Saturn's iconic rings are disappearing, study says

It is one of the most admired planets in our solar system: Saturn. But a new study suggests that the ringed beauty will lose its most stunning feature.

According to the study published in the journal Icarus, Saturn, the sixth planet from the sun and the only one in our solar system with such an intricate and large ring system, is losing its beloved rings.

The particles of ice that make up the rings are being pulled into the planet at a rate that could fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool every half hour, something that scientists refer to as "ring rain."

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Anyone with even a primer-tier education about astrophysics already knew this. Come on. This is like telling us that continental drift is a thing or that the Sun will eventually run out of hydrogen and go dead.

Global warming is melting all the ice in the solar system.

Let me guess : If only humans (meaning Americans) consume fewer resources but buy more shitty electric cars, the rings might not disappear?


Only an idiot would challenge the religion of climate change, what are you a denier, do you think science isn't real?


Fuck Saturn. I hate it.

Scientists are actually warning that the rings could completely disapper in the next 100 million years….

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anyone who still thinks global warming isnt real is fucking retarded at this point.

It's not that we don't believe it's real; we just don't give a fuck.

You do realize climate change shills were spending a disproportionate amount of time trying to disqualify solar activity because nobody in their right mind would accept a tax on the basis of the sun's activity, right?

You're probably just being a retarded faggot troll, but seriously, reee.

Climate change induced by solar activity is very real, anyone who thinks that legislation and taxation should be drafted as a result need to be dragged behind a pickup truck like the retarded shit they clearly are.

Everyone knows the universe began when god farted and we're all just riding his fecal particles.

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Don't let this distract you from the fact that Pluto is the best planet.

Im surprised politicians havent come up with a Saturns Ring tax yet. Where we pay for them to fly in private jets to luxury resorts making passionate speeches about how its all our fault that they are disappering and that we should pay more tax.

I agree, their cars were unreliable

at this rate the rings will be gone in 300,000 years.


we need more climate taxes to avoid this

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who cares?

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I think thats a slight overreaction. You dont have to get so upset about Saturns rings.

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typical kike

"Oh my god if you don't believe in global warming with all of this evidence"

directly into →

"We have to do something about this pollution, white people you need to give up stuff and your money to stop this global warming"

Falacious kikes always pivot weather to being MMGCC.

THE SUN'S GOING TO DIE???????!!!!!

ahmm ahem, pluto
is actually
a planet!!


guess (((who))) is to blame for that

is it (((The Christian Deity))) ?

mfw sun is the greatest tax evasor evader

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Better make the earf accord so white countries taxes can be collected by Jewish run businesses to help conserve and repair the rings.

When the rings are gone can it still be used as a weapon by the blood sucking lizard juu aliens?

In 30-50 more years, supposing you're still alive, you WILL give a fuck. You won't have a choice.

2018 everybody, woo.


it's a hoax, dude

explain this evolutionists

seriously though, if the same thing were happening to the moon it would be gone in under 5000 years

correction, under 5 million years;
I forget to convert kilometers to meters
that's still not very long compared to even 1 billion years

Like 1 in 100,000 scientists think it's man made. So I'll side with letting the Earth do it's thing while trying to survive rather than trying to beat Earth.
Although this is clear bait.

Is this Drumpf's fault somehow? I feel like it should be.

No shit it is. You must be a white male!!!

But I'm Donald Trump

Eyes open. Mars.

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Mars too. Be sure to share.

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Moon. Be sure to share with everyone you know.

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Moon. Be sure to share.

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Moon. Closer look.

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Moon. Oddity. Scratch out?

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Moon. Closer look. Share!

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Send all to others. Crash ufo on Mars.

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And that's a good thing.


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No they haven't.

Fucking rethuglicans letting saturns rings get destroyed by global warming! Enough is enough! These rings are iconic!

If I'm still alive in 30-50 years, I did something wrong.

Well, if you plan to kill yourself, why wait? Do it right now.

This board is a pile of shit, I don't even know why I visited it out of curiosity.
This is neat. I wonder what it'll create under all of that pressure.

Nothing really. All the elements in the rings (mostly ices and rocks) are already in Saturn's atmosphere.

and yet every time i hear about some homeless man frozen to death on some park bench. i guess he was terminally chill.