China – Hijacked Bus Driven Into Crowd – 5 Dead, 21 Wounded (Video)

A knife-carrying man hijacked a public transport bus which he then drove into a crowd, killing 5 and wounding 21 others, according to a statement in several Chinese news outlets. When the bus came to a halt after crashing into several cars, he got out of the vehicle and started stabbing innocent bystanders. 


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He was Uhygur

Ban assault busses, we must stop these (((isolated incidents))) that are becoming part and parcel of living *anywhere*

I didn't know China took in mudslimes.

maybe china should decolonize and let the Uhygur have their land back?

top kek this will never happen, their province is one of the biggest and one of the richest in rare earth

Come on racists! He just doesn't understand the culture. He must be given time to acclimate. You can't just assume things.


Nothing of value was lost

China becming culturally enriched or the bugmen going crazy

These are ethnically chinese muslims, they are native to that part of China. China's big, check a map

look theres alot of dead and mamed people n all but can we just chillax with the islamophobia for 5 minutes?

The Chinese have historically killed each other by the millions. They will take this as acceptable losses in suppressing the Uighurs.

I'm surprised these aren't more common

China got allahu ackbared!

China didn't let in Muslims. They conquered Muslim lands and raised the Chinese flag. That's the difference between Russia and China, and the cucked west. They culturally enrich mudslimes instead of the other way around.

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Happens every now and then in China, mostly machete based rather than something like this though. China generally suppresses the news though. But, as the last ~1400 years have shown you don't get muslims without religious violence.

You are clearly Chinese poster

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8 billion people in a country packed in like buy-one-get-one sardines, and this faggot can only kill 5?