2020 - Ilhan Omar Pushing For Gun Control, Automatic Voter Registration And Uniting Progressives

Just a few more days until the new members of Congress will be sworn into the US House of Representatives, like liberal-leaning newcomer Miss Ilhan Omar who represents a very diverse part of Minneapolis. She is keen on uniting the progressive side of the Democratic-controlled house to push through an agenda which consists of limiting soaring student debt, gun control legislation and a larger campaign to expand Medicare coverage.

more here: thegoldwater.com/news/43824-2020-Ilhan-Omar-Pushing-For-Gun-Control-Automatic-Voter-Registration-And-Uniting-Progressives

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Get this somoli wetback out of my government

Why do politicians never figure out that the second amendment exists so we can aim our guns at them when they try to revoke our other rights?
Might be a good thing depending on how it's handled
They could sure the help with how they eat themselves alive over the slightext difference in opinion

she is easily d and c-ed. press her to support a bill banning genital mutilation in the us. she goes for it (she is human) an she loses the jerkfaces in her base. she denies it and the rest of the country turns on her alienating her goals from the population and preventing her from gaining higher office.

or she pulls a hillary, says she's against it and wins because she looks moderate and then in office completely opposes her previous stance.

You damn well know that they'll make it so that anyone who sets foot on American soil that says they want to stay will be signed up to vote.

The nuleft is going to win the left in the US then destroy the country

I can garauntee that, and as for the others, gun shits gonna happen on all ends, no politician is special there, and no fed or kike wants to stop student debt, debt is one of the big reasons to push for shitskins and spics, since they are not smart enough to actually not take debt.

They are not though, they are so radical they scare the "moderate" left into either not voting or to vote right. People are not beings of radical hasty change when possible.

They're not tho. This last midterm was proof of it. The left won seats even when they are acting like this. Those "centrist" are just leftist that say they hate what the left is becoming but vote straight left anyways. Even when they finally don't vote, it's in districts that the right has no hope of winning. So it's far leftists that end up in office, it's how that communist spic and mudslime won. For them to have a chance at saving the party, they'd have to vote right long enough for the Dems to realize the far left is a losing strategy and remove them from the party.

The past 4 years has seen everyone moving further left and right


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*Somali men

come and take it

sounds like she'd be pulling a Trump tbf

They didn't win the Senate, something they should have won. I know they seem loud but a lot of people on the Left do not like the way the Left is going.

isnt that the one who is married to her brother?

yawn. Another 'more gibs, less freedoms' commie cunt.

She lives in a part of town called "Little Somalia" because it is filled with fucking Somalis. Of course we all know "diversity" is just a code-word for "No white people".

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She "married" her brother so she could get him into the U.S. It's despicable and dishonest, like most leaders of the DNC.

then move your ass into the goverment…jeez

the fact that you thought that picture was worthy enough to save and post tells me you're a complete moron bereft of any creativity/taste. No wonder you're proud of your 'ancestors.' You've got nothing else to be proud of. You disgust me and don't deserve to reproduce.

Of course…wouldn’t want potential jihadists like the Toronto Danforth shooter to have to worry about being shot back at.

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What's the matter? Is it missing the iFunny watermark you wanted to see?

Cut out the black edges