DE - Stray Bullet Hits Girl, 4, At Home While Trying to Open Her Christmas Gift

It’s been said many times, many ways that Christmas is for children, especially as it is an occasion for them to enjoy gifts, toys, new clothes and good food, among others. One 4-year-old girl from Delaware was just eagerly waiting for the go-ahead to open her Christmas gift when she was unfortunately hit by a stray bullet leaving her wounded and spending Christmas in the hospital.

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I've heard of guns running around killing people, but when a "stray bullet" goes on the lamb, murdering children indiscriminately, we, as a society, must put a stop to it.
Sensible Ammunition Control Now!
We must not allow bullets to stray arpund in our communities, killing children..

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Wasn't there another case some time ago about some anti-gun niglet also getting killed in her home by a stray bullet? How fucking often does that even happen in brugerland? Do you just randomly shoot somewhere every few minutes?

Depends on where you live, I live in a pretty deep rural area and I can go outside and hear gunfire at almost any given time because almost everyone around has a gun range in their backyard. I hear gunshots deep in really nigger areas of big cities sometimes too, but they are just randomly shooting at each other I would assume.

This is what liberals support

Lead deserves to fly free. Lock your stupid kids in the basement if you give a shit.

What will you do if one of them goes between your eyes?

What will you do ¡IF! you accidentally drink drain solvent or ¡IF! you slip in your bathtub? Both of which aren't uncommon causes of death.

Now that more details are coming out, it is clear that this was a purposeful hit on the little girl. The stray bullet that actually did the killing was only working on orders from the aforementioned gun, and an accomplice
t. Hogg

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The problem is not with guns, ammunition, magazines, bump stocks, how scary-looking an object is that one does not understand, etc..
The problem is with people, including children, through decisions orchestrated in space/time by ALL of us, choosing to be in the path of a trajectory travelling at a high rate of speed.
Sad, but inevitable, really..

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Least I'm not stupid enough to do both unlike you, Pedro

Because no one would jail Santa.

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is that a Kar98?

Real stray bullets don't hit women

Found the pedo!

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This is accurate
some ones having a damn good time
someone got shot
unless you're at a gun range of course, those are all a damn good time

Why was a stray bullet trying to open someone's Christmas gift?


Wilmington is a chocolate city.

Wilmington is a literal concrete jungle.

100% of stray bullets in these situations hit young children and in the head. That's pretty coincidental.

(((stray bullets)))


Red now

situations where bullets hit children? i agree.


Nepturd would get shivved in prison.

While this may seem like a problem it's more of a shitty house issue than anything else. Many American houses are flimsy as fuck. A car could roll into the living room and slaughter everyone.

That or mandatory marksmanship classes.

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Stray bullets need love too.

#homeforeverybullet #adoptastraytoday

Modern high-powered bullets can travel for MILES if they miss whatever the person was shooting at (which is extremely common), and modern weak-as-shit houses are constructed using wood and drywall, meaning that a bullet can pass through several walls before being stopped.

So people getting hit by stray bullets is actually very common.

Why don't we just encase all children in bulletproof vests while we're at it, then? Methinks this is approaching the problem from the completely wrong direction.

Searching for answers, while being thankful my town doesn't suffer needlessly from the same "strength of diversity"

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But, your pic is a glock maga-daga-ding-dong. OP's pic is not Glock, ya cunt

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This is just the price we have to pay to live in a multi-cultural society.

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