Russia - Olympic Hopeful (16) Horribly Murdered By Jealous Boyfriend

Young swimmer Safia Askarova told her boyfriend she was breaking up with him to focus on her career. The 16-year-old Russian beauty was stabbed by her ex Nikita Malygin 30 times as a result. He reportedly could not bear Askarova ended their relationship to pursue her Olympic dream. #news #russia

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He did the right thing
No one should be a slave to the (((Olympics)))

This is feminist as fuck.

Killing anyone is never a right thing

Yes it is, if it's a woman breaking up to pursue a career

drunk russian manlet kills gorgeous high-achieving girl

The bitch looks 25. She must have taken miles of cocks and drugs to age like that. He should've taken her on a vacation to a mudslime or nigger shithole country, give her the rape fuck of her life like all women crave, rent her out a human toilet, village fleshlight and then off the slut or pay a local 2 bucks to do it.

I'm predicting a bronze at best after this set back.

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Let me guess, you’re involuntarily celibate. Cause and Effect.

With that find of view of women he can't be INCEL; he is the kind of garbage men women get wet and spread their legs for while rejecting the men that treat them well.

t. simp


Man is to be ba'al (master) of the woman.

In white CUNTtries (including russia) the woman is PROUDLY the ruler of the man, and the white men are proud about this and fight for this.

Also under YHWH men can marry little girls (5th book, 22nd chapter, 28th verse, greek Septuagint or hebrew MT)

He should have just married a cute little 8yr old afghan girl.

Why the fuck do you think he killed her in the first place, retard?


The cause is all your western armies of police physically preventing men from taking child brides, and your western professional armies bombing any culture that allows such.

You are heretics against YHWH, hopefully your long night will come, and hopefully it will be lightened by your burning visage.

Because the state wouldn't do it for him.

Maybe, but what if…Paralympics? Imagine the possibilities.

and now that same state is sending him to hell.

He should have just married a cute little 8yr old afghan girl.

And that's a bad thing how? A real man doesn't need the (((state))) to do shit for him

You said that already, dingus



Look I'm putting the >> rather than being lazy, fucking piece of shit.

The state is sending him to prison to protect women.

Yes. It is one way to ensure they get virgins and avoid paying full price for used women. This also prevents microchimerism so their kids will be one hundred percent them.


damn that's a real shame.

he's going to be very unfairly punished and have his life ruined over nothing ( a woman).

exactly this.

wow, you sure know a lot (read: absolutely nothing) about russia.

Daily reminder that the Olympics were created as an all-male athletic competition.
Fuck with the Patriarchy, get #rekt
Back to the kitchen, ladies


Good, bitches need to understand that riding the bad boy cock can have consequences if they decide to "straighten" themselves by leaving their partners behind.

He didn’t kill her because of her fucking career as we men all know.

He killed her because she betrayed his love and trust by breaking up with him in so callous a manner and because he didn’t want her to be taking any dick that wasn’t his own.

Yet lets face it she was probably already doing so and the “I’m leaving you to persue my career” was just a bullshit ruse that she thought would sound better as to not make his bullshit detector go into overdrive and do her physical harm.

Well if that was the case she thought wrong.

Seriously as per female hypergamy she’d never leave him even with an olympic career ahead of her if she considered him her “A guy”.


*fifty percent

YHWH is the enemy of mankind, and will be eliminated.

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maybe in murica, but females emancipated in 19/20th century in europe and especially in western russia in 20th century due to communism

Also imagine having that much tiny dick to kill women just becuse she dumps you. Fuck you virgins.

It's not just that, she dumped him to pursue a career in the (((Olympics)))

Stupid roastie wants men to think killing women is bad. It is not. It's the opposite actually–killing and treating women terribly gets you more women.

screenshots of the letters. Archive seemed to omit them or something.

This is correct. Being a white knight/"nice guy" to women is just retarded. Women are repulsed by it that's why white knights/"nice guys" get to watch the women they saved and care about run off to fuck the bad guys. In time there will be virtually no "nice guys" remaining and women collectively wanted and chose it to be like that.

Faggot doesn't know it's already happening–men are noping the fuck out of aiding women(being nice guys and white knights). They've dug their grave fellas. Get your popcorn and enjoy the downfall of women as we replace them with sex dolls to sex bots and then sex bots/androids with artificial wombs.
Read the comments to the vid on jewtube when you get some time.

mankind is a supplicant of women and an enemy of all men.

YHWH supports men.

BRB, will try right now

Yes lets shower our Morocco Muslim backpacker beheaders with love and forgiveness.
Some people just need to be killed user, thats the world you have been into, it just didn't apply in this case.


That dude is alright


Whew, lad. You should consider suicide.

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