Morocco - Scandinavian Girls Butchers Arrest Foiled ‘Terrorist Plot’

As more details drip in about the horrific killing of Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark, and Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway in Morocco last week, social media commenters pointed out that one of the two asked for ‘respect for Islam’ in 2015 on social media when she shared a post with a video shaming Islamophobia.

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The news will report her killers as "white men" or pretend it never happened at all

Burn the coal, pay the toll

Daily reminder that pitting whites and muslims against each other only serves you know who. They'll keep reposting the same story again and again to make sure you don't realize they've been behind the whole immigration problem all along. By the way there is now a Mossad base in Paris operating with the government's blessing. Most western nations signed a UN migration pact recently that will prevent any wage growth in the EU for the foreseeable future. And the West has been slaughtering countless women and children for decades without anyone blinking. Not that it justifies the killing in any way, but simply putting things into perspective.

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Um, sweetie, the muslims are our enemy. They made that clear.

Fine, enjoy your Goldberg news.

Do you even Qur'an?

The problem is Muslims view Europeans as the enemy and are a very real, physical presence in Europe. We fight both at the same time because both are attacking us. And who do you think allowed all these Muslims in to begin with?

Those holes were asking for it.

Mooslims and jews both view anyone not them as cattle.

I view it as the old divide and conquer strategy. It was not like that before 911, but young people won't remember it. I'll just leave this material to your appreciation. Had to keep Lockheed & others in business after the cold war I guess. Anyway, news is business too, and the Goldwater needs to make money. Guess who's willing to pay and be a good (((## Board Volunteer)))?

No shit Sherlock

Confound it Watson, it was their stupid insistence on believing that all men are essentially as good and decent as Englishmen that was their undoing. This sort of crime would never happen in Londonistan.

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are they really making her into a martyr now?

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This. Syrians are caucasoids anyways. Jews are just using them as a scapegoat. It's no wonder they become radicalized considering how we bomb them to hell and back.

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The government will provide them with one