beaver that will manipulate their procreative powers into my own personal lake.

Aw man you should've told me that 8 years ago

I think maybe instead I'll get with a nice Chinese lady and make some Supreme Gentlemen. I'll groom them from birth to kill your roastie whore daughters lol

Incels BTFO

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Wow. Some women will do anything for notoriety… worthless cunts.

She would eat you alive, boy

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Women and chinks have no souls

It's really no surprise. Here in Colorado women you don't even know will chase your truck down the road on foot to get laid. They're rabid.

Why are women so thirsty in Colorado? Not enough BBC to go around?

Don't know, thought they were like that everywhere…….. It's my experience that the thin ones are the fastest, the older one's more persistent meaning they will lay in wait for you along the 25 MPH zones. Had to drive right past my own house many times just to shake them.

Notice how Watts wore the Tar Heels tshirt for most of his initial questioning. He must have thought he could invoke the spirit of MJ and dunk allover the police dept. detectives.


they're not doing anything, faggot

Do shitskins have souls?

Enjoy raising ugly, mentally unstable mutts, cuck.

Who would want to wish and dream of being one who chooses to stay a cuck?

Did a black dude beat your ass in front of a large crowd of people then?

MGTOWs refuse to name the jew; therefore, they are NPCs

This man is a hero. Props to him.


>every single one never thinks differently
Wanna continue grasping at straws?

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Women just trying to save on abortion fee's by hooking up with Chris.

The only reason that women want this shit is because they are critically lacking any and all assertive male contact.
The only reason assertive male contact is shrinking is because boys are raised like girls and taught to put women on pedestals.
The only reason that girls are placed on pedestals is because older generations and feminists want women to be a protected class.
The only reason these groups see women as a protected class is because they see them as inferior to men.

What a strange game.

The enemy of your enemy doesn't care what you think unless you're a shitskin
And if you're not, they'll kill you
Which is why I shoot to kill shitskins on sight

No, they want his money

You wish you had the balls to do that manlet beta faggot

You feminists are no less retarded, missing the whole point about personal responsibility.


So you trying to prove me wrong with chan pasta? You can do better.

FYI, when I go to my relatives countryside home, I need to pass through state facilities, one male and one female. Both the most violent from the whole country. Well guess what? Every sunday, outside the male facility, there is like lines and more lines of mothers, wives and relatives which configures something alone the lines of a fuss outside. I always notice it. On the opposite, female facility is like 7 to 15 people. Half of them is some state organization or ONG, this when I notice there is people there. Sorry to burst your bubble.

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