Trump Blasts ‘Obstructionist Democrats’ Over Wall As Shutdown Continues

US President Donald Trump went on a Twitter tirade this morning against the ‘Obstructionist Democrats’ as it becomes apparent that the partial shutdown of the US Government over the funding of the border wall will drag well into the New Year.

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DEM have the house.

not till next year brainlet, still rep majority right now

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people on vacation anyway. saving all this money.

senate and house are still getting paid. its the 800,000 federal workers supporting them who aren't

Fuck off nigger.

They're not sworn in yey

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Really nothing new here. Just a nigger being violent towards whites. You could take the nazi arm patch off and the result would be the same in any other instance. As a matter of fact, a nigger is robbing a white suburban home as I type this. Niggers are so violent, that even home invasions are an every-second occurance.

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Wait, I thought Mexico was going to pay for the wall. Why dont Republicans just pull the money and build the wall from private sources the way capitalism is meant to be?

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And they have the best insurance and retirement plan.

take your medication, shareblue. your delusions are out of control.

if you don't even know how your own democracy works then don't complain about it

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i think the armband is edited in.

can't wait for cockusucker trump to get assassinated.

Dude, you're getting a wall!

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But it's not a DEMocracy.

thinks "fake" Republicans count

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rep majority is not a Trump majority. So yes dems have majority. Too many republicans are left wing pussies.

the house is dem majority
try not to live under a rock for one day
spoiler alert: the us is not a democracy

He's saying that's like an entire day away so it doesn't count.

Or something… I can't really tell.

yea im saying donald trump is an impotent leader with a majority in house and senate and is going to be a more worthless leader in the new year

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he's still your president, fag


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pic related

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Pic related

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