Mystic Baba Vanga Has Some Wild, “Worrisome” Predictions for Trump, Putin

Since it will be a brand new year a few days from now, predictions are in vogue again with many people both excited and anxious about what 2019 has in store, not just for their individual lives but for the political and global scene as well.

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Every 2 years Russian faggots change this prediction to fit the current timeframe. I remember in the early 2000’s this shit was completely different


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there was that guy that predicted the collapse of the soviet union who predicted america will pretty much collapse the same way by 2025, then revised it to 2020 after trump was elected

No fucking shit Sherlock

i bet you cry when your mom takes 20 minutes longer than normal to bring you tendies

a broken clock is right twice a day and dooms day prophets will get it right one time doesn’t mean they knew fuck all

Happy Hanukkah, Lil' 👦

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I used to believe in Nostradamus, until I actually started reading his quatrains….

That's when, instead of parroting what i had heard about his 'amazing psychic abilities', I finally realized that it was all bullshit, and nothing more than a bunch of vague generalizations with no real meaning…

Just like with religion (Christianity in particular) the name of the game here is falsely applying assumed meaning to empty vague words….

its all BULLSHIT

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wasn't vanga's last prediction something dumb like humanity travelling in their spaceship to the edge of the universe and the world is ended because out of all intelligent being in space only us were dumb enough to pop the entire world like a bubble

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She was a charlatan as most public mystics are. If you were a true mystic (Druid-tier shit) they would not be in the open to begin with. You only need to get to her predictions of 500 to many thousands of years in the future to see the bullshit although it should come much quicker when you read what is said. Nobody can accurately predict that far in the future with any certainty even if you realize time is largely nonexistent except from our current perception. Outside time you can manipulate things that will play out within time thus disrupting any given prophecy at any given moment within time.

You mean this one?

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Did Baby Philip make another thread?

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Wohoo, only one more year to go!

a match made in heaven

Even in doomsday faggot shilling America is still EXCEPTIONAL

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You used to believe shit about a syphilitic faggot predicting the future - without having read it? Are you retarded, or just a baby boomer?

What are the predictions? Damned if I’ll click that link.

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…says the parrot who actually thinks
women's labia are created by
having too much sex…..


As usual.

Here's the list of previous bullshit


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Johnny neptune was protective custody when he was in prison.

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Baba just means Grandma, you retard

No, not the official ones. There are many 'unofficial' ones which are though.