Trump says he won’t sign deal to avert shutdown, demands funds for border security

President Trump said Thursday he would not sign a stopgap spending bill unless it includes money to build a wall along the Mexico border, sending large parts of the federal government lurching toward a shutdown on Saturday.

His comments came after an emergency meeting with House Republican leaders, where Trump revealed he would reject a measure passed in the Senate the night before. That measure would fund many government agencies through Feb. 8, but it would not include any new money for the border wall.

“I’ve made my position very clear. Any measure that funds the government must include border security,” Trump said in an event at the White House. He added, “Walls work, whether we like it or not. They work better than anything.”

more here:’t-sign-deal-to-avert-shutdown-demands-funds-for-border-security/ar-BBRdCbp

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He would unironically be my hero for life if he actually builds that damn wall. Not even because I particularly dislike Mexicans. I just want it done to spite Democrats.

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It worked !

We can just stick Mexico with a Tequila Terrif to make them pay for the wall over the course of the next 50 years.

At least we actually get something with the money we spend building the wall. That is an important feature.

That's not how tariffs work in this case. Our government adds the tariff on to the price of goods bought from other countries. It raises the price of those goods for people that buy them in the U.S., and sufficient tariffs can slow down the purchasing of a said item. China has made many U.S. goods and food too high priced for most Chinese people to afford - with the tariffs they tack on.
The U.S. has low tariffs for exports, and low tariffs for imports. China has low export tariffs, and high import tariffs (to protect their economy against high quality low priced goods and foods)

Tequila has a flexible demand. If people can't afford a 20% mark up, they can just buy an alternative.

Democrats aren't the ones who will be adversely affected by it. All the rural landowners along the border who will have their land seized to build the wall (can't build it where the fucking river is) are conservative ranchers and farmers: the base that Trump swore to protect.

He's already not getting re-elected, but if the wall got built it would only make things even worse because he'd be fucking over the wrong party. Of course, he's been doing this for a while now, but this would be a huge middle-finger to his base. The GOP is going to end up getting destroyed at this rate.

Why not just play ball and fund the wall construction. Then when and if the statistics show that the wall didn't work, use that as a new talking point. It's only 5'ish billion taxpayer dollars. And we all know how politicians love throwing taxpayer dollars around like they are in a strip club.

pay up libshits

Its probably only a miniscule number of land owners that own land on the border. Versus the many millions of people who benefit from the reduced crime and drugs the wall would bring.

The Democrats are incapable of pragmatism.

Finally the guy is doing something right for once, stopping the corrupt politicians is a step in the right direction.

you are legitimately retarded

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But it will work. They know that. That's why they're fighting so hard to prevent it.

Can we not shut down the damn government? My father has to deal with these political assholes all the time because he works in the FAA. He's a good man and doesn't deserve this shit. All these crybabies in the fucking offices gambling with other people's livelihood while taking none of the risk.

There's a special spot in hell for ALL of them.

Barrier needs curved top like the fence above Proud Boys stomping Antifa.

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it begins. this is our uprising. they defeated themselves due to their greed and ignorance. they would of never thought the stories they taught us about, about what they are would become true rather then a tool to use us.

So it begins!

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This President is too tough for us.

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If we have to shut it down.
Shut it down and Put Your foot down.
Strong men will back You up.
as in Back You up President.

you can do both don't worry. build the "wall" and have $200 a billion a year in illegal immigration

The wall won't do anything unless it's fully staffed with armed guards (which would be equally effective WITHOUT a wall). Guaranteed. Any wall can be scaled, any wall can be tunneled under; and most drugs and illegals walk right through border checkpoints.

holy shit how many times did those fucking hamburgers have a govt shutdown already
this shit has been going on since 2010 IIRC
what do they plan to solve this problem instead of jsut having a new shutdown every few months.
fucking retards
stop living beyond your means you lardasses

I'm am armed guard at a bank. Walls definitely help. Believe it or not, some people are not afraid of getting shot. Drugs are a thing. Suicidal people are a thing. Insane people are a thing. Without walls I would definitely have a few voluntary manslaughter charges by now.
There will still be dumb and/or crazy beaners daring the border guards to shoot them. Our jewdicial system will defend the beaners and prosecute the guards. All armed guards are taught this reality when we go through certification training. Most guards will not risk prison time and a felony record just to keep a few beaners out.
TLDR walls aren't a cure-all but they definitely help.

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Let's take Israel's wall and bring it here! Save money too. The US already paid for that wall.

Dunes. Mars. Share.

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More dunes. Mars. Share

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Hundreds upon hundereds. Dunes. Mars. Share.

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In what manner does a wall "not work"? I've asked several people to help me out with an example of a wall project that HASN'T worked, and it's always fallen flat. Israel's wall worked. Turkey's wall worked. Exactly which wall did not succeed in stemming the tide of unwanted trespassers?

And which one are you?

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on the left.

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did those walls span 1.3 million miles of mountain? or were they 400 miles of fucking flat desert?

