Morocco – Three More Arrested For Horror Murder Of Scandinavian Tourists

Four suspects have now been arrested in the murder case of two young Scandinavian women, an act which Moroccan police described as ‘bestial’ as they confirmed the rumors one of the girls was beheaded. 

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You sick doggies have a mother? How about a sister, girlfriend, wife or daughter? No woman deserves to be raped by hideous men and then brutally murdered because of their skin color. We are the meek but only for so long. The parents and extended family and friends should have WARNED these young women that anti-white sentiment on the scale of antisemitism prior to holocaust is underway. Remember, it was the media providing front page headlines: JUDAISM DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY via a boycott. White people are being set up. Stay home until the hysteria is gone. Being a martyr today lands you in a thread such as this one, where pencil-dicks who get laid once every 2 years blame the dead for the sins of the living.

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yeah eradicating all women is going to work out GREAT for the human race.

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If the Scandis had any balls and self respect they would demand extradition and execute those sandniggers in an even more gruesome manner.

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Yeah I was just wondering if that was the incident in question or another separate incident, I just wanted to get more contextual info but alright

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They were told Morocco/Moroccans/Islam/Muslims are really nothing to worry about by their government media - repeatedly.

It's why fake media is actually dangerous

her hand was cut too

That (((message))) won't change one bit after this.

They didn't travel for the people they traveled to hike in the famous Moroccan geographical area. They didn't hire a tour guide because they were professional at hiking. Who is at fault? Of course the killers are but also the women's parents for allowing their daughters to travel to a third world country where it is unsafe. You Westerners need to have more control over your children even when they reach 18 years old. You don't hear about daughters of non-Westerners traveling to other third world countries. These women should have stuck to hiking in other European countries.

Well, to be fair, anything a professional does is at his own risk

why only one?

they are not 12 anymore user …

phone battery died, brah

They were in their 20s. Parents always look after their children until they get married. And even most still look after their children, especially daughters, after they are married.

you know if the same thing happened with muslim women in the west (even if they were serial child killers) there would be major upheaval in the islamic world calls for vengeance etc, they are always looking for an excuse to be violent. We on the other hand will look for excuses not to do anything and blame the girls.

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It takes longer for Whites to snap, but when they do they make muslim chimp outs look like child's play.
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That is a really stupid idea.
It is because they were so protected that they turned into idiots.

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What did Trump say?

Is that true? Most newspaper outlets say that the murders were an act of terrorism because of what the murderers say during the video. Not entirely sexually motivated. Also, these three people in the picture do not look friendly at all. I don't know how someone can say they look friendly.

So protected? Does a woman have to get sexually assaulted once in her life to know that the world has evil in it? When parents let their children do whatever they want, things like that happen.

The only evil these women recognize is straight white men.
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I met a young American woman abroad in Japan who had originally wanted to go to Egypt but her father wouldn't allow her.

Good, more parents should learn from him. Egypt isn't safe for a young western woman to travel alone.

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