Macron Slams Yellow Vests: “Hate-Filled Mob Targeting Politicians, Jews and Homosexuals”

French President Emmanuel Macron used his traditional New Year's Eve speech as a very direct warning to the ‘Yellow Vest’ protesters, without ever naming their movement during his comments broadcast around France.

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And what's bad about targeting them?

And they're targeting him too

That is somewhat redundant

why did he mention himself thrice?

He forgot to call them pedos. It's a common jew tactic–label anything you don't like/want changed/gone so all the NPCs take your side.

Don't forget racist sexist homophobic xenophobic islamophobic transphobic misogynistic bigoted

now conflating people standing up to your tyranny with being against gays jews and politicians.

that's a really good idea, really smart.

= being for families, middle class, justice

This jew puppet exemplifies just how emasculated the french are, at least they are gonna be replaced soon. Its becoming painful to watch them struggle in their last moments.

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I really hope you're just using these words ironically
if not go back to >>>/reddit/

I wonder if he will still make that patronizing, smug, condescending face while the yellow vests are muscling him into the guillotine.

"JEWS" Masons hiding among the jews, the false ones russian ones.

I knew these yellow jackets were the type that Hated Jews and Homosexuals and Arabs and Sicilians


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Funny, because his voters are “Hate-Filled Mob of Politicians and Homosexuals”.
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He has lost
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Macron: "The people are revolting!"

Also Macron: "They stink on ice!"

Underrated post

r/The_Donald, misses you

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The politicians and Jews is understandable, because both groups are (or are purported to be) in control of things. But why the homosexuals? They do literally nothing that affects anyone's lives other than their own.

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Oy vey, all the politicians are jews, so targeting politicians is anti-semetic!

Next you'll be telling me it's bad because the Invisible Sky Fairy told you so.

So things that are of no value then?

this better be bait



So targetting jews?

"Once you have non-transient, fertile relations that's known as a family, and the father then feels that he needs a raise to raise his family and suddenly he's causing trouble with the personnel department."
He means it's cheaper to make men gay and replace workforce with immigration than it is to pay wages allowing men to raise a family. That's why homosexuality gets so heavily promoted. It's a business decision, not a moral one.

Is he just raising taxes? Or is he just transferring taxes to a gas tax while lowering them elsewhere.

pick one


I fucking hate "slams". Shitty and gay. How about "complains" or "accuses", since that's what human beings use, why not journalists? Oh wait.

Faggotry is literally a vice, by definition you stupid fucking plebbit nigger.

Because they're trying to win over niggers and niggers understand what "slams" means in some terms.

hey you know us, that group of politicians that ruined your country? well don't forget to include jews and gays in with us.

If you enjoy getting fucked in the ass by another man, feel free to do so within the confines of your bedroom. But 1) please - please - don't rape young boys and 2) if you're "bi" - don't infect women with the diseases you will inevitably contract.

Otherwise one day the Hammer will come down and we will burn all you fags alive.

Macron is the definition of a hate filled mob against White people in particular.
Macron is a hate filled piece of shit like his handlers.
They hate White people since 1927

It's a black thing…

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Il keep em busy, You have a good rest Patriot.

they want to make themselves look like they dished out a sick burn



This reminds me of the time Baghdad Bob was making his usual "we will crush the Americans" speech, but jogging down a city sidewalk with the camera men chasing after him instead of standing at his usual podium.

So him specifically.

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first he tries to appease them with empty promises
then when they see through his lies he just calls them le ebil rayciss
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he should go to berlin and give merkel a rimjob