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Nevermind, you're hilarious and these are top notch memes newfriend, thanks for sharing and please stop.

seems pretty accurate to me. i laughed because i work with someone who resembles that image. and is a furry

Yes, you're so smart and funny. In fact you should screen cap this epic pwnage xD and show it to your preferred social media site that isn't here.

im not saying im smart and funny, im making an observation. no need to be assblasted about reality

And so astute too! Way too astute to be wasting it on a silly Laotion children's menu site. We really wouldn't get the genius of your observational comedy. Perhaps /r/RickandMorty would have the IQ needed. Which is on reddit. And not here.

Is it based on how long you've worn those rose-tinted glasses of yours?

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The note book

The Wall: WWSTD? What would Sutekh do?

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All charged with crimes that essentially amounted to $500 fine and 7 days in jail.

Something got under this guys skin.

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Leftists can't even make an image macro right. Probably call them "memes", too.

Alcapoco is a No Go Zone. Cancun reported 280 deaths because of crime. Ronil Singh Ironically a Legal migrant killed by an Illegal Border crosser criminal who California knew about but Pelosi n Harris along with Jerry Brown Sanctuary laws protected.
Yea. I would close the border AND build a Wall.

says increasingly nervous man 10th time this year

Just build the fucking thing that makes it harder for people to break the law. I can't believe this is controversial.

Who the hell uses MSN these days anyway?

It's like the Yahoo of News Sites.

Yes, you trolled me so hard. You really are the best troll ever. Perhaps you can go to 4chan and bring them back to their former glory by reminding them of what they lost. By posting there. Not here.

probably because the cost of it heavily outweighs whats viable. like i would love to a fence around my home with a guard every 2 feet with rocket launchers. but that's far outside what i can afford since money doesn't grow on trees like dumbass conservatives think it does

Good! At least he has the balls to stick to his promises, unlike 99% of the other asshole lying politicians out there!

yea like that trump guy who said mexico will pay for his wall! wait a minute

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its been working well for trump

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not this wall

and I guess you missing that fact the boarder security will be able to be checking vast areas when not dealing with hordes over an open border because of a wall

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you know mexico is paying tariffs right now right?
into the US coffers

you know illegals cost us an estimated 5 BILLION dollars ever 20 days

So much savings pays for it self super fast

you know that's not mexico paying tariffs right? that businesses that do that and conversely the american citizens as business raises prices to offset it.


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I'm not sure why libcucks keep spouting this.
The democrats are the ones who couldn't even get through their own primaries without a massive corruption scandal, and are currently caught between trying to appeal to their base of both neoliberals, and radical socialists, neither of whom seem to have any common ground whatsoever.

Fuck Democrats but you know the scandal was created by Russians who were colluding with Trump right? It was the truth and its not bad that its out, but the info was used strategically and other info regarding Republicans was not released - that should concern you.

Those aren't "walls"; those are impenetrable, encompassing, bulletproof plexiglass barriers that go from floor to ceiling so cannot be scaled. If you surrounded the entire USA with a dome of impenetrable plexiglass, that would be similar enough to justify your analogy. But that's obviously not what will happen!

You mean that thing that Trump and literally everyone connected to him is caught in right now? Because all I hear is yet another desperate cry of

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Trumptards can't fathom such complexity

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quoted the wrong post
should have been for

Whaaaaaaaaaaa I only want the truth when it fits my world view!

The irony is palpable.

Even within this thread there are plenty of starting points if you didnt prefer to live in a state of perpetual fear of facts. Congrats on the worst economy since the great recession by the way and stagnated wages, we really are seeing things take off.

I see no proof in this thread.

Lowest unemployment rate since the 1950s, fastest growth in fifteen years, and wages that are finally starting to grow for the first time in decades is "bad"?

you mean fastest decline in 30 years

I'll be needing some proof of that, Zig Forums.

too bad /jew/. you can start by actually reading for once in your kosher life instead of getting the repeating audio clips from trump

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Unemployment rate: 3.7%, lowest in 49 years.

Looks like you're talking out your ass again.

yea that sounds like trump

How does 4.1% GDP growth, the highest consumer confidence since the dot com boom, and the first real wage growth in over a decade sound to you?

You still haven't shown me what part of the American economy is in the "fastest decline in 30 years." You still haven't shown me evidence of muh rooshunz.

All you've shown me is a steaming pile of bullshit.

Obama, Schumer, Pelosi all wanted a wall when they were courting the white working class.
Now that they lost the white working class, they don't want a wall.

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4.1% GDP growth
Lowest unemployment in half a century
Real wage growth for the first time in decades
Highest consumer confidence since the dot com boom
Still zero evidence of muh rooshunz
Still zero evidence of muh economic collapse

[citation needed]
"look the sun rose! thank god trump can make the sun rise!"
[citation needed] unless you mean socialist hellholes like california putting in min wage laws and then i don't why you're celebrating inflation
dow dropping at its fastest rate in 30 years doesn't scream confident

2016 GDP: $18.62 Trillion
2017 GDP: $19.39 Trillion

Here you go, from one of those corporate media sites you love so much:

[citation needed]

Saying "LOL" is not evidence.



now fuckoff back to the kremlin you traitor

Trump represents economic populism, which is exactly the opposite of the shitty globalist policies that have been fucking over America for decades now. There you go.


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