CA – Anti-Trump Rally Cancelled As Participants ‘Overwhelmingly White'

An anti-Trump demonstration in California was canceled because organizers noticed that the majority of participants would be white. The organization thus decided to skip the Women's March in Eureka and said that the planned demonstration was ‘not a good reflection of the community.’ According to US media, 74 percent of the population in Eureka is white.

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cross this point (ie: overwhelmingly white) with the other point that most whites in the US are right leaning and the actual reason appears: too few people.
Since they can't say that as it make it sound like a death march, they switch back to progressive speech 101 (which amusingly further cement their position as insane loons).
Hardly surprising that as their numbers shrink, only the most mentally ill remain, giving an even worst rep to their already terrible thing.
At best, and by being VERY optimistic, it could show that their organizers are at least aware of that and decided to avoid opening the flank for their opposition to exploit those meme material idiots.
It's very amusing to read and watch this from europe.

Americans as a whole don't protest very much, because it doesn't accomplish a goddamn thing and never has.




bang on, Eurobro

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Overwhelmingly (((white))), you mean.

Why are you calling something that's not an antiTrump rally as an antiTrump rally?
I hate the kike for his zionism but this was a Women's march.
Why is kikewater so shit?

MFW these cunt kikes march down my street

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what is the american revolution

yeah, the country wasn't founded by protesting the rule of the bongs and burgers never took over the land and made it their own, never happened.

The American Revolution was terrorism and open warfare. Holding up a sign hoping that some bought and paid for politician will notice is pointless.

Once again, they just prove that they just hate white people… because deep down inside, they just want to be white people… They can never be… not for another thousand years of evolution…

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A coup d'etat by some colonists with the material assistance of a foreign power (France) who were hoping to thereby weaken a major adversary of theirs.

How you can connect this to a bunch of dipshits marching in the streets with picket signs is beyond my comprehension. You'll have to explain it better.

I thought this was the reason..

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>All whites are declared as racist nazi transmisogynohomophobic blumpf supporters by (((progressives)))
Civil war when?

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All it does is get you on multiple (((watch lists)))

Some of you guys here are suckers for these politians, You adore Trump and yet demonized almost all other political figures including his vice president… When will you see that politics in itself is a game. I'm white, but you guys think we are better than all the other races… What a pity.

Its not a game, its just assfuckery of working whites

It's assfuckery of working ANYONE. Getting you to fight the scarcely-distinguishable people in the same economic plight as yourself is how the owners of the country keep their boot on your neck. Divide and conquer. If you're too busy being paranoid about Jews and Muslims and gays and blacks and immigrants taking over the country, you won't notice when the quietly raise your taxes, cut their own, defund social policies that help you. Eventually they'll just make you actual slaves again, and you will be perfectly okay with it, because you will believe that they are keeping you safe from those OTHER slaves.

Truth is a lot of Trump supporters are not white. Even 20% of African Americans is a significant number of non whites.

No, leave it the way I wrote it. Pretend we are being sincere. The Democrat Party is too white and needs to be shut down.
Besides, if we are really being accurate, most Democrats are Mexican invaders

They're black, get outta here with that politically corrrect bullshit

No. It's overwhelmingly white.

The only legal American is an ethnically European - white - human. Blacks, jews, spics etc. need not apply.

This op is D&C tactic and so is the Goldwater. Yes the woman's March is gay but it wasn't an anti Trump March and it's already old news that didn't matter. This is TD tier media control of "conservatives"

Like France Schlomo?

your precious white vagina at work, betraying you worse than any jew or black could ever hope to.

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